2014 Target Board



pretty sure Brown

is a DT prospect and has a shit ton of verbal offers. read that he blew it up at some combine in Jan.

read a good write-up the other day on 2014 VA athletes. It will be a great class from the state. Brown looks to be a top 25 player in the country, likely a 5-star, and I've heard some comparing him to Suh. Apparently, Blanding and Hand are both sick too. All three look to be top 100 players.

Word is that Brown is looking to state in-state also but that could definitely change.

Here's the write-up.


2014 Updates

ATH Elijah Wood holds a VT offer and can be added to the list.

OL Ricky Walker also holds a VT offer and can be added to the list. His brother plays for UVA.

Javon Harrison and Xavier Burke are VT commits.

247Sports has their Top247 for 2014


Ranked guys listed above:

1. Da'Shawn Hand
2. Andrew Brown
6. Quin Blanding
13. Damian Prince
20. Jalen Tabor
30. Caleb Henderson
33. Jalyn Holmes
53. William Crest
66. Donell Stanley
87. Derrell Scott
93. Jamil Kamara
96. Elijah Hood
109. Todd Kelly Jr
141. Wesley Green
171. D'Andre Payne
181. K.C. Crosby
224. Steven Moss
230. Vincent Mihota

They just updated it today (2/11)

1. Da'Shawn Hand
4. Andrew Brown
7. Quin Blanding
11. Damian Prince
22. Jalen Tabor
32. Caleb Henderson
39. Jalyn Holmes
51. Bentley Spain
61. David Cornwell
74. Donell Stanley
77. Todd Kelly Jr
91. Derrell Scott
96. Jamil Kamara
97. Christian Miller
106. Elijah Hood
123. Jacob Park
138. Wesley Green
151. William Crest
194. D'Andre Payne
214. Dillon Bates
232. Marshawn Williams
235. Derrick Nnadi
244. Steven Moss

Thanks Guys

Now that the season has kicked in gear, I've definitely gotten a little behind on this. I will update them. Any sort of help from y'all, like above is most appreciated.

and Elijah Hood

Yup, someone had already posted that awhile back though.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

People starting threads like this one http://www.thekeyplay.com/content/2013/january/22/loeffler-already-recru... is extremely helpful and very much appreciated by me, and I'm assuming the rest of the community since we all take the time to discuss it.

I redid the table above. It's now an embedded spreadsheet that I can update much easier than the HTML table I previously used. If someone sees an article, Tweet, etc... about a new offer, finalist announcement, commitment, etc... I can link it in the table above. Please use publicly available information. If you subscribe to a premium site, please don't just copy and paste an entire article that sits behind a paywall.

Didn't think this was worth starting it's on topic for...

...but Da'Shawn Hand is Rivals Junior of the Year:


Right now his top 5 are Virginia Tech, Alabama, Michigan, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I have a hard time believing the Carolina schools have a better shot than us. I think his final three will be Virginia Tech, Alabama, and Michigan. Let's hope he can make a Spring Game visit.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Absolutely critical to the future of the program to get three out of the following six: Hand, Brown, Taylor, Nndai, Holmes, and Moss.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I think it now boils down to Alabama, Florida, and Virginia Tech. Lets hope conference affiliation doesn't matter much to him.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Alabama Academically?

Does anyone know how Alabama is Academically? Hand has acted very serious about getting into a really good academic program. At VT he would likely enter the engineering school. Maybe its the stereotypes of their fan base but I don't see Alabama being a great academic school. I know Michigan, Florida, and VT are all top 15 - 20 Engineering schools depending on who you ask.

Now that I say that, don't really know much about South Carolina either. Anyone have any insight?

Alabama is nothing special. Not abysmal or anything but its not going to be a selling point like the other schools.

My old boss' kid just got a full scholarship to Bama's engineering program last year. He chose Bama over RIT, but that's about all I know about it. Plus, he is/was a total blowhard who thinks his kids are God's gift, so...all the more reason to #BeatBama


I have a few friends at Alabama, and it ain't exactly Harvard. South Carolina has one of the best history programs in the country, but if he's serious about trying to be an engineer, he won't be playing in the SEC.

it's obvious that academics isn't his only concern. i don't think he ends up at alabama though (just a hunch) ... he seems to have a real connection with:

a) bud foster
b) the dline coach at USC-e (who WAS the dline coach at UNC) and idolizes Clowney
c) the michigan coaching staff, as a whole

that being said, i think his final three end up being VT, USC-E, and Michigan

I agree

Definitely us and Michigan. I was thinking SCAR but if he really is serious about academics he would replace SCAR with UF (since he wants to do engineering).

Engineering programs.

I heard it mentioned Hand is interested in Civil. If that's the case we're in good shape. I graduated from VT in civil and there aren't many better programs that offer D1 football. Michigan is one of the few unfortunately that has a program as good or better than tech. Let's hope he wants to stay in state.

SC Engineering... Fail- HS kid I know who went to SC for engineering reported that the program is very limited.

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i think

we get three of them ... hand, holmes, and moss

As excited as I am about the 2013 class, I think the 2014 could turn into the best Tech has ever gotten. Look at who Tech's already signed (two four stars, two solid three stars). They've already got half as many four stars for the 2014 class as they did this year!

Plus, Tech's currently in the running with a couple of five stars. Add in the new staff and there recruiting reputation (not to mention the short-term but positive impact staff changes normally has on recruiting) and this could very well be a landmark class.

Really excited with the current trajectory of the football program.

Where you goin with that gun in your hand?

Hey Joe,

Not sure if there is room on the spreadsheet, but do you think it'd be possible to add a caliber column? The header could be "Rivals/247/ESPN" and in the field it would be something like "****/*****/***" (because ESPN doesn't know shit).

I think it'd help those who don't follow recruiting that closely to see which recruiting battles to really pay attention to.

Having the star rating on this spread sheet would be cool.

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Fwiw...It's been verified that Caleb Kinlaw doesnt have an offer .... If u add stars, don't bother with espn imo

So Jacob Park is from Goose Creek, SC

same as Kinlaw, but different HS's.

We've also offered a highly rated TE out of Kinlaw's HS.

Trust me .. He doesn't have an offer

Straight from the horse's mouth

Yeah, I debated on whether to include them in my post. The commercials for ESPN Insider/Recruiting Nation crack me up. Worst recruiting site ever (I only have access because I have an ESPN Mag subscription).

Some Updates

Finished my physics homework early tonight...

  • Tony Pittman is verbal to Marshall as of 1/28/13
  • D'Andre Payne has an offer from VT.
  • Melvin Keihn also has an offer from VT.
  • Zack Darlington has an offer.

Payne and Keihn's primary recruiter is Moorehead, and Darlington's (QB) is Loeffler. These guys are already getting after these 2014 recruits.

That's all for now. I'm sure I could dig a little deeper but I don't want to bombard Joe with a ton of stuff at once.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I added them to the list. I don't want the spreadsheet above to just be a duplication of the target lists on premium recruiting sites. Adding information from free sources (local newspapers) helps drive the conversation too.

Zack Darlington

Nebraska might have an inside track with him: http://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/topic/63426-qb-zack-darlington/

Also, he seems like a tough kid: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-12-15/sports/os-hs-apopka-repor...

D'Andre Payne

Payne, who is 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, posted a 40-yard dash time of 4.58 as a freshman and saw the playing field for the Warriors, scoring at least two touchdowns. "He's only going to get bigger, faster and stronger," said H.D. Woodson assistant coach Wayne Johnson, who coordinates the team's college recruiting.

Through 10 games this season, Payne has run for two touchdowns, caught six passes for 83 yards and one touchdown. On defense, the cornerback has made 13 tackles, intercepted three passes, and he’s also seen time returning punts and kickoffs.

"His football IQ is amazing.," Johnson said.


Melvin Keihn


Rivals has Darlington listed as a dual threat which intrigued me. Rivals lists Loeffler's targets Cornwell and Park as Pro-Style. I figured he wouldn't go after many dual-threat QB's.

D'Andre Payne seems like a stout corner. That WaPo article listed Good Counsel wanted him to play high school ball for them. Good Counsel has a great rep for sending players to BCS schools. Just something to think about.

Keihn wants to be an engineer. +1 for VT.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I feel like beating Bama could do great for us in the recruiting field. I'm tired of losing 4 and 5 star VA kids to bama. They need to fall off the face of the earth

Joe, something's off about this page

The sidebar on the right is gone, might be the embedded spreadsheet.

Sorry for getting off topic, everyone.

I disabled the sidebar on this page so the spreadsheet wouldn't be so constrained.

So I will preface this by saying I am excited about how thorough we are being about mining a larger footprint for talent at the moment and making sure we go after guys that we may not have traditionally targeted. Now I may be in the minority here on this sentiment, but despite all of these offers and visits we are reading and hearing about, I am a little fearful that we may end up over-extending ourselves this first year. As the staff tries to redefine and reformulate our recruiting territories and responsibilities with the inclusion of three new staff members, each with experience outside of our region, might we end up creating more difficulties feasibly maintaining contact (both virtually and in person) with these recruits to the point where we come across as less serious? Maybe serious is not the right word, but there is something to be said given the in-state talent this year for making sure that you really focus on a specific core group of guys and make them feel wanted and like they are the #1 target at their position (similar to what we heard was going on in Bucky's recruitment). These guys like to be shown the love; I just hope theres enough love to go around.


Very valid point. I think as long as beamer lets Stiney and Shane concentrate solely on VA, especially the 757, we should be OK. These are unquestionably our two top returning recruiters, and since they have more experience in VA, they should be more equipped to take on a larger role within the state. However, I did read somewhere that Beamer was going into the Carolina's with Loefler and is also Hood's lead recruiter, which is somewhat worrisome. If I'm Frank, I tell Shane and Stiney to focus solely on va, mainly Richmond and the 757, and then I would put Mooreehead in NOVA since he lacks any recruiting experience and doesn't have a pre-determined "region" where he recruits best.

Sign em up!

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From Briar Woods High School in Ashburn

QB Trace McSorley reportedly picked up a VT offer as well as one from UNC and UNC-Charlotte. According to Yahoo!, his primary recruiter is Bud Foster.

Also for 2015, WR/DB/KR Brandon Polk has received a VT offer (see first link).

Briar Woods has won three consecutive AA Division 4 State Championships and 29 straight games overall. McSorley has started at quarterback since he was a freshman, winning all three titles.

It's a Miracle in Blacksburg...TYROD DID IT MIKEY!!! TYROD DID IT!!!

2014 QB Commit Soon

So the options are Darlington, Park, Cornwell, Henderson, McMillan, and Crest according to our list above. I would wager that it's either Park or Cornwell. Wouldn't mind seeing either of those guys, but I think Cornwell is a better option.

cornwell is releasing his top 5 tonight

Beamer referencing Park?

“I really want to go to Virginia Tech so I hope they offer me soon. I have family around there, I grew up around there and I always thought about going there. If they offered I would most likely go there because they are my favorite.” - TKP: Hokie_x3_Hi

Bet on Park

Its not going to be Cornwell. That kid is going to ride it out. I see him choosing bama sometime next season. He tweeted pics of a bama shirt

He also tweeted several pictures from inside the Big House so don't go off of a shirt. When recruits go on visits, they tend to get or buy apparel to enhance their experience. Same way most kids do when they visit a college

He is also upset at Michigan now because they already signed a 2014 Qb. It'll be bama in the end

He was high on Loeffler and wants that #beachflow that we apparently have at Tech. Plus, having Chung (an old teammate of his) as a connection and probably working to recruit him works in our favor.

I hope you're right. Let's not tell him how far away the coast is. Wonder if Claytor Lake will pass for the beach?

Let's turn the indoor practice facility into a water park with a beach.

A dorm neighbor

once did that in his room in Vawter for a party (I think it was around this time of year, in fact)....replete with a palm tree (borrowed from my room) and sand (yeah, it was messy).

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

What happend to

the New River beach?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I have fond memories of Slusher Beach.

Is that still a thing?

Very much so. And with all the additions of dorms, there are new beaches as well.


Just throw some sand on the drillfield!

That Jacob Park kid reminds me of Kellen Moore

Both him and David Cornwell seem like very good QB's. Man I remember when we'd only have a shot of landing these kids if they were form Virginia. I also remember being really high on Sean Glennon when we got him too. So we'll see.

3rd and 10=QB sneak

Glennon might have been better

if he had proper tutelage. But his QB coach for his last 3 years was Mike O'Cain.

And he was protected by a Curt Newsome o-line. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Sometimes I wonder if Mike is really that much better than Sean. Mike is getting all of the draft hype, but part of it is because he didn't spend his college career running for his life.

To be fair, Glennon didn't spend a lot of time running.

Mostly getting hit on a blindside blitz he never saw coming.

To be fair....

Glennon often saw blitzes coming and failed to do anything about it as well.

Yes, he saw/sensed pressure and before it had even gotten to him he would cower and go into the fetal position rather than try and fight through/out of it. It was demoralizing...

True. Very true

Park's high school O-line looks terrible. So at least he's used to playing behind an awful O-line. That's if we don't fix that problem.

3rd and 10=QB sneak

I'm glad to see Loeffler changing the

VT QB model.

I thought Sean Glennon was a key litmus test. Our opportunity to throw off the crutches of the mobile QB (think Mary Lou Retton as Tiny Tim in Scrooged!).

But, alas, the OL (and Sean himself) kept that from happening.

What's wrong with a mobile QB? If he's used properly, he can be a real weapon. So long as he's coached properly and can make all the throws, I see no reason to limit the offense with a pocket passer instead of a scrambler.

It isn't that we don't want a mobile QB

It's just that good mobile quarterbacks generally aren't as accurate as pure pocket passers. Ever since Vick, some have said that we have relied on the "gimmick" of having a mobile quarterback to be successful.

For a very long time....

the VT offense was all go routes and QB scrambles. And it was effective, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. We failed to develop a big boy passing scheme, or execute it. So, what do you do? You let Tyrod run around instead of coaching Glennon to burn the blitz with his arm.

It's nice to have a QB who is mobile enough to escape pressure. It's better to have a QB who can't be pressured because is coached to burn a blitz.

Why not both?

In a perfect world, where the mobility of the QB

..is part of the attack, it's great. Ask Colin Kapernick or RG3. Or LT in 2011.

but when nothing else is working and you are banging your QB's head against UVA's DL all day, it's not really a "mobile QB" offense as much as it is survival of the fittest.

But part of the last few years was that our Offensive coaches were at the end of their rope. Demoralized and lacking vision. It will be exciting to see how Loeffler uses the mobile QB's we have.

But it sure as hell wouldn't bother me to find some pocket passers who can burn a blitz like a great point guard burns a press.

This makes me want him even if he wasn't a highly touted recruit.

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Sorry for the thread jack, but pictures put some paint on our virtual walls.

Jacob Park is the real deal. I found these highlights from his Junior Year. He looks very good. I was most impressed by his release, throwing motion, and accuracy - - he has a very, very quick release, a compact throwing motion, and he was very accurate on many different types of routes, including deep balls where he demonstrated excellent arm strength. He also is exceptional at throwing on the run - - he maintains his throwing motion and accuracy while scrambling, which is unusual for a high schooler who typically have a tendency to try and crank their body into it.

On several occasions, he looked off DBs and went through several reads before throwing the ball - again, very impressive for a high schooler.

His HS offensive is a pro-style, including I and spread stuff. Sound familiar?

Although I guess he's been labeled as a pocket / pro-style kind of guy, he is athletic enough to run some read option. On one play, he lowered his shoulder and delivered a big hit before going out of bounds on what looked to be a pretty physical / large safety.

His high school tape, from a quarterback / passer perspective, is better than that of Carlis and Bucky.

Needless to say, I'm excited and hoping that Loefler can real him in.

At the 6:36 mark, look at him look and pump to the left, come back to the far right, and then throw to the middle of the field...while on the move.

Thanks for posting. Prior to this I could only find his early years highlights.

About 20 seconds in, I thought to myself, "Well the long ball shouldn't be a problem." I like that he has some mobility because Loeffler indicated he would like a qb that can run some. Also, whenever he's scrambling, his eyes are always down the field, that's impressive for a high schooler. And I love the play when he lowers his shoulder and gives the boom to that defender on the sideline.

I just hope he's smart and tough.


Granted, he is more of a pure QB than a scrambler, but I think I would define him as "Balanced." Because he doesn't really run unless he's pressured, but when he does he has way more moves than a "Pocket-Passer" would have in the open field.

Also, most of his throws in this highlight video are on the run, which reminded me of the line in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (sorry, couldn't find the clip) where he's demonstrating how good he can shoot with a pistol and asks "Can I move?" The guy he's going to show his skill to says quizzically, "Move???" And then Sundance drops to a crouch and fires four or five shots directly into the target. When done, he turns to the guy and says matter-of-factly, "I'm better when I move."

Kid can play. No doubt.

Would be excited to have him on campus.

Kid can play. No doubt. Would

Kid can play. No doubt.

Would be excited to have him on campus.

From the two videos, the biggest differences between Cornwell and Park that I noticed are:
1. Park is more mobile and can throw on the run and be fairly accurate without setting his feet. Cornwell can move, but like Logan, is not too shifty, and he needs to set his feet before throwing.
2. Cornwell has a stronger arm, and in the video showed the ability to fit the ball in tight spots. Park has a good arm and can launch it downfield, but I didn't see the same zip on intermediate routes.

Which is better? Both are pretty freaking good, but I like Park because of his ability to throw on the run and quick release. Either way, signing one would pretty much guarantee a future star QB for Leoffler with Bucky already on board.

🦃 🦃 🦃

I agree regarding arm strength

My biggest concern based on Park's highlight reel is arm strength and his ability to throw the 10-yard out pattern. He throws some nice deep balls, appears to have good touch and hits guys in stride for the most part. Nonetheless, there are some throws where I initially thought, "Oh, why did he put so much air under that one rather than zip it in?" By the time I finished the film I realized that might have been him zipping it. Tough to tell on film, regardless. Love his ability to throw on the run, that's a difficult thing to coach.


Who do we realistically have a chance in the 2014 class? Is a top 10 class something not out of reach?


Just keep in mind....

...that this time last year, we felt really good about Derrick Green, Matt Rolin, Tim Harris and DeSean Hamilton and felt we had a legitimate shot at Peter Kalambayi, Jonathan Allen and E.J. Levenberry.

You always feel really good in Februrary and March, when you have all these offers out to the top players and they haven't eliminated you yet.

That said, the top VA talent is very top this year. Even 2 of the VA top 5, as we usually get, will make this class rank higher than we normally do. We have four 5* commits...ever! and we should get one, probably two and an outside shot at 3 or 4.

We also are sending Loeffler and Grimes out wider than normal to position-recruit. That should yield a few more good players as well.

Rivals 100 Targets

The guys we are after who made the recently released Rivals100:

1. Da'Shawn Hand, DE
6. Andrew Brown, DT
12. Elijah Hood, ATH
14. Kentavious Street, DE
27. Jalen Tabor, DB
30. Jalyn Holmes, DE
31. Damian Prince, OL
34. Donell Stanley, OL
37. Derrick Nnadi, DT
58. Dillon Bates, LB
63. David Cornwell, QB
65. Caleb Henderson, QB
85. Andrew Williams, DE
86. Bentley Spain, OL
89. Steven Moss, OL
91. Christian Miller, LB

Anyone know our chances with Street? Slim?

very good

we're probably in his top 3 right now ... very good

Looks like he

is favoring FSU now. I know his dad played there and he grew up a FSU fan, but it would be awesome if we could get him on campus and possibly change his mind.

Source: http://gamedayr.com/gamedayr/kentavious-street-florida-state-recruit/

“I’ve been waiting on this offer (from Florida State) my whole life, so all the hard work is paying off,” Street told Michael Langston of Warchant.com. “I grew up watching (FSU) personally. They were my favorite team growing up. In my area, it’s either Georgia fans or Florida State fans and that’s how we are. I know all the traditions, the Warchant, the horse, the spear, everything.

“They are my number one school now. I’ve been waiting so long for this so to have it is unreal.”

Looks like its all but over now.

Quick Comments on Cromwell and Park

Positives- Big time zip on his ball. He has a big arm. Good timing (clock in his head) for when to release, and is decisive. Seems to see the field well. Big kid. Likes to initiate contact when running.

Negatives or can't determine based on film- Lumbering feet, and everything is from the shotgun. Loeffler doesn't use the shotgun as a base set. Can he get away from center. Also, all the throws are up the seem. Can he throw the out (he has the arm, but does he have the mechanics? Not saying that he doesn't, but the film doesn't show him making those timing comeback or out routes, except when rolling into the boundary (which is an easier throw.) He also tends to short arm his follow through against pressure in his face.

Positives- Complete command on the field. His teammates know he is the boss. Confident player. Very athletic and retains downfield vision and good mechanics when throwing on the run. Nice touch on deep passes from the pocket. Quick feet from the shotgun.

Negatives or can't determine on film- Again, all throws to the middle of the field except for deep balls. Need to see the timing curls and deep outs to get a true indicator of arm strength and timing. Playing behind a bad HS OL may make him bail on plays too quickly before going through reads. Loses a ton of steam on throws when rolling to his right.

Both QB's have better arms than Bucky Hodges. At the same time, based on what little I have seen, Hodges played against a much better level of competition.

It is a nice problem to have. I defintely would like to see VT have 4 potential starting QB's on scholarship rather than one guy who, if he busts, means you have nothing, and 3 clipboard holders (which has been the case since Tyrod and Glennon were both on the roster.) All three are more polished than Logan was when he took his first practice snaps at Virginia Tech at QB.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

247 lists Gray as his recruiter, I wonder if Tech has him pegged as a defensive back.

He looked good as a safety on the junior highlights

think he probably ends up at DB

that's just gray's area (northern va)

i could see him moving to a slot/possession receiver ... he's got some wheels and a good arm but probably a little too short to play QB at the big-boy table (both VT and UNC offered him as an athlete)

I'd rather him be recruited as a DB. We signed basically 4 QB's in 2013 (two walk-ons) and already have 3 (maybe more) targeted in 2014.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I disagree ... We're loaded at DB for 2013 ... We have many more misses at WR so I'd rather give him a shot there first ... Looks like he plays QB and Safety at Briar Woods

Yeah, I know there was some optimism there....

but this kid was always ND or UNC.

Brandon Polk is a 2015

Wanted to point out that he shouldn't be on this target board, guessing its too early to start the 2015 target board

vincent mihota got downgraded to a 3 star...damn

"were not gonna back down from anybody" - shane beamer

He doesn't have the offers to support something higher

and offers are the only quantifiable way to populate the rating systems. Catch-22 for early commits.

oh ok gotcha, thanks for the assist!

"were not gonna back down from anybody" - shane beamer

for Mihota's ranking to rise....

...he needs to be pursued by one of the big boys. Holland Fisher is a great example for last year, he took our offer early and committed. Then he went to camps and wowed everyone, most importantly, Bama. So Bama offered and pursued him and the combination of a Bama pursuit + VT offer/Commit + Camp success pushed his ranking higher and higher.

Still, if Fisher hadn't committed to us early and went to camps and wowed everyone and literally had an offer from everyone in the country, he would have been a 5 star instead of a 4 star.

But offers matter. A lot. And I would be fine if Mihota doesn't get any more.

This will

dovetail nicely with the worn-out narrative of 'VT takes underrated guys and develops them into big-time talent'... In some cases, it would seem, we offer early, they commit early, other schools don't bother wasting the resources to try to sway the kid, and voila! Mid-level three start ranking on a high-end 4 star athletic frame. All based on a lack of offers based on something other than the kid's potential. Don't know how often this is the case, but cds7c's comments made me think of this possibility as one explanation for our 'talent development' skills.

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Looking forward to Dashawn Hand committing to VT and then promptly dropping to a four star and 54th overall


Let him drop! As long as we land him Hokie Nation should care less. Then our competition will look over him. Then he can crush some Quarterbacks.

heard from virginiatechfan.com that bama offered vincent mihota today...getting real freakin tired of them tryin to poach our guys heres hoping he stays strongly committed to us

"were not gonna back down from anybody" - shane beamer

that just means he's the shit!

Now he'll shoot up to a 5 star!

Even after the offer, he's staying a Hokie

This is from a local paper near me (and Mihota):

A scholarship offer from a national powerhouse hasn’t swayed Massaponax junior football standout Vinny Mihota.

The Panthers’ defensive lineman orally committed to Virginia Tech—the first school to offer him a scholarship—last spring as a sophomore.

But since then other schools around the country have taken notice.

And recently Alabama extended a scholarship offer to Mihota (6-foot-4, 240 pounds).

“It’s an honor, but I’m still going to stay loyal to Tech,” Mihota said. “It was pretty cool to get an offer from them and to meet [Alabama head coach Nick Saban] and all that, but I’ve got to stay with Tech.”

The Crimson Tide are the two-time defending national champions. Saban has guided them to three national titles in the past four years.

Still, Mihota said the only way he would back out of his commitment is if Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer or defensive coordinator Bud Foster departed.

Mihota said he doesn’t second-guess his early commitment even though he likely would’ve had a long list of suitors to choose from.

“I knew when I committed to Tech that’s where I wanted to go,” Mihota said. “I don’t regret that decision at all.”

Mihota said he is considering enrolling in Virginia Tech early. He will have enough high school credits to depart Massaponax ahead of schedule and enroll in Virginia Tech next January. If he does so, he would be able to participate in 2014 spring practice with the Hokies.

“I would do that just to get acclimated to the whole process,” Mihota said, “and maybe play my freshman year instead of sitting on the bench.”

Saban, take a big step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!

It's all about The VPISU
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This shows me that he is very mature young man and is going to stay true to his word! DON"T SEE THAT OFTEN!

-We can probably maroon out Marshawn Williams again. Based on recent reports, sounds like he's back.
-Add a maroon row for Kalen McCain.
-carolina blue for Caleb Henderson
Hopefully more updates after this weekend!

EDIT: Joe, maybe you can add a recruiting tab to the top and keep the target boards stored there. Easier and more accessible than searching for it everytime.

It's sticky'd to the top of the recruiting forum.

gotcha, I see it now. I'll remember that moving forward.

hood commits to unc

"were not gonna back down from anybody" - shane beamer

he committed to Notre dame

whoops sorry about that my bad

"were not gonna back down from anybody" - shane beamer

UNC, UND... they all suck.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

"Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?"