French's Boston College film review will be posted at the beginning of the week. My quick thoughts powered by beer, the defense ceded more to Eagles on the ground than expected, but they pressured and sacked Rettig all afternoon. For the most part, the offense was stagnant, but scored enough points to leave Chestnut Hill with a win. Even though he gave up the touchdown, Exum held Alex Amidon to 2 receptions for 18 yards.

Boston College, and more importantly UVA, discusion goes here.




This got posted fast almost like you were waiting for the BC game to end

A new hope

So whats the over/under on us getting a noon kickoff?

I really really don't want another noon kickoff.

I'd say it's a good bet that we get a noon. The only reason we've gotten a 3:30 the last couple times is because we were (a) battling for the Coastal or (b) Tech was nationally ranked

Brace yourself ...

I think its safe to take the over. The only way this is an afternoon/evening game is if its a 5:30 game on ESPNU.

NO NOON KICKOFF, please!!!

3:30 or later!!

Hafta agree with all the no-nooner talk, seeing as OSU-Mich is already scheduled at noon. If they're both noon games, it'll be interesting juggling the games with my Mich alum friend. Maybe I can convince her to stay offline and DVR the Mich game while we watch VT?

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Thanks Frank!

It's a nooner

ESPN posted the times. We, my friends, have a nooner on our hands.

Go Hokies!

Not To Steal Your Thunder Just want to Embed the Vid

A new hope

Haha, just re-watched this movie for the billionth time the other day. Can't wait for Anchorman 2.

hat tip to HokieTapes for tonights entertainment

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How old is that?

That graphic looks older than I am.


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With that shit-tastic showing at BC this game screams disappointment. Fortunately it's at home so there's a better chance we show up.

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Yea since its at home we probably will... Yay for showing up 6 games a year!

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