Hokie Tracks are Counting Down the Next 100 Days

Their facial expressions are priceless.


*I mean this in the most literal sense. If we win the toss we're going to defer, and if App State wins they'll take the ball.

Preseason rankings mean very little, but they make for good conversation to obsess, gripe and swoon over. Bill Roth says preseason preview magazines Athlon and Lindy's have the Hokies ranked 7th and 12th respectively. I think both are too high. I rate a team based on how good I think they are, not how well I think they can manage their schedule. I can't see the ceiling for this team, but the offensive line and LT3 really need to convince me they can ball before I look up.

More importantly Roth reports (pun intended?) the STRAIGHT BURNER and Nosal will be 100% healthy for camp.

INJURY UPDATE: Good news on the injury front for the Hokies. Per Assistant Director of Athletics for Athletic Training Mike Goforth, Tech receiver Dyrell Roberts is "100 percent and back over 200 pounds for the first time." Goforth said he’s never seen anyone so excited to get back on the field as Roberts, who endured a painful injury and rehab from his compartment syndrome incident in last year's Georgia Tech game. Goforth says that lineman Greg Nosal, who had shoulder surgery, will be at 100 percent by the start of the second summer session and should be ready to for the opening of preseason practice. Safety Theron Norman, who also had shoulder surgery, could return by the end of September or early October, per Goforth.

Know your enemies. Bill Connelly's preview of Virginia is all too comprehensive, like a physical exam followed up by a visit to the proctologist. His take home message is below, but if you enjoy Steele-like statistics make sure to read the entire piece for all the goodies.

Generally speaking, the base of talent at Virginia isn't too bad. Former four-star recruits like receiver Tim Smith and offensive tackles Oday Aboushi and Morgan Moses are reaching maturity, and the Cavs bring in a stellar class this fall. Combined with a host of returning starters and a potentially healthy YPP margin, and it isn't impossible to talk yourself into UVa.

Of course, I was attempting to talk myself into them last September too, but the defense got in the way. Unless some of the freshmen and sophomores are ready out of the gates, the Cavs are still probably a year away from becoming a truly interesting factor in the ACC.

Paul Myerberg discussed another two of our 2011 opponents as part of his 120 team countdown: Marshall at #97 and Wake Forest at #96. Even in dream seasons Myerberg doesn't see them being better than nine or eight wins respectively.

The 2012 recruiting class is off to a hot start, no doubt a byproduct of the Beamer Co's staff changes. Our 11 total commitments are good for 4th nationally, Beamer's fastest start ever. Hiring Shane and Cornell along with reassigning the staff's recruiting responsibilities were parts of a plan to address recruiting that intended to hold down the 757, control the Commonwealth and go after the top prospects. So far the coaches have been successful in Virginia and the 757, what remains to be seen is if they can land the more coveted talent.

What did the five fingers say to the face? Slap Butch! Normally Heather Dinich's ESPN ACC blog is boring. I don't know if it's her preference to keep it high and tight or she's writing to ESPN's standards. Either way, it's a good aggregator of news with a hint of analysis, but very rarely strongly opinionated. That is until yesterday. It seems like HD is as sick of Butch Davis' bullshit as everyone else. It's straight heat, read the entire post.


with all the new changes

with all the recent changes in the program to combat stagnation, do you think beamer will shake things up by (*gasp*) NOT deferring in at least one game?

What is behind those expressions

I wonder what they are thinking. "I wish I was that fast." "I wish I was on the maroon team." "What just happened?"

#Let's Go - Hokies

62 Blake DeChristopher, "I can't stop marveling at the efficiency of his flesh covered mechanical legs, like pistons pumping a V8 engine."

68 Jaymes Brooks, "DAYMN!"

Butchy D

I mean really. Apparently he has been watching The Chapelle Show on repeat vs game film. One, Two, Free, Fo, Fif! I plead the fifth!

Athlon Preview

Here's the link to the entire preview: http://www.athlonsports.com/college-football/top-25/virginia-tech-hokies


Even with a new quarterback, Virginia Tech should be the class of the Coastal Division. The schedule sets up favorably, with four winnable non-conference games to open the season. The Hokies also host Miami and won’t play Florida State or NC State during the regular season. They’re a dark horse national title contender.

They also list the top ten greatest Hokies: http://www.athlonsports.com/college-football/slideshows/top-ten-greatest...

10. Jimmy Williams
9. Kevin Jones
8. Jim Pyne
7. Bryan Randall
6. Lee Suggs
5. Tyrod Taylor
4. Jake Grove
3. Corey Moore
2. Michael Vick
1. Bruce Smith

My list:

10. Cornell Brown
9. Jimmy Williams
8. Kevin Jones
7. Jim Pyne
6. Bryan Randall
5. Jake Grove
4. Corey Moore
3. Tyrod Taylor
2. Bruce Smith
1. Michael Vick


Im glad to see him near the top. Great player and guy all around. Lineman dont get a lot of cred.


Clayton and #26 look like they're about to drop their water bottles in shock like the baby from the Volkswagen commercial. To echo Joe- Jaymes Brooks: "DAMN!"

Also as to the Athlon Preview- no Xavier Adibi in the top 10? Gotta be one of the top three linebackers at VT all time. I would put him in the bottom half of the list (10-6) at worst.

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