Hokies Football Media Day

Coach Beamer, Jayron Hosley, Eddie Whitley, Logan Thomas and David Wilson answered the media's questions and discussed their thoughts on the upcoming season today. Here are my notes, quotes and opinions from their Q&A session.


The Frankinator

- On coaching his 25th year at Virginia Tech Beamer said he's "very fortunate". He notes a patient administration when he first started, upgraded facilities and great coaches that have been part of the program.

- The hiring of Shane and Cornell haven't changed the staff's dynamic. "We've got two more guys in the room with a great future and then I got the two guys in the room that I rely on heavily in Cav and Billy. If anything we've got more good people here at Virginia Tech."

- Beamer wanted Shane to get out and move to different stops while young, "the security in this business is knowing people."

- Describing Boykin, "He works hard, he doesn't say much, but he's productive. And he's a great, great kid and that's the kind we like hanging around here. He's very businesslike."

- On Dyrell being listed as a first-team kick returner, "I think Dyrell is fine... as explosive as ever."

- Beamer thinks Logan has a lot of the same qualities as Tyrod, "smart, he's competitive, he works hard, very natural leader, great character, lot of the same things as Tyrod, except he's four inches taller and I think that helps him on some throws, being able to see down the middle of the field better, and get the ball over, to people on screens and delays." "The thing he doesn't have is experience... and experience is a wonderful thing, and when you don't have it he's got to play through some stuff."

- "When I first started here, I was just trying to get to the next week." "I just thought we'd always be successful at Virginia Tech."

- Regarding Martin Scales being tied with Joey Phillips on the depth chart at fullback, "he's tough, he's athletic, very aggressive, again a guy that doesn't say a lot, but great kid and he's productive on the field."

- On knowing that LT3 would be the next quarterback, "beneficial to our whole football team, settles us down and full speed ahead."

- On David Wilson embracing his role as featured tailback, "all indications are he's looking forward to it, so far in the first few practices he hasn't slowed down yet, he moves fast, gets around the facilities here fast, the whole deal. I said at media day, the more times we give the ball to David, the more times we're going to realize what a tremendous player this guy is. He's got speed, he's got strength, and he's got power, and he's a great kid."

- When Beamer first saw Thomas in his office he thought he'd be an H-Back, albeit a big H-Back. Then he and Stinespring saw him play, and thought he could be a quarterback. "Just like Tyrod was the right kind of guy to lead your football team, Logan is the right kind of guy to lead your football team."

- Beamer didn't really bat an eye about Wilson starting at tailback and kickoff returner, cited Jayron being a special player starting at corner and punt returner last year. Special teams are the quickest way to win a football game.

- Beamer felt Logan's best chance at the NFL was at quarterback and that's how he "sold" him on the change.

- "Big and gaudy is how we like 'em." Beamer describing his 2010 ACC Championship Ring.

- Beamer really likes the depth on the offensive line, close to having a two-deep line. Beamer really likes center Andrew Miller, "when you're a great wrassler, you're usually a pretty good football player. Understands leverage and he's got balance."

- About Twitter, Beamer puffed up in his chair, threw his shoulders back and lifted his head, "Do you think I'm on Twitter?" He's not going to eliminate Twitter like other coaches, rather educate the players.

- Justin Meyer is talented, tremendous leg, but he has trouble hitting the ball in the same spot every time and his constancy suffers because of it.

Eddie Whitley

- Whitley and Exum are practicing both Rover and free safety. The coaches want them to learn both positions because of depth issues.

- Believes we have the talent and coaches to go to the national championship and succeed there.

- After the JMU loss, they're never going to look past another team again.

Jayron Hosley

- Wants to become a more complete corner, stay humble and improve his technique.

- On moving from field to boundary corner, "it's corner, at the end of the day it's corner... little more man back there... you have to hold it down."

- Throughout the entire Q&A Jaryon looked extremely confident and eager to get out on the field. I like that.

- Last year's goal was ten picks, this year's goal is fifteen.

- "Definitely, we want to get back to that dominate defense."

- He thinks quarterbacks will look the other way and throw less balls his way.

Logan Thomas

- The two things he learned from Tyrod, be a friend to everyone on the team and be confident.

- On the velocity he puts behind the football, "that's just the way my arm is, it's kind of uncontrollable at times."

- He says it's a blessing to be surrounded by experience and talent, "the best scenario for me to step into as a first year starting quarterback."

- Has a great relationship on, and off the field, with center Andrew Miller.

- Logan's transition from wanting to play H-Back or tight end coming out of high school to becoming the Hokies' starting quarterback was talked about at length. Thomas said during the recruiting process he wrote off teams that offered him as a quarterback. Growing up he loved catching balls with his grandfather, he was never the quarterback. He practiced catching balls the summer before enrolling at Tech. When the coaches asked him to change positions he was suspect to it at first. The coaches told him he'd have a two-week trial there, and if they liked him there, they'd keep him there, and laughing he said, "I like it there". "Once you're a part of the team, part of the family you do what you got to do to make the team and family win games, and what's best for the team and the family."

- He says tight end is always a backup plan for the NFL, but his mindset is quarterback all the way.

- Views David Wilson as a spark, and the play maker for the team.

David Wilson

- Is going to try to be more of a leader to the younger guys this season.

- More excited for this season than any other. He's fully embracing his role as starting tailback.

- His personality hasn't changed at all, "if you like doing something, you should smile while you do it."

It's customary for David Wilson to have his sleeves rolled up at all times.

Kevin Burke has a copy of the depth chart and is attending media day. He passed along the following.

- Dyrell isn't listed among top four receivers. He's behind Boykin/Coles at split end, and Coale/Davis at flanker. Eddie Whitley is the only senior starter on defense. Painter and Via are co-number-ones while Blake DeChristopher is out. Boye Aromire (ROV) and Caleb Farris (C) only true freshman on two-deep.

- Blacksburg native Trey Gresh is the leader for holder.

- "Foster says Kris Harley will get a spot at D-line. Also says Luther Maddy is real instinctive on D-line."

And here's an updated depth chart.



I've heard of this happening at car dealerships

But at BCS schools?? Did we bait and switch LT3 when we recruited him lol? I am sure it wasn't intentional, but fortunate nonetheless.


Probably wasn't coming in thinking QB but it seems he's taken on the role without hesitation. We always talk about developing players. What I love here is we didn't go out again and shop another 5* guy but knew we had one we could develop in LT. By God Cody Grimm was a walk on and look at him. The coaches talent to see potential in our players is as breathtaking as their ability to mold them.

Will the WR depth

be set how it is? Or is Roberts expected to get in the 4-deep again? I'd also like to see DJ take a red shirt year, but if hes cracking top 4, that'll never happen.

I was thinking about this yesterday.

The depth chart is most certainly fluid. However, during his press conference Beamer implied there was nothing medically wrong with Dyrell so it's curious to me why he wouldn't be listed as one of the top four receivers. A couple of answers come to mind, either Davis and/or Coles had one hell of a spring and they passed him, it's motivation for Roberts or the coaches are easing him back into things. With the severity of his injury, and how long his recovery has been, my guess is for right now he isn't a top four guy.

That is unfortunate.

I hope he can still have a good Senior season; should they consider Dyrell for a redshirt year/injury year? I know it would suck to not have The Straight Burner on kickoffs, but it seems like a disservice to split him/Coles for a handful of catches each this season. I guess that's the price you pay for a crowded, talented group.