Linebacker Depth

With the lack of depth at Linebacker, and our abundance of defensive ends enrolled and being recruited, does anyone think any of the DE's on the roster stand up and get a shot at Mike or Backer? If so, who fits the bill?

Jack Tyler (Senior)
Chase Williams
Devin VanDyke
Andrew Motoukapa

Tariq Edwards (Senior)
Deon Clarke

Ronny VanDyke (Sophomore)
Jameion Moss (Freshman)

James Gayle (Senior)
JR Collins (Senior)
Tyrel Wilson (Senior)
Dadi Nicholas
Corey Marshall
Matt Roth
Dewayne Alford
Ken Ekanem
Jarontay Jones

In my opinion, Ken Ekanem at 6'3" 249 lbs and Dewayne Alford at 6'2" 247 are two guys who should get a look, if interested. I believe both played a bit of LB in high school, and if I remember correctly, Ekanem was ranked highly as a LB and recruited by a couple big boys to play OLB in a 3-4. Of course, this depends on their athletic and coverage ability, but I generally like the idea of big scary linebackers.

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Trey Edmunds will be at LB this year...

So he'll provide some depth. Dahman McKinnon is having minor legal issues but he'll play this year i'm sure. So he'll be 2nd or 3rd string Whip and provide depth there.

Odds are very low that Edmunds plays LB. Very, very low.

Where did you get that Trey Edmunds will be at LB? He's been a RB since he came here. I'd like to see him at LB but its not gonna happen especially since Drew Harris isn't going to be able to get here till the summer.

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Not sure why down vote, so...

But, yeah, I think Edmunds is plugged in at tailback for at least this season.

Bill Fuckin' Murray

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I'd be shocked if any of those guys played LB, especially an Inside LB position. ILB is a very, very different position from DE.

More likely is we see 3-4 DE's with our nickel/passing down packages to get a quicker pass rush.

tariq edwards

im hoping he can be as productive as he was in 2011. we didnt see much of him since he was getting over an injury this past year.

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!


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Really hope, like you said, that he can come back in 2011 form. He was our best player on the defensive side that year (followed closely by Kyle). If he can come back 100%, him and Jack will be a great combo.

Trey Edmunds WILL play LB this year...

Bottom line. End of discussion.

I can't tell if you're being serious or not.

If you are, what are you basing this on?

pretty sure

Pretty sure he is gonna be our next breakout star at running back. The coaches were impressed by his practices in preparation for the bowl game. Why would he move?

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they wouldnt have him on the scout team as a tailback for the entire year if they had any intentions of putting him at lb. we lacked a dominant tailback this past year, and obviously it killed us. i dont care how many bodies we have at the position, we need a great tailback that can take over a game and if he even hints that he will give us that, then he's not going anywhere

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But in all seriousness I love JC Coleman but the feature back spot is Edmunds to lose. The linebacker ship has sailed.

Little bird told me Bud wanted him on defense...

JC Coleman,Michael Holmes,Tony Gregory,and Chris Mangus will be sufficient enough at RB. Drew Harris hopes to enroll by June. His father said he still plans to enroll at VT. Nothing has changed there. Also don't forget DJ Reid is coming in. He's a bigger RB. He's listed at 6' 205 pounds.

We are thin at LB and Edmunds is needed more there than at RB. May be depth behind Tyler and Edwards. But no experience. Chase Williams and Devin Vandyke haven't seen the field much. Deon Clarke was highly rated coming out of high school. But he hasn't seen the field. Edmunds was a great high school LB. When it comes Aug 31st I want the best 11 tacklers on the field. Edmunds can't tackle anybody if he's playing at RB.

I see Edmunds playing HB being way more beneficial than LB. Last year showed how much we need solid blockers protecting the QB, and Edmunds seems far better suited for that than some other backs.

Holmes and Gregory have potential, but never seemed to put together a game like Coleman did.

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Reid might not qualify.

Harris is an unknown at this point, despite what everyone says. No way can you go into Spring Practice assuming he will be enrolled in June. If that happens, sound the alarms, CFB is going senile.

Actually I just researched it, cuz I heard the same thing, and the only thing holding Reid back are his SAT scores. Most people think he'll be able to qualify.

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Okay, well lets just hope he improves the scores himself and doesn't go all DRose. We don't need that kind of crap.

I mean, I'll take it for him if he asks nicely

Just have to not get caught, right?

Holmes and Gregory are not sufficient, and I doubt Mangus will be anything more than a return guy. I am comfortable enough with Jack Tyler and Tariq/Deon at backer. I am not comfortable with our running game as it is. Edmunds won't be moved to backer till later in the season once Drew Harris has settled in.

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I couldn't agree more. Holmes truly disapointed last year. With the exception of a few runs he didn't do much out there. It got to a point I feel like any person who saw him even returning punts were upset before the ball was kicked. I hope and pray that Drew Harris can really do something for us. We DESPERATELY need a good running back.

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Ekanem I think would be a good choice to move back to LB where he was recruited as. He is only a R-fresh so he was time to learn all the nuances. Would be nice to DVD and RVD team up eventually.
Also, I hope some of those DEs pass Tyrel Wilson on the depth chart (though I think that did happen towards the second half of the season). His size really limits him on what situations he can play in.


BUT, tyrel does have a great motor and is great on 3rd and long if they stick 4 DE's along the line.

Beamer almost pulled the shirt for Edmunds to start at RB last year ... Do you really think if he is the best RB on the team RIGHT NOW, especially after working out at RB for the last year, that he'll be moved to LB? Doubt it. Gregory and Holmes have proven that they will not seriously be in the mix.

If Harris does make it in for the summer and kills it ... maybe Edmunds starts working more at LB, gets in and plays some garbage time at LB to learn the position this year. But I bet he'll still play some running back.

If JC can prove that he can carry the load ... maybe

If Mangus is as good as advertised .... maybe (but we heard the same stuff about Holmes too)

Until Edmunds is hands-down beat out by someone, I think he'll be a RB


I think you are going to see Kyle Fuller work in as a back-up whip or at least be used like that should something happen to RVD. 2 years ago he basically played that role and I think he plays it better than just straight corner since it allows him to be in space and make plays.

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I agree I would expect Kyle to play a lot of whip/nickel if Exum can get healthy. I'm much more concerned with the Backer spot. If Tariq has trouble getting back to where he was in '11 Clarke is going to have to answer the bell in a big way earlier than I would like.

Wyatt Teller looked pretty mean in high school. Lets give him a shot at linebacker!

Here is some of his film below!

(joking of course......or am i?)


Edmunds=Lee Suggs

Edmunds in my opinion could be Lee Suggs all over again....The measureables are there! I'd sure be happy to see 1,200 yards and 27 tds in a single season again! #BEAT BAMA

Linebacker depth

Here is how things are going to shake out.

1) Edmunds will be a tailback. I think his upside is higher at linebacker, but Beamer would not have given him such a high percentage of bowl game practice snaps at tailback unless they were certain that he would step in and be a starter next year. They have made their minds up, and unless Edmunds demands a move to linebacker (in which case a year of his development was wasted), he stays at tailback. And, no matter what you think of the other tailbacks, he is the best player at the running back position that Virginia Tech has in uniform right now.

2) I too am worried about linebacker depth, but lets remember that Bud Foster changed things radically this year. Base alignment at the end of this season had Bruce Taylor and the whip on the edge of the alignment, almost like 3-4 outside linebackers with no little coverage responsibility. Kyshone Jarrett for all intensive purposes was playing backer, aligned next to the mike linebacker in the middle of the defense. If Foster continues that direction, Holland Fisher is a perfect fit for this new rover role, while the backer position will be more similar to what we have seen from the whips in the James Anderson era and prior.

3) For next season, this is the way the depth chart will look (unless injury strikes)

Mike: Jack Tyler, Deon Clarke, Andrew Moutpaukua (who is a prototype mike backer for Foster's system that reminds me of Vince Hall- great going forwards, not so great going east west)
*Chase Williams would likely move from backer if Tyler got hurt and start)

Backer: Tariq Edwards, Chase Williams, (Moss will redshirt)
*I wouldn't be shocked if Ronny Van Dyke plays on the weak side edge some in the 4-4 as well)

Whip: RVD, DVD, McKinnon, Shegog gets the shirt.

They see Clarke as a Mike (I don't know why, I think he is a backer) but I think the pissed off Samoan is the next starter. I'd prefer to have Clarke backing up Edwards with Williams as the caretaker at mike, and then have the flexibility to play Van Dyke at backer if needed (he is bigger than Edwards.)

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interesting to see what happens in the spring

Chase Williams is the #2 Mike during bowl practice, I'm not seeing any reason he would be shuffled over to Backer with more athletic guys like Clarke and DVD coming off redshirts. Also Clarke is probably slotted at Mike because DVD has better range/coverage abilites, who would slot at Backer in that class. Speaking of DVD, why do you think he'll be moved to OLB? simple numbers? He has been mentioned as being projecting to Mike in the past, which is a long way from Whip. I do agree that Shegog may wind up at Whip, since there seem to have been some promises to Fisher about him playing him in the secondary.

My take on the depth chart, September 2013:

Mike: Tyler (rSR), Williams (rJR), Clarke (rFR), Burns (rFR*)
Backer: Edwards (rSR), DVD(rFR), DiNardo# (rJR*)
OLB/Whip: RVD (rJR), McKinnon (rSO), DiNardo? (rJR*)

Mautpaukua (Mike)
Moss (Backer)
Shegog or Fisher (Whip)

* walkon

Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett

DVD is most definitely not a whip. His game is North / South.

Personally, I think DVD is a Mike and Deon Clarke is a backer, but I dont know how they've come along since high school.

Hopefully McKinnon gets his legal stuff squared away. We need him in the two deep. But yes, I think our nickle look is our fail safe there.

it'd be awesome if#

The chips fall with our 2014 recruiting class and we score Andrew brown, and Hand. Top 2 at DT and DE. 2015 and 2016 when we play Ohio State, Hokies could have Top D-line in country with Teller on opposite side of Hand. Keeping my fingers crossed

Pour some Beer on it


Just brought man tears to my eyes.

But even the more likely DL....

DE's: Hand, Holmes
DT's: Teller, Walker pretty freaking good.

The full depth chart for that Ohio State game could look something like this:

Stud: Nicholas (Jr), Ekanem (So), Jones (So), Holmes, Street

End: Marshall (Sr), Hand, Roth (Jr), Alford (So),

Nose: Maddy (Sr), Williams (So), Walker

Tackle: Harley (Jr), Teller, Smith (So)

Urban has recruited a pretty good D-line as well. Got 2 5* last year

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