CTC: Chase Minnifield

It seems a bunch of you have been enjoying the create the caption to close out the week. If there's no objection, let's make it a regular feature. Vincent Briedis, UVA's football media contact, Tweeted this picture of preseason All-American corner Chase Minnifield.

Leave your best captions (or Photoshops) in the comments below.


My Modest Attempt

Ha ha!

Don't be so modest. Those are great! I'd like to see the photoshop where his helmet is flying off as he is pummeled by a Tech defender.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Just the beginning...

UVA has to stage photoshoots because there are no in-game action shots.

Photographer: "Now jump like you're catching the game winning pass in the end zone."
Chase Minnifield: "I, umm... don't know how to do that."
Photographer: "Oh, right. OK pretend you're pretty little birdie."



Wait did we beat Duke ?!?!?!? No- but if we did this is what I would do...well I can dream can't I????

OR simply enjoying the only attention this team will get for the next 6 months.

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Why isn't there anyone in the stands?

Oh yea, we haven't played Tech yet.

The only thing softer than that landing pad

Is their football team....

Minnifield will disintegrate on impact.


38-0 bro

you promise me Jayron won't see this trampoline???


"May I take the picture with my helmet off, please? When I put it on, I get scared."

What's Important Now

uva football = hell

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Recruiting Secret?

Maybe their recruits are ultra-emo and thats's what London is pitching.

In the Game of Thrones you WIN or

you die!

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Getting along. almost sorta cute.

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