Stephone Anthony Prediction Thread

He's the 3rd best linebacker, 24th overall prospect and 2nd best player in North Carolina. Clemson, Florida, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Virginia Tech are the finalists, where do you think he ends up?

I've got 2,500 Schrute Bucks on Clemson.


I bet a stanley nickel he comes here.

but that is just wishful thinking. I hope he trips when he runs down the hill.

damn you.

i bet three ethan quarters he begins his statement by saying, "i have decided to take my talents to..."


He is a big fan of underachieving, and is very excited to see who replaces Dabo as the next head coach.
He has noticed the talent migrating to F$U and has realized he wants to be on the wrong side of the Bowden bowl each year.
He is a big fan of losing to a mediocre SEC school annually.
He cannot wait to play on the same field as Daquan Bowers.
He believe Tajh Boyd is the next Charlie Whitehurst.
He also likes running down hills, and patting rocks.

He is not a fan of 10 win seasons, fans bitching about the Offensive Coordinator, or creative Defensive Coordinators with a record of great stats, burn victims.
He believes Enter Sandman is played out.
He believes Orange helmets are #1.
He believes JGW is a phenomenal player and does not want to ride the pine behind him.
He knows ESPNU is not available in Blacksburg.
He does not like Chic-fil-a, even on Sundays.

unc pushed clemson ncstate

unc pushed clemson
ncstate pushed vt

And we all know who pushes harder (except on the field that is).

Also props to zames for the thread idea.

VT in the moment of truth

It's really only between VT and Clemson.

Even though every girl I've met from Clemson has been pretty hot... I think he will see go with winning and top defensive coaching which makes VT end up with a top 25 class. Also he's been wearing a Clemson type uniform with a Tiger all throughout HS, he needs a change.

I tend to agree with HokieJoe3....i think its between VT and Clemson.

I work at the Inn at Virginia Tech, and they had a recruiting breakfast on Saturday. I can't say if I think he is coming to VT or not, but I do know that the breakfast they ate was AWESOME (I may have sampled some while on the clock DONT TELL MY BOSS)

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Can you give us a rundown of the breakfast?

And yes, it is definitely between VT and Clemson.

oh man, they had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, an omelette station, french toast, tons of different kinds of breads and bagels, fruit, milk, a billion different juices, and thats just off the top of my head. it was the perfect hangover food. also, it was the perfect food to make me want to play football at virginia tech. but, thats just me

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I wanted Sub Station II to cater my wedding, but I failed in making that happen.

He may have already made his decision.

He visited North Carolina over the weekend and is considering Clemson, Virginia Tech and Florida in addition to the Tar Heels.

"He runs well from sideline to sideline and does well in pass coverage," Anson County coach Luke Hyatt said. "He can do a lot on the football field and will have an opportunity to play early."

Hyatt said Friday that he expects Anthony to make a final decision on his choice either Sunday night or Monday, then announce his commitment at the school on signing day Wednesday.

Clemson already has verbals in their 2011 classes from three linebackers. And is also one of the two finalists for 5* Tony Steward out of Florida.

VT has NO linebackers (as defined by Rivals, I realize some of those ends might get switched around) in this class.

How can Anthony not look at that as a plus?

That makes sense to me...

but we already missed on Hughes and Grant. I guess Anthony woud be really unchallenged at Whip.

Rick James says:

This recruiting class gets 4 thumbs down!!! Ah ah ah