Tyrod is playing the rest of the game

Cincinnati vs Baltimore, if you are in network converage and wanted to check it out. So far he had a nice scramble for a big gain and a nice option pitch to Allen, where Allen got to use his GT experience of course...kinda cool to see.

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thanks for the heads up, flipping to cbs right now

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He played pretty well!

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.


Play calling was done well and suited to his strengths what with the options and roll-outs. Tyrod did a good job executing with a few starters and mostly second stringers, other than the unfortunate tipped ball turned into a pick six. Also good to see his elusiveness is still there even in the NFL.

the Cincy D-Line is no slouch, and he handled their pressure pretty well facing their starters.

One of his scrambles yesterday in the fourth quarter looked just like one of his scrambles in the 2010 ACC championship game against FSU when he eluded their entire defensive line and got a first time.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

I have been watching every Ravens game for the last two seasons and I miss his first major playing time. AC wasn't worth it but the Borgata babes are nice.

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B-bar and Long Bar? Lol that sucks man, but yea good talent there too.

Okay considering

Tryod was playing with the Raven's second string. I would like him to get a shot at playing with the starters, but Flacco is big and unlike Big Ben does not seem to get injured due to his size.

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