Hokie Tracks Don't Want to Share Bowl Revenues Equally

An uneven split of bowl (and NCAA tournament) revenues would be a fair compromise among the "football" and "basketball" ACC schools. Teel crunched the numbers and the top three earners since 2004 are: 1) Virginia Tech $83.4M 2) Clemson $33.7M 3) FSU $29.3M. I think it's bad business to chop up the television dollars, but post-season money is fair game. Each team gets a percentage of their payout, the rest goes into a pot to split. It's an incentive to get better at football and basketball too.

Blue-chip corner Kendall Fuller Tweeted his top four schools.

I think Virginia Tech and Clemson will be his number one and two choices when it's all said and done. His teammate Dorian O'Daniel is a Clemson commit.

"It's in my pants... under my crotch," Watkins replied. Here are the full details of Sammy Watkins arrest. As of yet, he hasn't received any sort of punishment from Dabo Swinney.

Project X. The SEC Network is coming. According to Ole Miss AD Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork, "will be every bit as big as the Big Ten Network." The SEC already has the championships, and the newly minted premier bowl. Once its network launches, and new contracts with ESPN and CBS are finalized, the SEC will once again be top dog in television dollars. Will they leave any money on the table?

Conference courtship, where the middlemen get to go on all the dates.

Andy Haggard the FSU BOT who first gave credibility to the FSU wanting to leave the ACC reiterated the point, "We have not heard a thing and we have not approached them and they have not approached us."

Blacksburg sunrise, just because.


$86 Million!?!

just wow. i mean if we had stayed in the least and had the same run we would've pocketed that dough right?

just sayin

frank and bud:

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

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Maybe it'll happen soon, maybe not. All is quite on the front. But there seems to be a lot of chatter behind closed doors.

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