Q&A with Eagle in Atlanta

This week I exchanged questions with Bill Maloney, the founder of Eagle in Atlanta. We talked about Coach Spaz, Chase Rettig, the rebuilding job at BC and the chance the Eagles could "steal" this one. My answers to his questions are up on his site too.

Here's to hoping the Eagles are as poor as Bill says.

TKP: So if there's one thing that makes me feel better about this Tech season it is that they are not the worst team in the ACC. Insert your Eagles. They're 2-8 and have only beaten Maine and a Maryland team playing a linebacker at quarterback. Is this going to be it for Frank Spazizani?

ATL: Spaz is done. While that is still speculation on my part, I think the moves BC has made (replacing our AD) and not commenting on Spaz's future indicate that this is all nearing an end. Even a strong finish won't be enough. The program is suffering on the field and in the stands. We need a new face and a new leader.

TKP: That being said, what does the future look like for this Eagles team? Are there any signs for a positive future?

ATL: The future is unknown at this point because we have no idea who will be the next head coach. Whoever takes over is going to have a big rebuilding job. This team has underachieved but it is not stocked with NFL talent. But assuming BC hires a moderately compentent coach whose systems translate to our current roster, I think BC could win six or seven games next year. 2014 should be a drop off again based on the roster, but any coach worth his salt should have things on an upswing by 2015.

TKP: If there is one thing that I know about BC, it is that Chase Rettig can throw the ball. Does the Eagles offensive success rely on Rettig? If so, what will they need to do to get him going?

ATL: Rettig is carrying this team as much as a 2-8 team can be considered "carried." We don't run the ball well and the blocking is inconsistent at best. The biggest issue to keep Chase going is giving him time to throw, not dropping passes (a issue all season) and converting in the redzone.

TKP: What has been the story of the BC defense this season? How should the Hokies attack them to be successful on Saturday?

ATL: The defense is a shell of its former self. If the Hokies can run and manage third downs well, BC won't be able to stop them. We have the worst third down defense in the conference.

The decline is about scheme and injuries and talent. I am sure it frustrates Spaz since he built his repuation at BC on the defensive side of the ball.

TKP: In your opinion, what will the Hokies have to do to have the best chance of beating BC?

ATL: Contain Rettig and Alex Amidon. On offense, you just need to get to 20 points. That's a number BC has barely approached of late.

TKP: ON a scale of 1-10, how confident are you in BC's chances this game?

ATL: By the end of the week I start talking myself into a BC victory. I've been claiming all year that BC will steal a game this season. There is enough talent at enough positions for it to happen. Given Virginia Tech's inconsistencies, I could see the Hokies stumbling against us. If I had to give it a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being 'bet the house on BC'), I would say about a 4.

TKP: Last question, what is your score predication for Saturday?

ATL: BC 14, Virginia Tech 17



Nah, but I think Tech gets it done by two TDs. Let's beat UVA and hopefully go bowling. BTW, Phoebus beat BC by 44 points in a summer scrimmage.

"I oughta punch a UVA fan right in the neck" -Colin Cowherd

"If the Hokies can run and manage third downs well..."

"...BC won't be able to stop them."

Well, Crap.