What kind of offense should be installed this spring?

What kind of offense should Virginia Tech install this spring? I'm in the favor of spread-option that takes advantage of LT3's ability to read and react, in addition to being a pedestrian pocket passer. What are your thoughts?

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could work

But i've always been a fan of the power offense. its safe and efficient and can wear down a defense. we could have a power offense with the spread option as like our change of pace plays

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Agreed. But we absolutely need to emphasize a great O-line to incorporate it.

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Unless thats a post from the current offense....then VT10, he was being sarcastic.

My ideal offense would be a combination of the two...

Similarly to what Auburn ran when they had Cam Newton at Qb. Auburn ran a whole lot of power running with fullback's alligned off the line in the backfield in addition to a running back while lining up Cam in Shotgun. It gives the oppurtunity for Logan to run the ball, or a running back, while still keeping the D honest on the outside.

Logan 3:16

Set up plays

It also sets up the play action pass and Knowles a burner on the outside. could easily have a play action dive with Knowles going on a deep route and Logan just lets it fly

Virginia Tech, the only school that actually eats its own mascot <3

That offense doesn't fit Bucky Hodges or Carlis Parker.

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You don't think

Bucky will be able to put on some weight and carry the ball a few times?

Logan 3:16

I believe he will be able to too. I live in VB so I went to a couple of his games this season and he's definitely a good athlete. He seems to be more agile than Logan too. If his athleticism is the issue French has, I don't see why. He'll def have to develop into a better passer but that's expected.

Paul Johnson for OC

Triple option baby!

I'm not serious, but really I'd be ok with just about any cohesive system as long as we don't half ass it. I think something like Auburn ran with Cam Newton would be great, but I'd be happy with a Wisconsin style power running game. Fuck it, even the triple option, if we commit

Half of the ACC (including us) now can beat the triple option on a routine basis.

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VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
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GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Not so fast my friend

We seem to be the only team in America that has constant trouble with stopping the triple option.

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See my film reviews and previews for why the Hokies have so much trouble with Georgia Tech. Their offense completely takes away Bud Foster's ability to have the defense slant and funnel running backs to the linebackers to make plays. Clemson's does the same thing.

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I understand that...

This is my point, how come byu and presyberian college can stop them but Foster cant? This is why we dont win the national title, because we dont adapt, foster does most of the time but he cant figure GTs offense, come on man, we are better than that and we need to start on the track to fixing this and and our offense or else we will always be middle of the pack and just on the outside of national greatness looking in.

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last i checked ... our defense had an inspired effort against georgia tech and you should probably look at the box score of their game with presbyterian before you claim that they stopped them .. look at their rushing totals game by game (the only team that had a better effort stopping their rush was byu and that includes georgia).

team played - total rushing yds - (yds per carry)
VT 192 (3.5)
presbyterian 469 (8.1)
uva 461 yds (9.2)
miami 287 yds (4.9)
middle tennessee 238 (4.5)
clemson 339 (7.4)
bc 391 (5.1)
byu 117 (3.3)
maryland 370 (6.6)
unc 380 (5.7)
duke 330 (4.6)
georgia 306 (4.6)

then, take into account that georgia tech allowed an average of 31 pts/game, 11 more than VT put up. that average takes into account 3 pts put up by a shit fcs team (presbyterian). drop that game and VT scored almost 2 TDs less than GT's defense gave up (on average). let's point fingers at the offense if you're gonna point them. did VT's defense have some bad games and give up some big plays? yup -- but not that game.

I was pointing at them

It was a general comment when I said that we have so much trouble stopping them, I know our defense has played great games against them and terrible games against them. Our offense has a hard time scoring against them most of the time. That was my argument, how come these lower tier teams can score and stop their offense and we seem to have trouble. Also i stand corrected on the presybyterian, i meant middel tenn. I just have trouble understanding it that is all i was stating. Gt has failed against alot of lower tier teams and they seem to always be a thorn in our side, even in win. With the exception of danny coale and boykin and logan tearing them up.

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I don't recall Logan having great read skills at all this year, especially in the passing game. Logan was locking onto his primary reads all year and throwing into double and triple coverage with guys open. Not to mention Logan seems to keep on almost every read option, but that can also be the product of a shaky line and young backs.

Doesn't have good vision either

whether it's down-field for a pass or finding the cut-back lane when running. He has hard time recognizing when the defense is in match-up zone or man. I really hope he gets good film work in this offseason.

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I want an offense that doesn't suck

That's all I ask for.

I want an offense that can protect the quarterback and open holes for the runners. Some imaginative play calling would be refreshing.


Beggars can't be choosers.

Therefore at this point I'll take ANYTHING. Just something that identifies Virginia Tech and one that is stuck to. No more of this pistol/spread/flustercuck/hand-it-off-and-hope-it-works junk. "Multiple" is not an offense.

But seriously, Tony Franklin. Joe got me on that band wagon and I'm not coming off.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I would settle for no more slow-developing, five-yards-deep handoffs which result in TFLs because the line cannot stand their ground.

Does this mean...

Does this mean we can rip the "QB Sneak out of the Shotgun" page out of the 4th and short section of the playbook?

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When was our offense best? When Ricky Bustle was OC. And guess who is in need of a job, since Southern Miss shitcanned their coaching staff? We need to get him and/or Tony Franklin to Blacksburg STAT.

the greatest oc ever!

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I'll take any offense

that doesn't use WR screens


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The problem with all these options is they require a running back and we don't have one.

What if i told you that we do have a rb? He just didnt play this year? There will be changes at rb this offseason i bet. The guy they keep comparing to kevin jones, how is he not on the field!

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Some version of the West Coast Spread

Would seem to fit the talent that we can recruit, and would give us the option to spread/air it out for quick points or use power running for ball control/clock management.

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An actual offense that actually works?



I'm with you. I don't care what it is as long as it works.

Wing-T? Wishbone?

Seriously, I don't care what system we use, as long as we use it to beat down, demoralize, and obliterate opposing defenses. I think any decision should go beyond LT3's capabilities, though. An offense performs up or down to the level of it's line play, a fact of which I'm sure we're all painfully aware.

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I'd love to see an offense installed this spring.

How about we go out and hire the oline coach and oc from Oregon? These dudes are killing it over the past couple seasons on offense, and its not like its far fetched from out style either, we have a mobile qb and so do they, they just create plays that work to their strengths and they RECRUIT the oline that can block for them and the players that work in their system.

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VT Would be a downgrade

Unless they're getting a Head Coaching position, there is no reason to leave one of the top teams in the country (within a better conference) for Virginia Tech. It's sad, but its a fact.

Logan 3:16


So many comments about the offense system!

Let me see if I can capture the gist of the majority of the comment - power offense, some sort of spread offense, and obviously better staff coaching the offense.

All of those are great philosophies, and there is no wrong answer. Georgia Tech, under Paul Johnson, has ranked consistently in the top five in rushing categories, and that is no surprise. While I don't care for the flexbone and wishbone offense, the way they execute it flawlessly is something to respect, even if they cut block 99% of the time.

A majority of you also mentioned the OL, which is arguably the worse unit that Tech have consistently fielded until last season, when with Logan Thomas behind center, they set records.

I think French touched on that topic in one of his film reviews. I agree that Stinespring and O'Cain made the mistake of adding more plays instead of building on the success of last season. The lack of a true feature running back with the committee approach have dampened the offense ability to generate drives on a consistent basis. French mentioned that Trey Edmunds sitting on the bench as a redshirt have harmed the bench. Why Scales wasn't used more often in short yard situation will never be explained, but Scales is a hell of a power option at a running back position.

Someone said that LT3 doesn't do a good job of reading, and I agree to a degree. I think when he has the time, he can be accurate and damned good, but when he feels pressured or rushed, it just screws him up.

I just hope that there will be change in the offense staff, but I am not entirely optimistic it will happen.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Clemson's Offense

Spread that's dependent on running the ball. I love the way they run screens, they do a tremendous job of blocking. I feel like it's a 'physical' version of the spread. Couldn't see Oregon's offense at tech, I could envision Clemson's though.

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I'm confused...

Could improving special teams to return kicks and blocked kicks for TD's be included in "Installing an Offense"?

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Oregon's offense

I would like to see an Oregon type offense but we need better O-line coaching to even think about something like that, we have the QB that can run such a system in LT3, also i believe if Coleman Bulked up a some more he could be like the Black Mamba with his speed. Then throw in Drew Harris for the power runs up the middle if hes eligible next season. Knowles as the deep threat, Coles as the possession with Josh Stanford or Joel Caleb in the slot. So for that to work we would need much better O-line play.


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I only saw 1 or 2 comments mentioning this guy. He is supposed to be a workhorse RB that should solve some of our problems

Yep, with Edmunds and Drew Harris

...you would think we could go all Stanford on it and do okay. I bet Beamer wouldn't mind that....

That's one of the reasons I'm somewhat hopeful for Fridge. He liked to run it between the tackles, with a bunch of creative PA off that run.

James Johnson

Come on, he's made our offense in basketball go from boring to awesome, I think he can do it in football too!

Rip his freaking head off!

I would love to see us trim the fat in the playbook and get rid of some of the plays we run that leave us looking at the tv like, "what was that?". Personally, I think there is good potential in LT3 ( but I have said that i am a big LT3 supporter in another thread, so I may be blinded by that.). I think he has all the tools to be a really good QB, I just don't think the coaches have reached him. It's kind of like school, you can have the most brilliant students and never teach them a thing because your way of teaching just doesn't reach them, or you can have the kids who slack off or constantly get in trouble come in your class and grasp everything better than most others because you do reach them. I blame part of that on coaching and part on the player. Either way, on the QB front, there is some work to do.
RB............well, I would just like for us to pick a guy and run him.
Not 4 guys.

WR........BLOCK! come on, man!...... but , seriously, I wouldn't really change much here. Just polish and rework the fundamentals.

O-line- DAMN! complete overhaul is my vote.

So, basically, I want to see a system that focuses on the power run and shoving the ball down the opponents throat. At that point they have to fear the run and cover it at all times which frees up our QB for some air play. LT3 has a great run once he gets up to speed and once he really gets going, his size makes it hard to "just bring him down". You have to actually grab and drag him. For VT, we have had dual threats before with Tsquared and the Vicks, but they were all speed. LT3 is power. Its opposite, just like our RB. Wilson, Williams, Evans....yeah, they were fast but they had power and were hard to "just stop". Now we have JC, all speed. I would love to see us have a power RB and the power run QB and just ram the ball down field. Wear the Defense out with the run and then start the mid range curls, posts, and slants. Stretch out the D laterally, give them the pass, then ram it again. Just my thoughts on a strong ground dynamic I'd like to see. you know opinion wise :)

Then again.........I will settle for just better play calling and a more simplified playbook that is effective to start.


I would love to see us line up in an I-Formation and actually run the ball. I swear, every game our first 5 plays out of the I are play-actions. Well a play-action isn't going to freaking work if there's no threat of a run! Get back to Hokie football, what we're famous for, great running backs that hate being tackled.

Rip his freaking head off!

i want an offensive philosophy that can allow us to put up points in bunches .. quickly. being able to put lesser teams away quicker and getting younger guys more in-season reps would be a huge plus in the long run. We have more 3 star guys who need more time and experience to get better. We're not like Alabama who can plug-and-play 4 stars and 5 stars in their junior years (even though I have to think that being able to get these players meaningful reps in their first few non-redshirt years is a huge advantage for them).

Answer's Right Here

Lets continue the recent tradition of small, speedy backs and get this playmaker into Spring Camp:


...shtick! That legs of her are like a blur. If we don't get her, Chip Kelly will, he got to be fantasizing already.

Anyway, did y'all notice what offense she ran right out of? The single wing, if I'm not mistaken.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Maybe it's just my pessimistic attitude...

But I'm not anticipating any changes. And if there are changes, I doubt I'll like them.

Bringing in Shane and Brown was a 'shake up' and I'm not really sure what that's done for us so far.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

You could argue how much of an impact it has had on the field, but we know for a fact that Shane has been a beast on the recruiting trail.


And I think we'd see even more impact if we brought in more young blood. Recruiting has got to be SUCH an enormous pain in the ass and I'd imagine its exhausting. Our coaching staff is pretty damn old.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Agree. Plus, you'd have to believe younger coaches relate better to the high school kids. Granted, prestigious head and assistant coaches (and those that played/coached in the NFL) have a unique reverence.

Harbaughs offense and ATTACK no more of this setup forfieldgoal

There is no name for the offense they need. You get the offense that Harbaugh ran against Tech. This is a formation based offense. He uses different formations and "packages" to run mis direction from the formation and the actual play. You can run anything ...shotgun, option, ...mix that with the spread that Druck ran --which is very simple for the QB to read.
WE NEED TO ATTACK and not just set up for 3rd and long or get ready for the field goal. The landscape has changed and if you cant hang up 25-30 a night --you wont be ranked in the top 10.

Need more double passes

Those have been so successful in the past

Da U ran it successfully

against us.

A new season...new hope

Wing T...

... but in all seriousness we need a LEGIT spread option attack, with a few traditional power-I sets to have any sort of success in today's ever evolving football universe.

Something like...

...what Clemson runs. They run the Pistol a lot with shotgun and Ace formations here and there. I think that's why Beamer made the comment that he liked the wing-T, because that's what Clemson seem to base a lot of their philosophies on, using misdirection, read, and quick throws on timing routes.

I'm not an expert like French, but based on what I've read on the internet, the idea behind the wing-T and other option-based offense is the heavily reliance on running precise timing. That's why GT is so damned successful in their execution of the triple-option, and that's why VT have gotten better and better at penetrating the o-line, because if they can disrupt the timing of the offense and get into the backfield, they can make GT pay.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Take a page from the...

Our offensive staff needs to sit down and watch the Redskins game against the Giants from monday night. This is the type of offense that they have tried to install, ie pistol, option reads/fakes, and quick screens and fast slants. Now I know Logan Thomas is not RG3, but they have the same skill set I believe. RG3 is def faster, but Logan is quick enough to run this style. Now lets compare the two teams, Redskins, great qb, great rb and decent oline, horrible defense and 2 good wrs. Hokies, great qb at times, decent rbs and questionalbe oline and good defense. Now the skins are 6-6 but the coaches have made adjustments to our offensive and defensive game plans to let our players thrive in this system! I really think the Hokies could benifit from sitting down and watching the offensive scheme of the Redskins, it is exactly the same as we try to run but just poor play calling and poor execution. It could work to perfection to set up those long bombs that RG3 throws for Logan, and it will open up those running lanes off the fakes and dives as well.

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