their dlineman was clearly offsides on their td. he had his hand on farris' shoulder when he snapped it early thinking they had a free play. they picked up the flag! why? my jaw was on the floor and espn just kept showing the end of the play and not the beginning.

their guy shoved tweedy in the back right into their returner. even my wife called that one. they picked the flag up. why?

logan gets called for intentional grounding. fine. then on the next play nova spikes it at corey marshall's feet? no flag. hmm

pass interference not called on their guys repeatedly (including denying joey's mullet its td) while fuller gets called for playing solid pass defense with his head turned? smh

seriously is it some kind of bad call curse against our program? do we have a bad rep among officials? is the ncaa like the nba with gamblers influencing officials?

that shit was ridiculous

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The refs were as much of an abortion as the offensive output.

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I'm never a fan

I never like bashing the refs. Yeah they made one or two bad calls on us but that's all I really saw. Nothing more than in a typical game. Our offense is what made that game what it was.


I thought the replay showed Logan controlling the ball with his knee down on the Rutgers TD. I haven't found another replay that shows it as clearly as it looked on the broadcast but it looks like I'm not the only one with this opinion

The refs were driving me crazy. So many biased/blown calls. A few against Rutgers but the majority against Tech. For a while there it seemed like penalties were only being called on Rutgers in situations where the penalty would be declined. (e.g. holding by OL on an incomplete 3rd down pass)

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Both intentional grounding calls were correct

LT clearly was in the box and didn't have a receiver in the area. Even by his 2012 standards, it wasnt near anyone. Nova threw a screen pass at the feet of his RB AND Marshall deflected the ball with his foot.

The worst call was the non-safety.....but there was also clear PI on Davis or Fuller on a first qtr 3rd and 14 deep ball. The RU player had our guys arm.

I thought the refs missed a handful of calls, as they always do. Surprisingly, no Exum PI. But the worst was how many legitimate penalties we drew. Terrible team in regards to fundamentals.

Don't forget that Logan didn't fumble the football on that second play from scrimmage and that it shouldn't have been a safety, yet they didn't even bother to review it.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

I'm a firm believer that...

I'm a firm believer that if you play as poorly as we did you can't blame anything on the refs.

Once I started to notice the refs, I was already too pissed at our offense so it didn't really phase me.

But yea they sucked

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I agree. The refs sucked but that was overshadowed by the

offense. I cringe when I hear that we have a Big12 crew. Nothing goes right for us with a Big12 crew, starting with the 05 Gator Bowl. I guess I shouldn't blame the Big12 guys for last year since it was a Pac12 replay official who overturned the Big12 official on the field.