CTC: Hoos

Because this had to happen, and with only 22 days until kickoff, soon.

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Where's Waldo?

found him!


A scene from the new Cav Man intro video


at least they arent wearing ties

.....or drinking zima (although we all know its just out of view)


You know the guy in the baboon costume wanted the invite to the party...

I wonder how Kenny G got the invite?

Nice cop-a-feel there Superman

You display such a lovely comb-over when you check the results of the field hockey game

Look close, someone wearing a jersey to a UVa game?!?!!

Damn Straight's motioning to the doors as half-time just ended


This is the only time

The stadium reached maximum capacity. Luckily Girl Talk was performing.

Holy Shit

How many Mini-Vans ya think were circling the parking lot to pick these assholes up.




And Speaking of Strait...

Is it just me or do Batman and Robin look as close as Superman and SuperGirl?....and just where is the green(whatever he is) hands....looks like the Flash is enjoying it way too much.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Lame Superheros look out! There's a zombie coming down the hill!

No pressure, no diamonds.

Note: Look at the kid on the left in the Hoo Crew shirt.

No pressure, no diamonds.

The best part of this picture

Is actually the kid right behind the jersey wearing fellow. Lame fist pump? Superman-esque fist point to the sky before taking off but just forgot his costume? Why is he so emotionless? What the hell is the logo on his hat?

lol #newhoos


Looks a lot like OU logo. Hard to be sure though. Also hard to believe, but at Scott Stadium, anything can happen.


UVA students show their support during the opening kick off of the season.

lol #newhoos

New chinos arrive at J. Crew today?!

New chinos arrive at J. Crew today?!

It's sweet how they were able to get all the season ticket holders in one picture..I guess the superhero marketing ploy really does work..

Green Guy...

So is the guy in green really VALPACMAN???!!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Look likes a scene

From the big bang theory tv show. I believe all of the characters dressed up like it was Comic Con.

"That guy right there played his nuts off tonight and you can quote me on that shit!" Bud Foster

Lack of interest??

I have never seen so many heads down at a football game! Between that, the costumes in general and the guy in the gorilla mask, this picture screams of fans afraid to be seen at UVA games!!