Hokie Tracks are Talking about the Sugar Bowl and Michigan.

Hokies going to New Orleans, we're still trying to finalize the details of the Unofficial Sugar Bowl Meetup (unofficial because the BCO can't make it). Please leave a note on that thread if you're planning to stop by and say hello, and if you're assertive enough leave a suggestion of where it should happen.

Regarding our traveling rep, Tech has been allotted 17,500 tickets. On Tuesday the athletic department announced Hokie Club members and season ticket holders had purchased 5,000 tickets. Yesterday @VT_Foootball Tweeted, "students purchased over 1,200 tickets in the first hour to the Sugar Bowl". The general public will be able to buy tickets starting Monday at noon. If we don't sellout our allotment, expect more backlash from the mainstream media.

For those of you watching at home, ESPN announced Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge and Holly Rowe will be calling the game. Todd's Taste of the Town will no doubt leave him cringing in the fetal position; all that roux will clog up the intestines like lard down a drain pipe.

Michigan Men are here, and are answering questions you have about their football and hatred of Ohio. Please to take advantage of their hospitality as they're extremely knowledgeable fans.

Because of a Saturday death by fall wedding I only saw the first half of Michigan–Michigan State. It was 7-7 going into intermission and I was surprised Sparty ended up winning 28-14. Collapsing in the second half, who does that remind you of? Anyways, the Sugar Bowl matchup motivated me to find out what happened.

Chris Gaerig at Burgeoning Wolverine Star said State did a fantastic job of focusing on, and taking advantage of Michigan's weaknesses.

Michigan's weaknesses are not the same as my brother's--he understands statistics, so he knows better than to punt from the opponent's 36 yard line on fourth and four. Michigan State plays like a little brother, though. For the last several years, more than any other opponent, they've identified and exploited Michigan's weaknesses en route to commanding victories. Michigan's linebackers and defensive ends struggle with contain? They run almost exclusively outside of the tackles (even with two mediocre-to-bad offensive tackles). Denard Robinson struggles throwing under pressure? Bring heat constantly. Michigan runs well but struggles throwing the deep ball, even with man coverage and no safety help? Load the box.

You would think that Al Borges and Greg Mattison would change tendencies. How many times does an opponent have to blitz before Borges calls that throwback screen to Smith? How many times can Michigan State run outside the tackles before you bring a safety/cornerback blitz off the edge? In this game, unfortunately, either arrogance, ignorance, or just befuddlement caused Michigan's coordinators to spend most of the afternoon slamming their head against a brick wall and hoping that eventually, it would crumble. It didn't, of course, because the brick wall was made of brick and your head is made of squishy tissue that, if this were Rock-Head-Brick Wall, would lose to brick wall. (Head would also lose to rock for what it's worth. It doesn't seem like a very balanced game.)

Brian at MGoBlog analyzed the entire game, and provided a more detailed review at the play-by-play level (offense, defense). In summary, Denard threw a lot of uncatchable balls (that's something to keep an eye on in our game, he's a terrific runner and improviser, but isn't a polished passer), the offensive line couldn't pick up the blitz, the secondary had trouble making tackles and as eluded to above, they got out-coached.

Then there's this from The Hoover Street Rag.

Fat and raging through powder like a snow blower, hell of a head coach right there.

Who knows what exactly they're east of now, but the Big East announced their expansion plans yesterday.

Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU and UCF will join the Big East Conference in 2013, sources told CBSSports.com.

Boise State and San Diego State will join the Big East as football-only members, while Houston, SMU and UCF will join as all-sport members. Boise State is expected to put its non-football sports in the WAC, while San Diego State would place its non-football sports in the Big West, sources told CBSSports.com.

With West Virginia dead set on joining the Big 12 in 2012, and the Big East looking stable for the foreseeable future, there's a chance Pitt and 'Cuse lobby and pay their way into the ACC for 2012. Relevant to us, Swofford said the Atlantic and Coastal will likely remain in place. Yay! We won't be stuck in some northern, Big East reunion division.


Something else of note in the Michigan State game was that our center, David Molk, was practically giving away our silent snap count. Brian Cook documented it here


Chris Gaerig here


Michigan State is very disciplined and since the whole Mike Hart "Little Brother" comment, they have made it their one mission to beat Michigan. They have been successful for the last four years for a number of reasons. Coaching is the largest. These guys are always ready to play us. They smacked us again this year and we coiled up and let them. If there was a book to be written on beating the Wolverines the last four years, Mark Dantonio would be the guy to do it. I wouldn't doubt it if he is emailing Frank Beamer with tidbits of info. He hates Michigan more than anything in the world.

If Dantonio could go the B1G Championship by us winning a game, but lose out on going by us losing, he would still wish us to lose. Yeah, he hates Michigan that much. His "Pride Comes Before the Fall" speech is pretty intense. Did we provoke him? Yeah. We did. The guy will probably always have a special Michigan voodoo doll in his possession. The aforementioned press conference is here


while that was true

It is varied substantially now. Molk isn't giving tells anymore.

As far as hatred for Ohio goes, my little brother is an Ohio alumnus, so I have to be respectful. Most Ohio alumni are fine, its the sidewalk fans who enjoy pooping in coolers. Its nice to have a game where you respect the rival and I think we have that here. Of course there will be idiots on both sides, but its nice to have the general attitude be one of respect. We deal with the couch-burning Spartans and the urine-filled-baggie-throwing cooler-pooping Ohio fans and its so refreshing to talk about the actual game and traditions instead of the heinousness of the opposing fans.

Oh and if you don't believe me about the cooler poopers, click here:
or here

Its not something invented by Michigan fans hating on Ohio, its from Texas fans, so . . . FWIW

Wow. You brought your baggage with you.

i guess i did

But I have been to the Shoe for the Game and have had too many fight of flight instances for it to be coincidence. I know its nowhere near that in Ann Arbor . . .


1) I don't think he uses email. This isn't a joke although it should be.
2) If Beamer tapped the Ball Coach on the shoulder for a little help against Dabo it certainly didn't work. I know our guys, especially Foster was close with the old Ohio State staff, and actually they've worked with Meyer's staff, but at this point I think all the film is out there. The game will be won by whichever team is hungrier.