All-Time Virginia Tech Football Draft, Part 3

A run on receivers! Some old guys! A kicker? Plus, the first current Hokie comes off the board. See how the guys' All-Time Tech teams fill out in round three.

Through two rounds, the four of us have picked through the tops of many of the positional groups. The offensive lines have been addressed, the defenses are beginning to fill in, and almost everyone has their quarterback.

(Sidenote, "who will TFF take at QB" has become the most thrilling subplot of this draft. None of us know, and I'm not positive he does either. There seems to be an obvious choice — cue the 2004 ACC Player of the Year's music — but when has TFF ever stuck to the obvious? I'll remain convinced he's taking Marcus Vick or Mark Leal until I see otherwise.)

Now, the fun starts. Receivers come off the board in droves, there are a few picks that the old heads on this website will surely appreciate, and even — gasp — a specialist?


Round 15

1. Pierson: Antonio Freeman, WR

Freeman left Blacksburg as the most accomplished receiver in school history, racking up 120 receptions and 22 touchdowns. He broke many of Ricky Scales' school receiving records during a time when Dwayne Thomas and Ken Oxendine were running roughshod over the Big East. Freeman was almost ahead of his time, dominating hapless secondaries and special teams with his athleticism. Historically, Freeman has seen his name fall in the Tech record books as the modern game has become considerably more pass happy. But don't let that fool you — Freeman was a beast. He would eventually become a 3rd Round pick in the 1995 draft, winning a Super Bowl with the Packers. His 1998 season was career defining: He led the league in receptions, was named to his only Pro Bowl and was a First Team All-Pro. Freeman is also a member of both the Virginia Tech Sports and Green Bay Packers Hall of Fames.

2. Sam: Carroll Dale, WR

"A long strider yet also a smooth, crisp route runner, Carroll Dale was the Packers' big-play
receiver when they won three straight NFL championships under Vince Lombardi from 1965 to 1967. During that span, Dale caught 92 passes for 1,996 yards, a 21.7-yard average per catch, and 14 touchdowns. Dale's average per catch for all eight of his seasons in Green Bay was 19.7, still the team record for receivers with 150 receptions or more." -Cliff Christl, Green Bay Packers Team Historian, 2019

"He's as fine a route runner as I've ever seen...I think Carroll is deceptive with his speed. Because he runs so smoothly, he eases by a defensive back and the guy hasn't realized he's that fast. He runs beautiful routes ... What I'm saying is that Carroll is a great artist. He's really gorgeous to watch run when he runs a route." -Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers QB, 1970

Caroll Dale has his jersey retired in Lane Stadium. Real first guy in, last guy out gym rat kind of guy. Obviously, a sneaky athletic possession WR with beautiful route running. A winner his whole career, Dale was a 2nd team All-American in 1958 and 1959. He also won the Southern Conference Player of the Year award in 1958. He was also a 3-time pro-bowler for the Packers and competed in 4 super bowls. Reminds me a lot of a Julian Edleman kind of career.

3. Brian: Isaiah Ford, WR

Glad Sam took the guy who plays below the rim, I'm sure he'll matchup up JUST FINE against DeAngelo Hall. Definitely no athleticism difference there at all. While he take a receiver who looks like a villain in Remember the Titans I'll grab the true king of "sneaky fast", Isaiah Ford. All-ACC as a true freshman, sophomore, and junior, Ford isn't going to blow you away with athletic testing, but he'll sure as hell dominate you at the catch point. If Wilford is my number one, Ford can be my 1B, someone who Tyrod can trust on third down and in the red zone.

4. TFF: Derek Smith, OT

Going back to Big East days, Smith ended up a 3rd team All American in 1998 plowing holes for Lamont Pegues. He's probably more well known to more recent fans as the guy who (legitimately) called out the Athletic Department on how they treat former players, ushering in what hopes to be an improvement in relations, which to me then trickles down to improvements in recruiting and financial support. So bonus points!

Round 16

1. TFF: Shayne Graham, K

HELL YES I'M TAKING A KICKER WAY TOO EARLY. I don't even feel like I have to explain this one, BUT I WILL. Four time All-Big East. Demolished the scoring record at Virginia Tech and held it for 15 years. Holder of the NFL record for tackles by a kicker in a season. Last but certainly not least, the boot behind the Miracle in Morgantown. Yeah, the Hokies had some good kickers, but there's a Tier 1 and then there's the rest. I got Tier 1, suckas.

2. Brian: Cory Bird, WHIP

Sometimes I hate drafting behind TFF. And then other times, he Janikowskis. I had my eyes on Smith for this pick, but with him off the board I'll nab Bird here. He's the poster child of the Whip position, an undersized linebacker who could make plays vs the run and match up up with tight ends and backs in coverage. Does he have the speed to run with slot receivers? I'm unsure, but with his instincts (he was always around the ball) I'm betting that he'd figure it out. Sometimes you just need to take a pure football player and fit him in later.

3. Sam: Terrell Edmunds, FS

Wow. As a die-hard Browns fan, taking a Pittsburgh Steeler, one I was critical of during his Tech days no less, shows great character development on my part. Terrell was a much better player at Tech than most people, including myself, gave him credit for, recording 196 tackles and 6 INT's in basically two years of defensive play at ROV (his sophomore year) then FS (his junior season). He was selected in the 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft and has done pretty well for the Steelers, which I'm happy, but not really that happy about.

4. Pierson: Frank Loria, Rover

A two-time All-American (Tech's first consensus All-American) and College Football Hall of Fame inductee, Loria manned the Hokies defensive backfield with a certain Franklin Mitchell Beamer during the 1960's. Loria was best known for his penchant for making big plays when the Hokies needed him most, using his high football IQ and quickness to pick off passes and make key stops. In addition to his defensive prowess, Loria was always a threat in the return game, capped by a 1966 season where he returned three punts for touchdowns. Oh, and his number is one of only four retired by the Hokies.

Round 17

1. Pierson: Mike Johnson, Mike LB

When I thought about who best to pair with Ben Taylor, I wanted to bring some athleticism to the Mike linebacker position. Had he not spent his college career in the massive shadow of Bruce Smith, Mike Johnson would have undoubtedly been remembered in a bigger light. A two-time honorable mention All-American and Academic All-American, Johnson finished his career in maroon and orange as one of the most productive linebackers in Tech history. He had 429 total tackles, including seasons of 148 and 135 (1982 and 1983, respectively). His 11 career interceptions rank 10th all-time in Virginia Tech history, and his nose for the football helped him earn two Pro Bowls and one All-Pro selection during his 12-year professional career. Oh, and to make his accomplishments even more unbelievable: Johnson was an architecture major. If you knew or were an architecture student, you were familiar with how little free time they had during their time at Tech. I can personally attest to how ridiculous it is that Johnson dominated both on the field and in the studio. Frankly, I find it unbelievable.

2. Sam: Genarro DiNapoli, OG

1st Team All-Big East in 1997, DiNapoli was a hard-nosed run blocker. Had a solid NFL sting with the Raiders, Titans, and Cowboys. His name also sounds like an amazing authentic pizza joint, one of those places where you go for the crust and not the toppings. Man, Tech does not have a ton of OL talent to go around...

3. Brian: Dave Kadela, OT

For those of you counting at home, Sam has now taken THREE of Tech's best five centers and has them scattered across his line. Selfish, me-first teambuilding if you ask me.

Since I can't go center, let's look at tackle, and if Kadela is good enough for Michael, he's good enough for me. Kadela anchored the offensive line during Vick's tenure, earning All-Big East honors in both '99 and '00. Did he have quick enough feet to go up against some of these pass rushers? Maybe not, but that's why I'll move him to right tackle while Chung cleans up Tyrod's blind side.

4. TFF: Tyronne Drakeford, CB

Super Bowl Champion, two time All Big East (and another 2nd team All Big East), Drakeford is one of the OGs of DBU. He picked off 16 passes in his career, 2nd most in school history, despite missing 5 games his senior year with a broken ankle. He returned from the injury to record ANOTHER interception in the 1993 Independence Bowl, the one that started the streak.

Round 18

1. TFF: Vincent Fuller, FS

The Fuller who started it all. Vincent was part of that first ACC conference winning team, earning Honorable Mention All Conference that year before going on to have a solid five-year NFL career. Like his younger brother, he also moved back and forth between positions, spending time at corner before nailing down the starting position at FS. But what I will never forget, as long as I live, is the blocked FG TD return against West Virginia in 2004 where Fuller was so far out in front of the Mountaineers that the cameraman panned up into the Lane Stadium crowd going NUTS as he crossed the 10.

2. Brian: Logan Thomas, TE

Okay, here are some things we know:

Logan has hands:

Logan can block:

And Logan was recruited to Blacksburg to play tight end.

Did he end up there? Well maybe not as a Hokie, but his undeniable athleticism and talent has kept him on NFL rosters at tight end well after his time as a quarterback ran its course. I'm firmly of the belief that if Frank had signed (or even seriously recruited) a single QB better than Ju-Ju Clayton, Thomas winds up at TE and becomes a first round pick. Let's fulfill that destiny now.

3. Sam: Dalton Keene, TE/HB

Dalton Keene is the perfect hybrid TE for a run-n-shoot offense. He's an exceptional blocker who can block from the TE, HB, and WR positions. He's an excellent pass catcher and has just enough athleticism to make guys miss and put a shake-n-bake on the end of a route. I don't think there's a grittier player at Tech. He is Rambo. And now I have Rambo on my football team.

4. Pierson: Cam Phillips, WR

The leading receiver in the XFL 2.0, Phillips had himself a career in Blacksburg: all-time Virginia Tech leader in career receptions and receiving yards; 7th all-time in receiving touchdowns; 2nd and 4th most receptions in a single season; most receptions in a single game (14 in the 2017 ECU demolition); and his 189 receiving yards against ECU were the fifth largest single game tally in program history. Statistically, Phillips benefitted from Isaiah Ford leaving early for the NFL. But Phillips was a consistent contributor during his four years at Tech (I suppose one has to in order to break virtually all school records). He caught more than 40 passes each year, using his precise route running, shiftiness in the open field, and the staff's penchant for flanker screens. He was a First-Team All-ACC in 2017 and was the 2016 Belk Bowl MVP, which, in all honesty is the most important factoid I've listed.

Round 19

1. Pierson: Gene Bunn, CB

Someone has to take the school's all-time leader in interceptions, right? I wanted a ball hawk to pair with Jimmy Williams, so why not take the biggest hawk in school history? Bunn locked down opposing receivers for the Hokies during the late 1970's, tallying 18 career picks, including 7 in '76 and 6 in '77. He was an honorable mention AP All-American and, obviously, was inducted into the Tech Sports Hall of Fame.

2. Sam: Ken Ekanem, DE

To finish out my edge rushers, I'm going with the Ekanibal. I think he gets tossed in the not-so-amazing bin of Tech DE's because he played when Tech struggled in the win/loss column. In 3 years as a starter, Ekanem had 22.5 sacks, 34 tackles for loss, and 131 total tackles. He maybe did more with less of a modern Power 5 build than any Hokie in recent memory — there was no reason for him to play as well as he did, it's a product of the tenacity and skills he had as a pass rusher. His 10.5 sack season in 2014 led the ACC. In terms of All-ACC, I think Ekanem was robbed in 2014. Dadi Nicolas was second team all-conference ahead of him in 2014. How? No clue, Scooby Doo.

3. Brian: Willie Pile, FS

Two quick thoughts before my selection: Who is Gene Bunn? Between Bunn, Frank Loria and Mike Johnson, I think Pierson's defense might have a little trouble with anyone who has more than a single receiver. Also, I feel like the longer we do this, the quicker Sam gets to losing his mind. Not that Ekanem is a bad pick by any means, but I think we've hit a new brainspace with "no clue, Scooby Doo."

Currently I have Hall and Flowers locking things down on the outside, Prioleau patrolling the middle, and Cory Bird to be my pre-millenium Fuller. But who do I want as the center fielder? The guy over the top, daring QBs to throw it deep, but also has no problem delivering a thump at the line of scrimmage? Give me the ball hawking Pile all day. Second team All-Big East and Sporting News All-American in 2002, Pile notched 14 INTs in three years as a starter (fourth best in program history behind Macho, Drakeford, and–wait–how the hell have I never heard of Gene Bunn before today?)

4. TFF: Josh Morgan, WR

It's still hard to believe that Tech had Eddie Royal, Josh Morgan, Justin Harper and Josh Hyman for the SAME four seasons. That's ridiculous! And three of them got drafted! While Royal's highlight reel gets the most play, Josh Morgan was, in my opinion, the best pure receiver of the group. He finished with the most catches, yards and touchdowns of the four and caught those two touchdowns in New Orleans in the ultimately unsuccessful comeback attempt against Auburn. While, at times, I will pick with my heart (see: next pick), and my heart REALLY wanted me to go with my unreasonable love of Josh Hyman, Morgan is the right play here.

Round 20

1. TFF: Branden Ore, RB

Yeah, so speaking of, Shyrone Stith is probably the best pick here, but I have (again) an unreasonable amount of affection for Ore. His running style made him one of my favorite running backs to watch in the last 20+ years; I vividly remember him with his hand on the back of his lead blocker before exploding through the subsequent hole, or him lifting his right foot juuuuuust enough that it didn't touch down out of bounds while he dove for the pylon. He was a first team All ACC player his sophomore year, fifth on the all time rushing list at Tech and the third non-kicker on the all time scoring list despite losing his senior season to...let's just call it indiscretion. He is also the first and only Hokie that I bought the jersey of, though I will admit I started claiming it was an Alonzo Tweedy jersey in the immediate aftermath of his dismissal. Ore also has a TON of experience operating in an offense like I'm designing, where O-line is an afterthought and the running back just needs to figure it out on his own.

2. Brian: Shyrone Stith, RB

Okay picture this. My offense has been rolling all day. A Tyrod/Ryan Williams-lead spread option attack is lethal on the ground, in part because the threats of Wilford, Ford, Thomas (and one-to-two receivers to be named later) stretch a defense both vertically and horizontally. Williams needs a break, and the linebackers and safeties who've tried to tackle him all day sigh in relief. And then this hits them.

5'7" with a quick step and a hard nose, Stith is no joy to try and bring down either. He's not a burner, but has nice vision and will destroy tired defenses. He was never asked to catch many passes (he and backfield-mate Andre Kendrick combined for 19 receptions in their entire careers), but we'll throw more to him and have him in the quiver as a third down threat.

3. Sam: Danny Coale, WR

Maybe this is too early to start taking a flex player, but I need another WR for the Run-N-Shoot. I don't think a player has ever been more of a fan favorite than Danny Coale. At the end of his career, Coale had racked up 165 receptions for 2,658 yards, both were second in team history at the time. His senior year he hauled in 904 yards, which was astronomical for a Tech receiver in those days. He also punted in 4 different games!

I think the most endearing part about Coale's career is how he was at the center of so many iconic Tech moments over his career. The catch against Nebraska to set up the "Tyrod did it, Mikey!" touchdown, 2 ACC championships, and an Orange Bowl victory, Coale left Tech with quite the impact on the program.

4. Pierson: Christian Darrisaw, OT

Darrisaw burst onto the scene after a prep year at Fork Union, earning the starting left tackle spot as a true freshman. A low three-star recruit who chose the Hokies over schools like Central Connecticut State and NC Central, Darrisaw was a revelation for a young Hokies team looking to turn a middling unit into strength. While Darrisaw has only played 25 games in his career, he continues to improve and has a shot at finishing his career in Blacksburg as a Top 3 tackle in school history. He earned Freshman All-American nods from several publications in 2018 and was an All-ACC Honorable Mention in 2019. Pro Football Focus ranks him as the #9 returning offensive lineman for 2020, noting that his combined Wins Above Average for his first two seasons ranks 14th amongst all o-linemen over that span. Not too shabby.

Round 21

1. Pierson: Joey Slye, K

In addition to sporting a steezy beard and being built like a linebacker, Slye kicked his way into Tech fans' hearts by booming kickoffs into the stands and giving the offense a chance from 50 yards plus. Slye finished his career as Tech's all-time leader in made field goals, and is tied for most in a single season and game (23 and 6, respectively). Statistically, Slye wasn't always the most accurate kicker. But his ability to make long-range kicks extended the field and his kickoff prowess effectively neutered the opposing return game.

2. Sam: Jon Dunn, OT

My right tackle will be Jon Dunn, a consistent blocker throughout his career at Tech. Dunn was 2nd team All-ACC on Tech's 2004 ACC Championship team and started 33 games during his career. In that 2004 season, Dunn recorded 34 pancakes and had a blocking grade of 82%. Oh yeah, and he's 6'7" 341 pounds.

3. Brian: Bryan Still, WR

I've got my big-bodied matchup nightmares out wide with Wilford and Thomas. I've got a do-everything pass catcher who isn't afraid of the middle of the field in Ford. And now, I'll go get a home run hitter with the versatility to play inside or outside. Still was a beast for Tech in the mid-90s, hauling in bombs from Druckenmiller to the tune of 19.7 yards per catch for his career (a Hokie WR best), and didn't even play in an attack predicated on getting him into space–he just had to make it himself. Put Still in my spread offense, have him attack the seam, run drag routes into space, and even get the ball on the occasional jet sweep, and he'll put up big time numbers as a playmaker.

4. TFF: Antone Exum, Rover

Yeah, I'm pulling a Sam and drafting a player to play WHEREVER I WANT TO. Ex got a bad rap when he transitioned from safety to corner, taking some time to adjust to the position. It's also difficult when you are being constantly compared to a Fuller on the other corner, but I digress. I have fond memories of Exum playing centerfield, and while this would certainly require him to function more in a run support role as opposed to free, I'm feeling comfortable about his ability to shine. Plus, this is an excuse to post the Exumtaur On a Treadmill picture again.


Who the heck is TFF waiting to pick as QB?

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Value play. Vick and Tyrod were obviously coveted, but once Druck was taken, nobody else needs a QB. He can take his sweet time before picking (probably) Jerod Evans or Bryan Randall.

Given the enormous drop off after Vick and Tyrod in my opinion, either team without one of those is inherently inferior. It's the most critical position on the field and those are by far the two biggest playmakers at the position in team history. Any other QB in Tech history is carrying a team with a lower ceiling. But once the debate starts I will try to set this aside and prepare myself to make cases for each one.

I'm not sure about there being an enormous drop off between Randall and Tyrod. I honestly would have taken Randall over Druck. And if i'm being really really honest. There would have been a tough decision about not taking Marcus over Bryan.

Gobble Till You Wobble

I will tread lightly based on my possibly incorrect understanding that you may have played with Randall, but I do not think it is particularly close. 2010 Tyrod was the best QB we've had since Vick by a considerable distance. ACCPOY, broke every single season record we had at the time, and quite frankly in a woefully outdated and still run heavy offense. I think Randall was a great player, but his ceiling was simply nowhere near a guy who is still in the NFL after almost 10 years and has been to a pro bowl at the position. I think Tyrod does Heisman-level (but not winning) numbers in a modern college offense. I think Vick and Tyrod were elite-tier college talents. Dropping a tier down for Bryan Randall constitutes a notable drop-off to me, but it's basically just semantics about what exactly that means.

Some Tyrod numbers:

2009: #1 in the country in YPA (9.5), #1 ACC/#13 NCAA in passer efficiency rating.

2010: #16 NCAA in YPA, #7 in AYPA, #1 ACC in passer efficiency rating and YPA.

Bryan Randall was very good in these stats in 2002, but his numbers in these areas actually dropped each year after instead of getting better, which is a bizarre thing I wasn't aware of until just now.

Randall was ACCPOY the year in 2004 and it was a lot of his records Ty broke.

I still have Ty ahead of Randall. I just always feel a little bad for Bryan because of his timing at Tech. He was the first mobile quarterback we have after Vick and he had to deal with literally every Tech fan dying for Marcus to start over him the moment Marcus stepped on campus, but he still shakes that off and puts together that 2004 season.

Gobble Till You Wobble

I'm with you on Randall's timing leaving him a bit overshadowed and underappreciated. You'll never catch me trying to argue he was anything but a great VT QB. I'm just suggesting he is on a tier below Tyrod and Vick, that's my main point. I may have chosen language that made the chasm suggest he was mediocre or something, and that was not my intention. My choice of saying "enormous" drop-off has more to do with how much I value Vick/Tyrod and much less to do with how good Randall was.

You're right it probably was just the word "enormous" that threw me off because i'm definitely with you on Vick/Ty being in their own group. While Randall was great in that '04 season, there are a lot of games from the 02 and 03 seasons that i like to act like never happened.

Gobble Till You Wobble

All but 1, I was team Randall!

On your first two sentences.

I'd go with Brewer honestly dude never got hit and didnt get up hes a ball player and with a better line in front of him could be damn good.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

If you don't pick Sam Rogers, he'll be very disappointed in you.

Don't. Disappoint. Him.

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If no one else going to pick your guy, why not wait til the last pick?

9 year NFL vet with 2 super bowl rings still on the board. 11 year NFL vet and member of VT all-century team (first 100 years) apparently goes undrafted.

Yes, but like the QB pick, no need to rush the pick. Lucky when you can pick last at a position and get the best guy.

P.S. I am not sure who you mean in your first comment because there's two guys with 2 championships that both played 9+ years on the NFL so I am just guessing.

9 year NFL vet with 2 super bowl rings still on the board. 11 year NFL vet and member of VT all-century team (first 100 years) apparently goes undrafted.

I think he's referring to Tom Beasley, who won two Super Bowls with Pittsburgh. Vaughn Hebron also won two Super Bowls with Denver, but it looks like he was only in the NFL for a handful of seasons. I think the second player he's talking about is Robert Brown, who spent a decade with Green Bay and was a member of the VT Football All Century Team. Both of these guys would be absolute steals at this point in the draft.

Yeah I got the 2nd easy. I have been waiting for some one to take Brown.

For the first I thought of who I assume Brian's center will be, Buzz Nutter. Hence the he can wait because everyone else has a center.
But then I thought he meant Beasley, since he said super bowl. Hence the edit.

All name team

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Number #1 draft pick VT all name team..

3 great players, and Robert Brown was a great d,lineman for the youngins on this site

Beasley and Brown, correct.

Vinny going this late is a steal.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Plus, the first current Hokie comes off the board.

Rayshard Ashby would like to have a word with you.

oh baby do i have two bones to pick with sam... one, how does the 2011 sugar bowl game winning catch not go down as one of danny coale's most memorable moments???????????

and two, Genarro DiNapoli actually sounds like the worst kind of pizza place -- the overpriced tryhard that doesn't even use extra-gluten flour in the dough and bakes the pizza on a stone with too much corn meal so that it comes out feeling dusty on the bottom

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

He just has so many moments I can't keep track!

Also, if someone in Brooklyn or Boston tell you "hey, you need to check out DiNapoli's" in the strongest accent you've ever heard, you know that place is going to be amazing.

idk man "Genarro" instead of "Gennaro" doesn't inspire much confidence in me, unless the article was a tpyo

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I think that might be near Original Ray's (not to be confused with Famous Ray's or Famous Original Ray's).

Its the nexus of the universe

Since it didn't make it into the post, allow me to remind everyone of the gloriousness of this image.

Exum Island Daycare, Petting Zoo, and Gym.

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Brian with the best offense so far, Fuller with the slight edge on best defense

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This is what we call a gateway take. First you say the something like how the offense that isn't Vick+Suggs is the best, then the next you know, you're telling us that cheese is digusting and jersey mike's is good

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Easy now nobody is as polarizing as french in peak offseason form.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

If Darren Evans was the RB2 then we'd be getting close, but I like Brian's WRs better.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

OL way favors pierson tho

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Yeah idk about starting a true freshman tho


I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Still no QB but all 3 Fullers on your D, you got this TFF!

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
“I served in the United States Navy"


What happened to Branden Ore for him to fall off so much from his sophomore to junior year? He might have legitimately been our most talented running back given how well he did with such a bad offensive line.

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Virginia Tech fanatic.
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I only know rumors, but the rumors were personal issues.

Round 18

2. Brian: Logan Thomas, TE
I'm firmly of the belief that if Frank had signed (or even seriously recruited) a single QB better than Ju-Ju Clayton, Thomas winds up at TE and becomes a first round pick. Let's fulfill that destiny now.

It's an unwritten law that it's my lunch pail. I've issued the challenge. If someone outworks me, they can get it.
Darryl Tapp

Still got some great running backs out there. I assume some one has taken Sam, but I'm interested to see if other fullbacks were taken.

To reflect my comments from the first draft that I wouldnt take a DB:
Anthony Midget, Ike Charlton, Roc Carmichael, Eric Green, Greg Stroman, Chuck Clark, Aaron Rouse are still available after all 4 drafted their DBs.

Thats a relly solid 2 deep all by itself. Plus Billy Hardee available as well.

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

Oh I know I probably left off a bunch as that was who I could think of while writing, I thought of Ronyell Whitaker today.

Ronyell was great, but was also a walking personal foul/unsportsmanlike penalty.

But man can he trash talk. I played basketball against him once in McComas. I think he talked more than he played the whole game.

DJ Parker....

Ray Crittenden played soccer, basketball and football at VT but had 44 catches in a short career as a pro. Nick Sorensen had a much better NFL career than college. Several good RBs out there...Cyrus Lawrence (#1 all time), Roscoe Coles (#3), Maurice Williams (#4), Kenny Lewis, Phil Rogers (who should never have had to play QB)...

There are a couple good linebackers out there. Rick Razzano left VT as the all time leading tackler. Ashley Lee held (perhaps still holds?) the NCAA record for most int return yards in a game

Lee still holds the record

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Sneaky fast = Cam Phillips

Brian's team is the best IMO.
Best RB
Elite redzone threats with Wilford, Ford, and LT
Best MLB
The best Corner (flowers)
A safety that had a long NFL career in Prioleau