More Than Turkey Bacon

Beyond the preference for turkey over pork bacon, there are some things to unpack here.

That was unexpected. Sports Illustrated scribe Ross Dellenger broke the silence on how Virginia Tech's locker room soured last season. And subsequently how it was repaired. The details were sordid, sacrilege to any devotee of the maroon and orange faithful.

Do not catch a touchdown. If you catch a touchdown, I'm going to have to fight you.

Tre Turner's own Virginia Tech teammates encouraged him and other players to concede the Hokies' Dec. 1 game against Marshall last year, a game that determined if the season would extend to a bowl trip.

I really hope we lose.

It was published 16 days ahead of the Hokies beginning their 2019 football campaign. That's the reset button. The one fans had their finger on since January, but had to wait until kickoff to push. It was almost time. It illuminated a situation that everyone outside the locker room who wanted to know had a fuzzy idea something occurred, but returning players plus coaches discussed this offseason mostly in terms of platitudes (chemistry and relationships) and few specifics (there was an all hands post-season meeting). Then the Virginia Tech athletic department provided, a site with wide reach that does not publish behind a paywall, one-on-one access to a handful of players. Dellenger took the shovel and dug up some buried bodies to autopsy.


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