Franklin to Cal, And some speculation on the future

This is according to a report by CBS' Jeremy Fowler.

New Cal coach Sonny Dykes is hiring Tony Franklin as his offensive coordinator, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.

Last-minute details are being finalized now, but barring an unforseen snag, Franklin will be the Bears' OC.

So that rumor is dead.

Let's enumerate the possibilities of what could happen next:

1. No staff changes are made. The is pretty unlikely. When asked if any changes would happen, Beamer deflected the question when he could've just said, "No."

2. Turnover among the positional coaches, same leadership at the top, including the Frankinator's hand in the jar.

3. A complete offensive overhaul where Beamer delegates responsibilities to his offensive staff. The result is similar to how Bud runs the defense.

4. Some blend of 2 and 4.

If the past is any indicator these things will hold true:

1. Beamer already has people in mind and a timetable (after the bowl, maybe after national signing day) of how it will all play out. He's calculating and methodical. He's not going to shop on the open market. This notion that he's letting coaches slip away is silly. Tony Franklin probably wasn't his guy.

2. There will be only a few degrees of separation between Beamer and any new staff. Whether it's someone he's worked with before, has coached, or has been vouched for by someone he trusts, there will be a connection. That's why the Tony Franklin rumor was plausible. He and Foster were teammates and everyone (myself included) assumed that'd be enough for Beamer to OK him.

With all that said, I have a nothing but a faint idea of what's going to happen.


I fully expect a familiar name

like Ricky Bustle, Dana Bible, Ralph Friedgen or Jim Bollman. I would not expect any wild cards, like a 35-year old offensive coordinator from Old Dominion.

Can someone please tell me why anyone is supportive of Ralph Friedgen being the next offensive coordinator at Virginia Tech?

All I have heard on the subject is that he is a "good offensive miind". What does that even mean? Statistically, his offenses were terrible.

NCAA Offensive Ranks, Yds / Game:

2004 (VT, 32 / MD, 109)
2005 (VT, 32 / MD, 66)
2006 (VT, 88 / MD, 76)
2007 (VT, 75 / MD, 83)
2008 (VT, 79 / MD, 60)
2009 (VT, 43 / MD, 107)
2010 (VT, 27 / MD, 75)

Honestly, it's hard to be worse on offense than Virginia Tech. From '04 through '10, the Hokies were ranked on average 54th. Maryland, in the same timeframe, was 73rd. Am I missing something?

I've also heard that he does not like to recruit. WTF world.


his talent was a fraction of what it was/is/will be at Tech. He can call plays, which he did on a limited basis for the Twerps. Put Fatboy Fridge in the box and turn him loose.

As a straight up OC, he's won a shared NC at GT, led a team to the Super Bowl in his first year.

From his wiki page...

Friedgen followed Ross to Georgia Tech, a period lasting four years. In 1990, Georgia Tech went from being unranked in the preseason to achieving an 11-0-1 record and a share of the national championship with Colorado. In 1992, Friedgen followed Ross once again, this time to the NFL's San Diego Chargers, where he orchestrated an offense that led the franchise to an appearance in Super Bowl XXIX.[5] In 1997, Friedgen returned to Georgia Tech, where, as offensive coordinator, he developed the balanced offensive attack (200 yards on the ground, 200 yards through the air) that would become his trademark. During his second year, the Yellow Jackets were co-champions of the ACC, defeated Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl, and ended the season ranked among the nation's top 10 teams. In 1999, he was the winner and awarded the Frank Broyles Award, given to the nation's top assistant coach.

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Meh. The accolades you just mentioned are between 13 and 22 years old. That's a long time ago. Sure, his schemes and plays might still be good - - but does he have the energy and attention to detail required to teach his players?

Who are you suggesting that is realistic?

I saw your post and thought, "wow, not much difference in Fridge and Stiney. At least Stiney recruits."

^^^ THIS ^^^

I am not hot on Fridge because of exactly this.

Success that's over a decade old does not exactly make someone qualified.

Friedgen was not the Offensive Coordinator at Maryland during that period. He was head coach. As others have mentioned, he had nowhere near the talent that VT had during that period. It's worth noting that Maryland was 120th out of 120 in total offense this year under Edsall. Also, I'm pretty sure you're actually looking at points/game, not yards/game. We were ranked around 100 in yards/game in 07 and 08, and Maryland was significantly ahead of us. Until recently our scoring was always helped by defense and special teams.

When Fridge was an OC, his teams were consistently competitive. He won the ACC. He won the Broyles award (as did Bud Foster) and he went to the NFL where he helped the Chargers win the AFC. Could you imagine Bryan Stinespring coordinating an AFC champion offense???

He was also an outstanding QB coach. He developed Boomer Esiason and Frank Reich.

Noted. But that was many years and pounds ago. Seriously, I would legitimately question if he is still capable of being the "attention to detail" guy I think we desperately need.

By the way, I'm not a supporter of the Stinespring offense (cluster f).

We need an offensive mind. He is that, no matter the shell it comes in. Set him in the box n let him loose calling plays. We have had so much talent that a balanced attack would destroy the ACC (and do very well in the SEC).

It's not about creativity, it's about not being predictable. When we all know what play is being called into the huddle, imagine what the other sides DC is thinking!

I'm a man! I'm 44! Hokie thru and thru.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

You forgot one...

5. Immediately following the bowl game, Frank Beamer announces his retirement, and Weaver announces his replacement immediately afterward, whether it is Bud Foster (Probable), Stiney (Possible), or someone outside the program (less likely, given that there hasn't been any information leaked yet)

If Stiney is appointed HC I am going to send them a letter demanding my tuition back.

Don't get me wrong

That is the scenario that I would least want to happen. It is just that I have heard plenty of people argue that he would make a better HC than OC, stating that he is a better manager than strategist. Not sure if I believe them, but in either case I don't see how anyone could argue that he has earned that promotion.

I'm of that belief, but by no means do I want VT to be the team that gives him his first chance.

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James Johnson for offensive coordinator.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

'4. Some blend of 2 and 4.'

How Meta! Haha, assume you meant a blend of 2 and 3.

Overall, I think you're right on with your gut feelings. And for me, it's still 'in Beamer I trust'. At least until we have a few more seasons like this. But I think the guy, beyond being loyal to a fault, is ultra-competitive, and still sharp enough to see what needs to happen to get back on the right side of the win column.

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For Offensive Coordinator.


I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.




French, what do u think of Chris Malone and his coaching ability ? Heard he was let go from jmu and he is a vt alum

To summarize somethings that have been heard

Tony Franklin was one of two offensive coordinator candidates who had been interviewed. The deciderers picked Franklin but it was very close and Frank had to break the tie. VT had a deal with TF but he decided to follow Dykes to Cal. The other OC candidate is still in play. Whoever this person is, their name is under tight wraps because of negotiations. I can only speculate that it might be Dana Bible, Ralph Friedgen or someone else. However, I doubt that it's Ralph. I think if a lot of things fell through then it could be Ralph.

Just that Franklin had a deal in place in principle. VT knew that TF was waiting to see what Sonny Dykes was going to do.

However, the rumor is that Stinespring has been offered a HC job. Cav, Newsome and O'Cain are going to retire. Shane will move to ST and recruiting coordinator positions.

Losing Franklin

does not break my heart, as long as we find somebody else that can produce points. Still not convinced the spread/air-raid/up-tempo offense is right for us or that it will succeed long term. The national championship games again features 2 defense-oriented teams with conservative offenses. I'll let smarter minds than mine debate what offense would fit our program best.

Stiney getting a HC job somewhere else would be great for him and would breath some fresh air into our program. It disappoints me to see Stiney get such a bad rap since we all know he is a hard-working recruiter and loves our program. Would love to see him have success somewhere else as the HC.

If Cav, Newsome and O'Cain retire and Shane moves to ST coach and retains Recruiting Coordinator duties, that would open up the offensive staff, with the exception of Sherman, for a new OC and his picks for position coaches. Knowing HCFB, the new OC, if there is one, will be somebody he knows or somebody that comes highly recommended from trusted sources. Hope we get somebody with SEC experience myself, as that is where I suspect we will be in a few years. Maybe a guy that Shane is familiar with from his time in the SEC?

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Why is no one mentioning him? It was under Bustle that we got to a National Championship. And he's available, and probably cheap.

Its speculated that, since Malone was let go (for unknown reasons..hmmm) from JMU as their oline coach .. That Newsomw may go crawling back to JMU .. A lot of sentiment that we may end up with Malone or Todd Washington as an OL coach, unless major changes are made and. The new OC brings in his own OL coach. Also, someone on twitter claimed that O'Cain may be in the running for the HC job at Appalachian State. Apparently their AD (or asst AD?) Played for MOC at NC State?? Anyone know much about Malone. Obviously he played at VT but I don't know much about him as a coach.

More Rumormill

Rumors swirling that Baltimore Ravens will shake up their coaching staff....hopefully there's an OL coach opening at VT for someone!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Cam Cameron Fired

Though Cam Cameron is an offensive genius. I don't think he would be a good fit as OC (nor could Tech afford him) given NFL caliber players take 3-4 years to even begin to grasp his play calling schemes.

I doubt any substantive changes will be made. The only way I think changes will be made are if someone leaves of their own volition.

Let me be clear, I'd like to see some changes made to bring the offense in this century, but given Beamer's loyalty to his people, I doubt it will happen.

Any other year I'd agree, but there seems to be a good bit of smoke this time for there not to be anything 'causing it.


Way too much smoke this time around and I think a lot of people take for granted how much winning means to Beamer.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


I think it will be less than we think.

MOC to Appy St, Newsome to JMU. Replace with Fridge and Malone. Fridge and Stiney as "Co-OC's" or some type of job title fakery. Sherman lives to see another day (we missed our chance at Joker Phillips!)

All I know is...

If VT wants to win a NC we need a NC caliber coaching staff, or at least something close to one.

Think of all the NC programs and their staffs. They have assistants that leave to take over other programs, turn them around, and win NCs. (Look at the heritage of many of the top coaches. Can VT claim to develop good coaches because our staff is so deep and talented?

Success can be measured many ways. 10 win season streaks, All-Americans, conference championships, NFL players selected in the draft. The only missing element of a resume like that is a NC (Heisman trophy winner too).

If winning a NC is a goal, need to do something to make a difference.

A lot of people have taken us this far along in the journey. We need some new people with the capability to take us the rest of the way.

It ain't easy to fire people and there is a lot of risk if you don't get good people to replace them.

Has VT peaked or can we climb that last rung on the ladder?


I hear

Andy Reid might be looking for a job?

Hahah just kidding, as an Eagles fan, I'd hate that.