Chris Malone?

JMU's offensive line coach Chris Malone was fired last Friday. He had been at JMU since 2006. I lurked over the weekend, and they didn't seem too happy about it. The sentiment was Mathews was to blame for their struggles.

Anyways since most of us assume Newsome has one foot out of the door, what are everyone's thoughts about Malone returning to Tech to coach the offensive line? I know the popular pick has been Todd Washington, but Malone might be a good get.

  • Graduate assistant offensive line coach at Virginia Tech from 1999-2000
  • Offensive and defensive line coach at Fork Union Military Academy in 1998
  • Four-year starter as an offensive guard at Virginia Tech, making 47 consecutive starts during his career and earning All-Big East Conference honors in 1995


Guess we will have to trust

HCFB on this one. Todd Washington's NFL experience would be a plus in recruiting, but the two of them are going to be evaluated by Frank if he chooses to consider them and we won't know anything until the deal is done. Would prefer Washington over Malone for the higher level of competition he reached, but willing to consider anyone new as a potential improvement.

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I'd be happy with...

anything at this point. I cant bear to watch another dismal season of poor blocking along with poor playcalling and execution. The team needs a change, what we have been doing hasnt been working at all. I would personally take either coach.

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Hard sell

Anybody would be an improvement right now, but comparing him to anybody else on the market doesn't favor him. Hiring a guy who wasn't good enough for JMU won't wow anybody.

from what i gather, that parting may not have necessarily have been due to production/coaching

just an observation...

...Newsome came from JMU and that hasn't worked out so much...

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If Newsome left JMU in 2005, wasn't this guy his actual replacement?

It's a possibility

Chris Malone has the personal/family ties to the program so that bodes well for him. As for not having much experience, I agree with the previous comments, but then again according to his bio Newsome only had high school and JMU coaching experience when he got hired in 2006.

My biggest question would be, can he recruit?

But then again, I believe success brings recruits just as much if not more than recruiting. Also, if we get these good recruits, but they don't pan out due to coaching, then what is the point of good recruiting?

But there's also the argument that each position coach doesn't solely recruit their position.

i think thats a huge concern with whoever comes in. obviously shane was a proven recruiter but ill be real interested in whoever comes in and their recruiting ability

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

My buddy...

...who plays LT for the Dukes, has nothing but good things to say about Malone.

and if Newsome is really out, I'm all for getting someone with real connections to the program

This makes some sense

It's a fella from a smaller program looking to possibly make a bigger impact. If the reasons for the fire ARE NOT based off production as previously stated then we may be getting a steal. JMU may be FCS, but they are usually a formidable program there. The talent he had at his disposal only provided so much.

As far as recruiting goes you'd have to think a guy who played OL with the program, was a grad assistant here, has lived and made inroads in VA competing with the likes of Tech and UVA SHOULD be able to make an impact right away on that front.

I sadly think too many fans believe big names make the biggest impact. when looking for an HC replacement down the line I won't disagree. However, for a line coach deeper in the assistant end of things. A guy familiar to our school with some experience bodes well. After all, Bud Foster was taken from a little school called Murray State.

I hear that Bud guy is pretty good, right?

The fans have to remember everybody has to start somewhere.

Honestly, I hope we put 75% or more of the OL coach hire...

...on actually coaching offensive lineman. We hired for recruiting last time, and it has blown up in our face, save Tyrod.

I'm fine with a non-recruiting OL coach, if he just wants to coach the hell out of some OL.

I'm hoping we hire a strong enough leader for the offensive...

that he picks his own OL coach and isn't dependent on the limited "Beamer Network" of guys. Maybe it's Malone, but I would prefer we hire based on merit either way.

I posted in another location Todd washington's credentials. He played in the league and has made his way into nfl coaching quickly. I think there is more potential and upside with him but either seem like an upswing from the current situation

my question

would his blocking scheme he teaches fit in line with whichever (could be every) direction the the new scheme will go?

newsome came from that spread game and his blocking never fit wit the offense, until it bastardized it.