Multitalented DE, OT, H-Back Wyatt Teller commits to Virginia Tech

Wyatt Teller committed to Virginia Tech over the University of Virginia this afternoon. It was a highly contested recruiting battle. UVa was thought to be his leader for quite some time, but Tech made up ground over the past two weeks and received his pledge. Teller was rated the number six player in Virginia, a 4-star prospect by with 16 I-A offers including: Clemson, Michigan, Oregon, and Notre Dame. Teller has the ability to play defensive end, d-tackle, or offensive tackle at the next level. Tech recruited him as a defensive lineman (d-end).

Teller is a big, relentlessly aggressive, versatile player; another fantastic addition to an already outstanding 2013 class.

When I spoke to his high school coach, Sean Finnerty, back in May he weighed 265 pounds after playing last season at 240. That's a lot of growth, and a 6-5 frame will allow him to pack on more mass. "Not many people can scratch their kneecap without bending over," Finnerty told me.

Finnerty also said of his star, "His best thing, the one that sets him apart from most football players is his motor, he just has an engine that doesn't stop."

After watching his film, you'll quickly conclude that Wyatt is a dominant player on both sides of the ball. He's able to defend half a field by forcing opposing offenses to run away from his side. Teams counter his pass rush with three-step drops and quick throws (shorter routes). He's a terrific defensive player and prospect. I was also intrigued by the possibility of Teller playing o-line at the next level. I asked coach Finnerty for his opinion.

Me: I know everyone is kind of recruiting him as a defensive end, but when I saw him at tackle, I was like, "wow". How would you rate his footwork, does he have quick feet?

Finnerty (May 2012): Great footwork, very quick feet! I was his offensive line coach, and defensive end coach last year, so he's had me for three years. I think he can be a premier offensive tackle if that's what he ends up going to. I think there's a chance he could get moved from a d-end spot to an offensive tackle spot. If he's not able to slow down how much weight he gains, it might be the best thing that's ever happened to him.

A fantastic get indeed. Welcome to HokieNation Wyatt!



Great choice Wyatt! This class keeps getting better!

I hope Green and Johnson follow in his footsteps


Glad he made the right choice

He punishes people haha


One year of recruiting "better" than VT, then back into their place. Nice get, and it's great to keep the state's talent at VT. Congrats to the VT staff on this battle, which they were losing for some time.

🦃 🦃 🦃

Teller said he's 6-5, 275

Did i read that correctly???

What level of competition does he play against?

His film is fantastic, but looks like he is a man among boys.

Either way, this is a HUGE get, and I wonder if he is under-rated because he didn't attend as many summer camps as other recruits. Agree he could be a dominant left tackle if he is willing to switch sides.

I'll be shocked if he doesn't become a vital player for us. With his physicality, motor, and the ability to play 3 positions (DE, DT, OT) in college, I can't see a scenario where he doesn't at least compete for an ALL-ACC roster spot.

guy looks like godzilla and just as mean ... he is special .. no doubt about it and not even the hoos who lost out even deny that .. they know it sucks for them

1. i would HATE getting tackled by wyatt teller
2. your forward momentum will stop 100% of the time when getting wrapped up by wyatt teller
2. when he stunts up the middle, he eats QBs for lunch. he should play dt


have a 40 time on this kid?....He looks pretty quick for a big guy.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.


Love the kick block at 2:04. Lots of pancake blocks and drive blocks. Crushing hits on running backs. Great choice. Welcome to Hokie Nation!

#Let's Go - Hokies

If he is ends up at left tackle, he will be the best left tackle in the history of the program. Absolutely terrific feet, getting initial head position followed by the footwork, strength, and balance to get by the man, turn, and put him on his behind. I don't care how bad the opposition is, that is no easy task for a lineman. He is mobile enough that he was used at end, outside linebacker, tight end, tackle, and H-back, and from the tape his excelleed at all of them.

Given his size, I am not sure how he hasn't already outgrown defensive end. I think he will be a very good defensive tackle, but with his attitude, footwork, strength and reach, this kid will make Duane Brown and Eugene Chung look like Nick Marshman.


Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Just imagined at 2016 Hokie defense that looks like this:

DE: Ekanem
DT: Teller
DT: Baron/Smith (or if they could get Brown, oh chi mama)
SE: Hand

Whip: RVD
Mike: Clarke
Backer: Edmunds

BC: Fuller
FC: Manning
R: Fisher
FS: Quin Blanding

Dear lord...

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN