D.J. Reid commits to Virginia Tech

According to JC Shurburtt, running back/athlete Daniel Reid committed to Virginia Tech this evening. Reid held offers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and USF (his finalist along with Tech) among others.

Here's a good feature on Reid from the Chesterfield Observer.

"It's like he's gliding – big, long strides and great hips," Tucker described.

Combing speed, toughness and elusiveness, he rambled for 215 yards vs. Matoaca, 190 vs. Colonial Heights and 187 vs. Meadowbrook in Dale's district-clinching victory.

"I think of myself as a slasher," said Reid. "The big thing, though, is vision – seeing the field … vision is the difference between a 15- yard gain and getting into the end zone."

Thomas Dale coach Kevin Tucker compared him favorably to Ken Oxendine.

"He [Reid] runs like Rudi Johnson, but he's got the size of Ken Oxendine," said Thomas Dale head coach Kevin Tucker. "That's the best of both worlds, especially when you see how this kid moves."

Reid's 'moves' include 4.39 40-yard dash, great agility and a much improved power game under the guidance of running back coach Henry Jefferson, who coached Johnson extensively during his time at Thomas Dale. Reid also credits learning a better power game to now Hampton Pirate Lorenzo Fields, who shared carries with Reid last season.

"He [Reid] is a freak of nature," said Thomas Dale quarterback John Ford. "In practice it seems like one minute I'm handing him off the ball, he's getting hit, and a blink later he's in the end zone."

Welcome to HokieNation D.J.!

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Hometown Boy

I used to live near Thomas Dale! Nice!

Jarvis is my co-pilot.


Tech is running out of scholarships to offer, however this was one they really wanted. He is athletic, fast, good frame, and local. My kind of pickup. I like the fact that everyone talks about his intangibles; power and speed, things you just cant teach. Cant wait to see who emerges as our top tailback next year; will it be Edmunds? Coleman? Harris? We show alot of promise. After seeing this commit and reading the recent posts on Derrick Green, I think we can pretty much close the book on tabbing the #1 rivals running back out of Richmond. Lets just hope we can hang onto Holland Fisher. He's going to Alabama this weekend and Ohio State later in the year. What's up with other coaches tampering with our verbals? Isnt that an unspoken rule? Its almost like someone messing with your girl after she's made public she's with you. Not kosher.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

Yup, Reid's commitment means Derrick Green is going elsewhere. He's a terrific player too, but Drew Harris is that workhorse back, Edmunds too, Reid brings something different to the table, so in the end we might be better off.

Beamer Co. will continue to recruit a player as long as the player wants to be recruited. We kept recruiting Jamieon Moss after he verbaled too ECU. I hope we hold onto Fisher because he's a terrific talent. A lot of times kids will take their visits because they're there to take, like Caleb last year.

I don't understand the impact on Green

Evan Watkins said the same thing, that with Reid, we're done with Green. I understand that we probably weren't going to get Green anyway, but he's a totally different player than Reid. I could understand shutting down the recruitment of Green if we landed Harris, who is a very similar player, but Reid is a slash back.

I hope we keep the same effort on Green. I've always thought the longer he takes, the more likely we will be to stay in it. It's always nice to have a local option on the table in January, so when Grandma says at Christmas, "Derrick, I'm getting old and I don't want to have to fly to Ann Arbor to see you play..." then you're in.

I really like Reid, he looks like a Brandon Ore clone to me. Good complement to Harris and JCC.

I could be wrong

but I don't think the issue is us shutting down Green's recruitment. I think it's that Green did not want to go to a team with a lot of top RB talent. We're already loaded with last year's class so bringing in Reid kind of shuts the book, especially since we were somewhat behind already.

Wow, that seems odd...

...for the #1 RB in the country to care about competition.

Do we really have more competition than Michigan, Clemson and Auburn?

all indications are that fisher is very solid to VT .. he promised bama and tOSU officials after they offered and he's gonna make good on them. i'm sure they'll throw everything under the sink at him but i'm not worried about losing him, to be honest. the only way i see that happening is if he is unable at VT but can at bama. you never know but not too worried. he and a few current hokies (and future hokies) are very tight (caleb, jefferson, to name a few).

great news on dj .. he's a great catch. no chance we get green now (which is ok). sounds like hamilton is the big fish to catch now (and we're still after dorian johnson -- but not gonna happen). it's nice that they've been able to mainly focus on 2014 recruiting (as far as recruiting goes) since early summer. it's a monster of a class with some HUGE prospects and needs full attention.

to add -- trey edmunds needs to be moved back to LB ... now

Evan also said Wright is expected to move to LB

I forgot all about him, but he's an exciting prospect.

Mike: Edmunds/Wright/Moss
Backer: Clarke/McKinnon/Motu'
Whip: Vandyke/Vandyke/Shegog