The Hangover

4:37 Wednesday morning hit like a brick. My phone had already gone through the third alarm and second snooze cycle before I awoke in an absolute panic. I had already missed my shuttle and knew my plane would take off with or without me at 6am sharp. Shelling out a $40 cab fair and cutting about 100 people in the security line later I finally hit my gate in the nick of time. As I was taking my seat the adrenaline turned into despair. I had totally forgotten my connecting flight routed me through Detroit. For the next two hours I’d be left to my hangover amongst a sea of Michigan fans still intoxicated on victory and hand grenades.


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The Winds of Change

Dear Leaders of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,


I don’t’ wanna go on a rant here….but do you ever actually watch your football games?  How far does this thing have to go before any real changes are made?  Watching Virginia Tech play football is like watching Jersey Shore.  It’s entertaining for a while, but you’re really only watching because you know a disaster is coming.  This school has established itself as a top tier football program.  They are consistently in the top 25, and more often than not (because of weak schedules), find themselves in the top 10.  The quality of recruits seems to be getting better and better, so can someone tell me why they can’t find a way to win the big games? 

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Will this be Frank's legacy?

Heartwrenching, adj: causing great sadness; heartbreaking. Synonyms include agonizing, bitter, calamitous, cheerless, deplorable, dire, distressing, grievous, heart-rending, joyless, lamentable, moving, pitiful, poignant, regrettable, sad, touching, tragic, unfortunate.

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A Game of Inches: Reviewing a Heartbreaking Sugar Bowl Loss

I woke up this morning with teeth gritted, brain throbbing, and my heart aching. The Hokies played their collective asses off last night, and for the outcome to be what it was just makes you sick to your stomach for those kids. The defensive line, perhaps for the first time since the injury to Antoine Hopkins, completely dominated the line of scrimmage. The Hokie secondary (after a couple of hickups early) was a ballhawking unit. The linebackers did all that was asked to make Denard Robinson look like a freshman without a clue. Logan Thomas and his receivers had an outstanding game.

Latest from New Orleans from Hayley Salyer

Sugar Bowl Preparation via @HayleyVT, reporter VTTV


Coverage of practice, press conference here:

You don't want David Wilson to "assess his talents on you."  As he said, he is very literally waiting for his time to shine when that fourth row of lights flips on in the Superdome. With Wilson feeling faster than ever, look for Virginia Tech to cause problems for a stout Michigan defense.  UM Head Coachh Brady Hoke told DT Mike Martin, "You guys need to be iron men."  

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Sugar Bowl Primer: Photo Edition

Y'ALL. I'm still somewhat reeling from New Years Eve on Bourbon Street. Laughs help in the recovry, or so I'm told. 

I was having a hard time developing a dislike for Michigan fans. All of them that I had previously met seem like real, down to earth people. Fans I've interacted with are well knowledgable and passionate. They're smart, reasonable people. And then I saw some hipster douche go up to two elderly Tech fans in the hotel lobby, and obnoxiously real "GO BLUE" in their faces. TIME TO UNLEASH THE HATERADE. 

I dunno about y'all, but it's really annoying how the meda keeps harping on how Tech hasn't played any quality opponents.

2011 Opponent Recap: North Carolina


UNC RECORD: 6-4 (2-4 ACC) (L 13-0 against North Carolina State Univ.)

VT RECORD: 9-1 (5-1 ACC) (W 37-26 against (21) Georgia Tech)


SCORE: (8) VT 24 – UNC 21

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2011 Opponent Recap: Georgia Tech

GT RECORD: 7-2 (4-2 ACC) (W 31-17 against Clemson)

VT RECORD: 8-1 (4-1 ACC) (W 14-10 against Duke)


SCORE: (10) VT 37 – (21) GT 26

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2011 Opponent Recap: Duke


DUKE RECORD: 3-4 (1-2 ACC) (L 24-23 to Wake Forest)

VT RECORD: 7-1 (3-1 ACC) (W 30-14 against Boston College)


SCORE: (12) VT 14 – DUKE 10

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Holiday Special – Hokies vs. Eagles


After a slow, slow start, the Hokies ended the first half with some stellar defense and some good shots.  Freshman Robert Brown hit a very contested three point shot to give the Hokies a strong 16-0 spurt to end the half.  The defense was the most spectacular portion of the half, holding the Eagles to a mere NINE points at halftime, which saw the Hokies possess a 27-9 advantage. 

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Frank Beamer and Virginia Tech are STILL class acts when it comes to college football

It appears that all of the Wahoos, deflecting Canes/UNCheat fans, and other VT haters [insert name here] are already jumping up and down about the Cody Journell deal.  First off, facts are not all out.  Second off, he's a college student and college students do stupid shit.  Third off -- who cares?

Perception of these dumbasses is that VT recruits nothing but thugs .. blah blah .. 757 .. blah blah.  I hear this shit from UVA-friends of mine ALL THE TIME.  But let's be realistic: overall, VT runs a CLASS program with classy players.  Sure, you've got your Vick brothers, your Branden Ore's, now your Cody Journell's (who has a fraction of the dirt that Sebastien Janikowski has = future NFL hall of famer).

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2011 Opponent Recap: Miami

MIA RECORD: 2-2 (0-1 ACC) (W 45-14 against Bethune-Cookman)

VT RECORD: 4-1 (0-1 ACC) (L 23-3 against #13 Clemson)

SCORE: (21) VT 38 – MIA 35

2011 Opponent Recap: Clemson

CLEM RECORD: 4-0 (1-0 ACC) (W 35-30 against #11 Florida State)

VT RECORD: 4-0 (W 30-10 against Marshall)

SCORE: (13) CLEM 23 – (11) VT 3

GAME SUMMARY: For the Hokies, this was a dual exhibit of missed opportunities and lack of execution. The offense was held to just 258 yards, and a conservative game plan resulted in constant pressure on quarterback Logan Thomas. Thomas was sacked four times. The following can be considered a microcosm of the Hokies’ offensive struggles throughout the game: down 3-0 in the second quarter, the Hokies advanced to Clemson’s 32-yard line, where the drive stalled. Instead of attempting a field goal or fourth down conversion, Tech punted. Touchback; a net gain of 12 yards. The following Clemson possession, Jayron Hosley was able to intercept Tajh Boyd and returned the ball to the Clemson 31. The Tech drive extinguished at the 7 yard line, and the Hokies were forced to settle for three. With around ten minutes remaining, down 17-3, Thomas was able to drive Tech to the Clemson 12-yard line, but the offense turned the ball over on downs. The Tigers responded with an 8-play, 88-yard touchdown drive to seal the victory.

2011 Opponent Recap: Marshall

MU RECORD: 1-2 (1-0 Conference USA) (L 44-7 against Ohio)

VT RECORD: 3-0 (W 26-7 against Arkansas State)

SCORE: (13) VT – 30 MU – 10

GAME SUMMARY: The pregame atmosphere was somber, as both teams took time to remember the 1970 plane crash that killed 75 members of the Marshall football program, including two graduates of Virginia Tech, Rick Tolley and Frank Loria. Loria, a fellow defensive back and teammate of Frank Beamer, was the first All-American at Virginia Tech. Like in their game against West Virginia, Marshall came out of the gates quick, moving the ball effectively against Tech until Jayron Hosley forced a fumble after giving up a 32-yard completion to Aaron Dobson. The defense quickly settled in, holding Marshall to just 251 yards total offense and sacking true freshman quarterback Rakeem Cato 5 times (J.R. Collins had half the team’s sacks).

2011 Opponent Recap: Arkansas State

ARKST RECORD: 1-1 (W 47-3 against Memphis)

VT RECORD: 2-0 (W 17-10 against ECU)

SCORE: (13) VT – 26 ARKST – 7

GAME SUMMARY: It was an ominous start for the Hokies. On the opening kickoff, return man Dyrell Roberts broke his arm and would be lost for the season. Arkansas State forced a Tech punt, then drove 59 yards to take a 7-0 lead (51 of those yards coming on a Taylor Stockemer reception). The ship would be righted, though, and Tech scored the final 26 points of the game, beginning with a safety caused by Kyle Fuller’s pass-rushing skills. Logan Thomas passed for 292 yards, and Danny Coale had his first 100-yard outing of the season (he finished with 128 yards on seven catches). Jayron Hosley added two more interceptions to his resume, bringing his career total to 11.

Darren Rovell's Tweeter Rulez

*Wrote this parody to show how silly Darren Rovell's Twitter Rules are and come down to mere common sense. Take a look at his actual list for a reference. What an arrogant dbag. He could have even kept this to 10 at most.

Hey Tweeps, its your man DRov! Want facts brought to you through simple math? Im your boi. Since I’m now over about 150,000 followers ( ~410.9598 for each day of the year) I’ve decided to change the rules a bit. Therefore, I give you my revised 1 x 100 rules to use Twitter. Don’t hate the player hate the follower.


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2011 Opponent Recap: East Carolina

ECU RECORD: 0-1 (L 56-37 against University of South Carolina)

VT RECORD: 1-0 (W 66-13 against Appalachian State)

SCORE: (11) VT – 17 ECU – 10

GAME SUMMARY: Frank Beamer’s 200th victory at Virginia Tech was a tilt in which yards were hard to come by. Tech’s Lunch-Pail defense lived up to its reputation, holding ECU’s potent offense to a mere 112 total yards, and sacking Pirate quarterback Dominique Davis five times. ECU’s defense returned the favor; a week after giving up 56 points to the Gamecocks, the Pirates forced two turnovers, held Logan Thomas to under 100 yards passing, and did not allow David Wilson to score a touchdown. The Hokies themselves played a prominent role in their offense struggles, committing twelve penalties. In the second half, the Hokie defense did not allow any ECU drive to gain more than twenty yards, and Josh Oglesby capped 78- and 89-yard drives with rushing touchdowns.

Bowl Tickets and Common Sense. And Lots of Rambling.

We all knew it was coming.

Ticket sales for the 2012 Sugar Bowl vs. Michigan "opened" for Hokies Friday, and as of the weekend have fallen short of the unfair expectations donned by those media members so ready to pronounce us unworthy. The intent of this article is not to point out, yet again, why all of this Hokie-hate is unfounded, but rather to show every one a little bit of Bowl Economics, and why a Hokie-allotment sellout really shouldn't be an expectation, and perhaps not even a goal.

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