Linebacker Telvion Clark Arrested, Dismissed From Team

Update: Per a Virginia Tech release, he's been dismissed from the team.

Virginia Tech head football coach Frank Beamer announced Tuesday that linebacker Telvion Clark (r-Jr., Norfolk, Va.) has been dismissed from the team for violations of team policies. In making this announcement, Beamer said there will be no further comment on the situation.

So with Edwards out because of injury, it looks like it's Chase Williams' time to shine at backer during spring.

The original post follows below.

Over the weekend I was tipped that linebacker Telvion Clark had been arrested outside of TOTS late Saturday night.

Today I found confirmation of the charge, Public Swearing/Intoxication, which is a class 4 misdemeanor in Virginia. His hearing is scheduled for 5/3/12.

Clark has gotten most of his significant playing time on special teams, while working in as a backup at Mike and most recently backer. If you remember, he practiced very well last August at backer while Tariq Edwards was injured. He even earned temporary possession of the Lunch Pail. With Edwards out for spring, he would have an opportunity to shine again.

Clark was one of the six players sent home a couple of days prior to the 2011 Orange Bowl for violating the team's New Year's Eve curfew.

If the charge sticks as a misdemeanor, and Clark is convicted, then I believe Jim Weaver would then review the case and hand out whatever punishment he sees fit. As with all student arrests occurring in the area, Clark's arrest will be reported to VT's Office of Student Conduct who may also take disciplinary action.

I emailed SID Dave Smith for a comment, but as of this time haven't heard back. I will update this post if I do.



Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Bracket Pool

Is Telvion in the Bracket Challenge? If he wins, do you think he will request a smaller bottle of bourbon to that will fit in the Lunch Pail? I don't remember all the times I have left TOTS but I can almost guarantee you I did some swearing as I exited and I was occasionally (ok, every time) inebriated. I dare even Mitt Romney to have 1+ Rails and not drop an FBomb.

Things I have done leaving from TOTS

1. Cursed
2. Walked out intoxicated.
3. Walked out intoxicated while drinking a beer on my way home.
4. Never fell down the stairs though.

Legally it's not a huge deal, and I think most of us have done stupid things in college as the result of too much fun. If anything it speaks more about where his head is at with respect to his football career. We need to be able to count on him this spring and fall.

only traffic

3 of them.

If not the law then CFB

As stated above: "Clark was one of the six players sent home a couple of days prior to the 2011 Orange Bowl for violating the team's New Year's Eve curfew."

#Let's Go - Hokies


Had high hopes for TC57. Adios, man.

So that leaves Chase Williams, huh?

What about Trey Edmunds? Could he play over there?

Row Z forever.

Staff seemed high on Edmunds potential at RB, but may not have a choice now

dont forget

don't forget jack tyler...with tariq's his show to steal..

February..'96...the steak: ribeye, the whiskey:Lagavulin 16, the lady next to me: a bit**.....


there is tyler and then williams

the backer and mike depth chart is going to look interesting

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Plug and Play

Rotate Tyler, Laiti, and Williams at both positions and see where they stick. It's going to be fun to watch Edmunds (who will probably by working at TB too) and Clark come August.

I can't imagine...

that Clark didn't have a couple of strikes against him prior to St. Patty's Day. I surely don't believe that if Logan Thomas had dropped an F-bomb coming out of TOTS tipsy style, that he would be kicked off the team.

Leonard. Duh.

life isn't the same for every guy

some guys come in and put in work early and keep grinding. others take awhile and get strikes against them along the way.

i get what you are saying, i always think about marcus, but only a few people know all of the details, beamer and clark for certain, everyone else is going on he said stuff. i don't know everything, but i know he was talented, well liked, a bit immature, 3 traffic violations, missed curfew at the orange bowl and been in bud's doghouse a bit.

that doesn't mean he isn't a good guy, but it may mean he needs to get his shit together completely. most of us have had that talk or realization we aren't 18 anymore. more times than not we didn't like it or refused to believe, but looking back most of those times were spot on. we alls grows up sometime.

if gone from tech, i hope to see him at odu, kicking ass.

He will end up at JMU

The home for wayward VT athletes.

from norfolk

odu is passing jmu, because 3rd tier 757 athletes are staying home.

A lot of Backer News

Edwards' surgery. Clark's dismissal. Chase's dad suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Hmm, with all of Gregg's free time, I wonder if he will be around for practices to help out when needed. Getting the sleds ready. Running the players through drills. Mixing in some new blitz schemes...

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