Gameday! F*** the 'neers! 4pm on ESPN2

I'm starting to feel like this afternoon's game is bigger than the Oklahoma State game. The Ok St win showed me this team is capable of playing with and beating good teams. Today's game will tell us how this team will respond to playing away from home in a hostile environment.

If we win today, I just may start to raise my expectations on the season.

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Las Vegas opened the line with WVU as 5 point favorites. Now, the line has moved to 7 1/2 to 8 point favorites. If I remember correctly, OSU was only 2 point favorites.

I guess we'll see if VT can handle an away game, as Vegas and many others are expecting a WVU win.

🦃 🦃 🦃

I live in WV. These WVU fans are more pumped about this than they ever were about an NCAA tournament. The hatred is still there. I honestly hate WVU more than UVA in EVERY sport.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

The feeling is mutual.

I too hate WVU more than any other school.

are any wvu players suspended for today's game after the fight against Marshall earlier this week?

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Orange Uni's

Thoughts on the orange uni's? I'm a big fan myself

The only TKPer to not like Bourbon

Prefer the home grays, but orange is our away color.

Eddie is just as big of a key for success as Erick. Brian said that in his preview and it's holding true. As soon as he came off the bench we got a little bit of a spark. That three-ball is a big part of the offense, for good or bad.

Are we becoming Duke-esque? Not as far as stuck-up assholes, but in terms of play... Chucking up threes and if they sink, we win?

Hells no.

We may look a little like it this game (due to the pace), but when this team is on they play alot faster than Duke.

Foul trouble

What worries me is that Eddie won't be able to play through foul trouble like Erick Green was able to.

I asked Joe on Twitter, did they say that Eddie already picked up his 3rd?

That would be an affirmative.

Yup, he's got 3.


And now 4...

Can we find someone at McComas to play backup PG?

Rankin has not looked good this all.

Hey guys, I think Erick Green sets a new career high this game.

Goddamnit... That's FOUR on Eddie.

Erick Green will need ____ points for us to win with Eddie on the bench?


take away his flask

Bob Knight is day drunk

If so ...

He's not a very entertaining drunk.

Is it just me or all of Bob Knights comments pro WVU? wtf

At one point he did say "we, and by we I mean WVU".



Huggins and London seem to have the opposite idea on how to use them

RIP Stick It In

Freaking Noreen.

He has the shooting form of a 12 year old girl.

Ughh again!


Shoot with your wrists!

His form is worse than Shaun Marion's

Mr. Green



The 3's have to stop falling at some point right?

One would hope.

Knight may be the worst analyst I've ever seen

I think it goes without saying that WVU will still have the lead "no matter what happens" when they are up one and shooting free throws.


thanks for the heart attack RBrown

The only TKPer to not like Bourbon

Welp, time to burn some couches.

Good job Hokies. Fought hard. That was a lucky game for them, WVU isn't going to shoot that well from 3 too often and we're not gonna shoot that poorly from 3 that often. Gonna have some games like that.

Rip his freaking head off!

Yup... I liked our effort. Without Eddie we were still able to produce well enough to stay in the game against a team that was hot from behind the arc. Don't get me wrong, I think we should've had this one, but too many things went their way...

Ah well. On to the next one. Beat Miss Valley.

Had to lose one at some point

Too bad the first one was to wvu...

Sooooo close

He almost made that game winner, craaaazy.
I hate those inbreds so friggin much....

Yeah, but I'm not sure he got the shot off in time... It was really close. Definitely would have had to be reviewed if it went in.


A lost opportunity in Morgantown. Those road wins against respectable OOC opponents can make a big difference at selection time. Hopefully, we can pick up a win against Bradley and BYU. Tough games, but not impossible for these guys.

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