ACC Digital Network? and "the ACC is not hurting"

Dennis Dodd's recent column ( focused on Notre Dame moving from the Big East to the ACC, but also dropped some interesting realignment info from his source(s).

There is no current "list" of expansion candidates to be taken in the near future by the Big Ten

OK, but how long does such a list take to make? I've heard/read before that the Big Ten presidents have (and for a while) a list of pre-approved schools. Making the list is almost half the hassle of grocery shopping.

Swarbrick was the second source in two days to say that the ACC will eventually be making more money per school than the Big 12.

Is that the current Big 12 at ten teams and no championship game, or does that include a projection of the revenue an expanded Big 12 would make? It reads like the former.

One source said the ACC is in the process of monetizing its soon-to-be lucrative digital network located in Charlotte, N.C. Industry sources are split on whether the ACC can do a full-on network similar to the Big Ten that would be able to throw off profit in a relatively short period of time.

BUFFERING. An ACC network would be a strong move to help preserve the league. The B1G can hand a winning lotto ticket to any school it wants, and when the SEC's Project X launches, it too will be able to make it rain. I'm not sure what the ACC could distribute on its network since ESPN owns the rights to almost everything valuable for the foreseeable future ( However, if a lucrative network is possible, the league needs it to keep pace in the arms race.

Duke's AD Kevin White spoke about the an ACC network, among other topics in a very informative interview (

John Swofford mentioned on the conference call that it's "sexy" for the leagues to have their own TV networks. Do you think that’s something to ACC should pursue?

"We are pursuing it and taking a good hard look at it. I don’t know how it will play out, but we are in the early stages of that. It's an interest area of mine, it's an interest area of (Duke associate AD) Jon (Jackson's), so we are working on that at Duke as well just to be a good partner with the ACC. I'd love to see us do a really deep dive and explore the possibility of whether that makes sense for the ACC.

"You bring in another really strong, this is an expression I use in my class, another really strong intercollegiate franchise, you have an opportunity to do creative things like create channels and networks. I think Louisville gives us the potential to that in another market."


Bah Humbug!


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i live in virginia. i get the b1g network. i sometimes watch it. if there was an acc network (an actual network not one game a week) i would totally watch it. especially anything vt related. they should do it.

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Yeah, you want me to care about olympic sports?

Put on some VT wrestling or T&F or a softball game or something. I might actually watch it. Otherwise, it's just sucking the football money down the drain.

Conference TV networks

Are the wave of the future in NCAA athletics and will continue to be an ever-expanding stream of revenue for those conferences able to pull off a profitable network. If the ACC is already handcuffed by ESPN and unable to grow a new revenue source from a TV network like the Pac12, B1G and SEC are doing/going to do, then the ACC is going to diminish in stature towards the unimportant conferences (CUSA, MAC, MWC, etc...). Either Swofford and his crew find a way to save the ACC by coming close to matching the payments that the competition offers, or defections will happen again, and sooner rather than later.


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Big 12 title game $$$

Wouldn't be that great.

"A conference championship game doesn't make much financial sense. One media consultant says such a game would be worth only $700,000-$1 million a year per school. Not an insignificant amount, but worth having to split with two more mouths to feed?"

The other issue for the Big 12 if they were to expand is that they wouldn't make more money doing so. Emails from Chuck Neinas to other members of the conference said the conference was told by ESPN that only ND would get them more money. Adding more teams would mean they would have to divide the pie further.

I realize people here want the ACC to collapse so VT can run to the SEC guilt-free, but it's not a given that the Big 12 is going to be adding teams any time soon.

Does not make sense

Why ESPN would tell them that they wouldn't get more money from expansion. If they take, for example, FSU and Clemson, that will expand their base dramatically, getting the Longhorn network in millions of homes on the east coast at roughly $.40 per month. There's no way they couldn't use that as leverage for better tv rights.

I also see that they have a "gentlemen's agreement" of sorts with the SEC stating that neither conference will expand beyond their current states, but in this day and age nobody in college football is acting very gentlemanly.

Because ESPN is a business

ESPN is already paying for the ACC teams. They've signed a long-term deal with the ACC and are going to write large checks to the conference over the next 12 years. They already have those schools as content. Adding FSU and Clemson to the Big 12 would devalue their ACC asset while increasing their Big 12 asset, and you can't even say it would be a wash because the Big 12 has a TV deal with FOX. Which is why it makes sense that the TV partners would only consider ND to be the team that adds value, because that would give the networks access to programming they don't have right now. It would also kill their contract to carry the Orange Bowl if there isn't a marketable team left in the ACC. Yeah, a Texas/FSU game may have value, but you'd also be adding FSU/Kansas. Keep in mind that it was after the Big East rejected ESPN's contract offer and suggested they would try to negotiate with NBCSN that the ACC was told to add Syracuse and Pitt to improve their contract.

As for ESPN and the LHN, they can't get the LHN going in Texas; why would they want to try and get it in FL right now? If they can't get mass carriage in Texas where UT is the biggest program, good luck getting carriage in FL.

rocco is EXACTLY right .. this is why espn tells the big12 to stick it .. this is why the big12 hasn't expanded yet .. because they're a bunch of greedy bastards .. and it could do some of them in long term (texas will always have a golden parachute, oklahoma too)

Good Stuff

Another good quote from Dodd's article, "'You can't start a network with 10 games,' an industry source said." If I read the ACC release correctly, they have the rights to 0 games, which is why I'm baffled as to how they'll pull a TV network off, at least right now.

It seems like the Big 12 is perfect at 10 teams for now, but when it comes time for them to sit back down at the table, maybe they think they can score a better deal with 2-or-more teams in the fold.


Better scouting each week for teams ahead. I love it.