Why not the Big 12?

So now the Big 12 is way behind since they are sitting at 10 teams. With the change to the NC format moving away from BCS they need to add teams to get a conference championship. They added TCU and WVU to get to 10 teams. With Maryland getting out could this open the door again for Clemsux and FSU to move on? If so I could see the BIG 12 poaching 2 more ACC teams to get to 14 like most other major conferences are going to. So why not take VT and NCST also? That would put 5 teams on the east coast and make their TV market grow into better markets plus help keep travel cost down since you would now have 4 games in an eastern division. The ACC will be hurting if they add another basketball school. The direction this conference is heading is not good for the Hokies at all anymore. The only Big East team I would add IF I HAD TO would be Louisville. There needs to be a stronger push for Notre Dame to join in football. That would almost make out conference relevant in football again. The new format allows for 4 teams to make the playoff. That means there would be reps from BIG 12, BIG 10, PAC 12, and SEC. Notre Dame could sneak in because they play football as an independent and I have seen plenty of commentators say that their football program would lose value being 100% tied into the ACC.

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Don't like it

The Big 12 has been known for some really good offense lately. Given VT's never that great offense, I would be worried.

If VT was in the Big 12 this year, They would be 2nd to last, only in front of Kansas. (IMO of course).


And Texas

Although the Big 12 will be better than a gutted ACC.

yeah ... no thx .. but if it were a last resort ..

this super conference thing is taking so many twists and turns .. it's hard to say how it will end up. word is that the b1g may be courting kansas and/or mizzou (i have a feeling that mizzou sticks around in the sec .. if the big12 loses kansas, i think that it will get VERY interesting and they could become very aggressive and proactive. it's a no-brainer with wvu that they'd like to gain an eastern presence. obviously, wvu would fit there and the numbers would be right to have an 8-team western division and an 8-team eastern division (they'd be down to 8 in the west and wvu in the east). pick up 7 teams in the east and you have 16. the big12 seems much less interested in academic rep ... i could see it panning out like this.

lonestar division - texas, tx tech, tcu, baylor
plains division - iowa state, kansas state, ou, okey lite
mid-east division - wvu
south-east divisio - clemson, fsu (they're a shoe-in if all hell breaks loose)

other possibles:
louisville, cincy, pitt, vt, uva .. hell even odu might have an outside shot
unc, georgia tech, unc, nc state, miami, usf, duke, wake

very doubtful that it turns out like this .. but you just never know