Report: Montrezl Harrell is most likely out

Here's how I see it going down. Weaver hires the new coaching staff, they re-recruit Harrell, if they can't convince him to stay he gets released to a non-ACC school.


Unless Weaver has a coaching decision in pocket and is just waiting to announce, this situation is looking more stupid by the minute

Losing one recruit doesn't make this a bad decision

Keeping Greenberg around for one more year to keep Harrell would have been a bad idea and he likely would have left anyway when Greenberg wasn't retained next year. We will see how things shake out but based on all the information coming to light it was time to make a change.

Harrell and Wood

Not surprised by the decision of either of these guys. Harrell is a great talent and is going to make another coach very happy, but I don't think that the situation Weaver put the program and those kids in is horrible. Yes, it's not ideal as Harrell is a fantastic player that provided some needed depth next year, but if the decision to fire Greenberg was made a week ago, I'm not sure why we waited so long to publicize it (maybe spring football had something to do with that, just maybe...). It sucks for Harrell, but I think he will find himself in another successful program before too long. And the only way I see us keeping him, which is a significant long shot at this point, is by hiring a coach within the next few days and having him make a "you're THE guy" pitch. But I doubt that would convince Trez to stay committed here anyway.

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From everything I've read

Weaver informed President Steger Friday morning of his decision Friday and then confirmed the decision with Steger Monday morning. My guess (purely speculative) is Steger, in the closed session of the Friday Board of Visitor's meeting, informed the BoV of the decision to fire Greenberg and they gave their consent for that decision. Hence the 4-5 day delay before actually going through with firing.

Not saying the Spring Game wasn't considered, but I bet it wasn't that much of a consideration.

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The decision to "change the leadership" of the Basketball program has an impact beyond just the leadership. Was that factored into the decision? Were things really that bad that the AD would put the whole program at risk for years to come? Was it already at risk?

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