Have Your Expectations Changed for VTMBB?

Just some thoughts... I think we played well today, considering that Eddie was on the bench for the majority of the game, in addition to Raines also dealing with some foul trouble.

I still believe that we can make some noise this year and make a run at the tournament... The only thing is that I'm wondering just how much noise we'll have to make. It's been well documented on the site that we have a pretty weak OOC schedule.

That brings up the question I wanna pose in this forum: How many games do we have to win in the ACC? Where do we have to finish at the end of the year? In the ACC Tournament? How many wins do you all think this team is capable of getting in conference play?

Post your thoughts here.

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My goal was and still remains 7-10 wins in conference play and get on the bubble. I don't care if we get in the tournament or not, getting on the bubble would be an accomplishment.

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I thought this team would be 4-4 by now. 7-1 is amazing. Did anyone on here really think we would go undefeated, I certainly hope not. That's a game that any team in the ACC could have lost (Duke and UNC not so likely, but a possibility). I don't understand why people are panicking or thinking different of this team after today.

We played awful today by our previous standards, yet we lost by one on the road to a WVU team who shot well above their average from three. It happens sometimes, but I liked the fight and heart, and we will learn from this.

My expectations all year have been low, I just want to sit back and enjoy watching this team play. We will be heard from in the ACC I believe.

Most importantly just continue to show the same support and passion for the team that we have over the past week. Show up to Cassell for our two games this week at home and keep being proud of these guys. They have earned it, and nothing done today changes that.


Well said Skipper.

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No, I had us at 17-18 wins preseason

And I expect that's where we will end up. 10-3 heading into ACC play, 7-11 or 8-10 in ACC play. Bubble, chance to play our way in with AACT.

I'm not trying to say that I thought we would have an undefeated season, nor that because of one loss our entire season is going to go belly-up... I do however think that we could possibly be a surprise contender in the ACC and finish in the top 5 or 6 in the conference, amassing maybe 21 wins. I know it might seem ambitious this early, but it certainly is possible.

That is probably

the ceiling for the team, though the ACC is a bit weak this year, so I think it is very reachable.

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I just want to point out that while we may have lost, I think from what I've been hearing from people that thought lowly of Tech going into this game, we gained a lot of respect from around ACC country. All I keep hearing now is people saying that Erick Green is a beast and that they think we can have a tournament team. A win would have been great, but there are going to be some growing pains, however getting some respect for a good performance is a pretty good reward too.

Also, this is when we see how good of a coach JJ is. Can he get the guys to come out in the first half on Monday and just take it to MSVS. I know they're winless, but coaching a team that is fresh off a loss is what makes coaches.

Rip his freaking head off!

Changed since when?

My expectations from the start of the year have increased. My expectations since the end of the Iowa are about the same. My expectations since 4pm today have decreased.

Coming into the season, I felt this team would probably have a similar record this year as last, probably around 10-3 OOC and a roughly 5-13 record in the ACC. We have a new coach, with all new assistants, with little returning experience from a below-average team last year. After the Iowa game, I was confident in this team's ability to improve on that a bit, possibly even hit 10 ACC wins, which is still about what I expect. We will possibly be, once again, squarely on the bubble come selection sunday.

Tough Loss

I hope we respond in a positive way from this loss. Not sure if Green's shot would have counted if it would have went in, but it doesn't matter since it did not. This was a winnable game. Foul trouble and easy paint buckets for the opposing team is the only weakness I see now. Raines needs to make the shots on the block and the free throw line as he is our only serviceable big in the paint. They have exceeded my expectations. Just need to clean up some of the issues I addressed and they should be fine. Great season so far, but a tough loss today.

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Green's Shot

Appeared to not get off in time... If it had gone in, would definitely have had to be reviewed.

BYU game is now a near Must Win

If they win the BYU game, that'll go a long way on selection Sunday. The loss today doesn't hurt them, but you gotta have one or two solid OOC away wins. I fully expect them to be 10-1 before traveling to SL,UT, and hopefully they'll pull out a win before entering ACC play.

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Colorado St is a good team

They lost on the road yesterday yo an 8-1 UIC team. We will likely get CSU in Vegas if we beat a solid Bradley team.

Huggy Bear had a good gameplan, and like Mikey's recap said, the offense had trouble adjusting to the extended defense. wvu slowed the game down to a pace they wanted to play and discovered how to shoot the 3.

All that being said we had a chance to win at the end. The team never stopped fighting even though at times it looked pretty bleak. This game exposed our lack of depth and our liabilities on defense. That layup with 5 seconds left was wide open, cant allow an uncontested look in a situation like that.

I think the team will learn from this and improve. We'll get the couchburners next year.

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My expectations haven't changed one bit. We lost by 1 point in Morgantown to a Bob Huggins coached team at the buzzer when 2 of our starters had 4 fouls for a large portion of the second half. Erick Green also had the flu and lost 7 pounds this week and still managed to get a double double. The Mountaineers WERE NOT the better team at all in this game. Tech had chances to win this game. Maybe if Cadarian Raines had nailed at least one of his foul shots in the last 40 seconds. Maybe if the Hokies had boxed out ONE time, maybe if we started covering Noreen before he shot the lights out on us. Maybe if Jarell Eddie had played a little smarter and not gotten four fouls and covered Staten going to the basket on their game winning shot. So many ifs and maybes, but when it came down to it, I think WVU simply wanted it more. Does not make them then better team at all. They just played better on that day. I guarantee you that if Tech happens to play them again in a post season tournament, Tech will win. Every team has an off game. We were bound to lose at some point. We're not going to go undefeated and this loss wasn't really a bad one. WVU is well coached and had the home court advantage.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

Actually, I think I have slightly raised mine

I was really expecting us to be a cellar-dweller this year in the ACC, but this team is alot more capable of winning games than I previously thought.

We may end up finishing in the bottom half of the ACC, but I think we'll be closer to the middle than the bottom.

Better and better

Considering we were picked to finish like 9th in the ACC I think we look awesome. If we end up in the top 6 of the ACC it's an improvement and I could see us getting up to 4th or 5th if the ball bounces in more often than in yesterday's game. Lots of positives! I hope we can see some good recruits come our way if we keep this up.

No, if anything my expectations have been firmed up even more. I expect us to be competitive in ACC play, and on the bubble (having a nice win like Oklahoma State already on the resume makes me feel good about our chances early). We almost won that. Our second best player, Eddie, who might be as important as anyone on the floor sat because of fouls, and WVU hit three after three. The team never quit, they didn't hang their heads, and they didn't let the game spiral out of control early. It's a new welcomed attitude.

We still need to figure out how to score with Green and Eddie are on the bench, but I think we'll get better at that.

Winning on the road is tough.

The games at BYU, then at Maryland will be an early indicator for how our season will play out.

I agree. The Maryland game should be one of the better barometers of our season... Looking at the ACC right now, I think our only challenges come in the forms of Duke, UNC, NC State, and Maryland... maybe Miami. We could end up doing a lot better than .500 in conference IMO, maybe even a 75% winning percentage.

But I'm always overly optimistic.

Just want to go for .500 in conference

To me that would be huge successful.