Malik Muller

Malik Muller has committed to VT. I seen the guy personally play at the Arby's Classic (a tournament in east Tenn). The guy was amazing. He was up against Shannon Hale, an Alabama commit that plays for Christ in NC. He actually outscored Shannon Hale entire team. I twitted him and asked him what his decision was and he said he would let me know. Today I received this tweet.

 photo Muller.png

This guy will be a serious help to Va Tech. He wasn't watched a lot because of being overseas but he was part of Jordan camp and many others.

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Finally some positive VT basketball news! It's been a while

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I watched him play in the Arby's Classic two games (didn't catch the game against Hale, who couldn't do anything but dunk.) Very well rounded scorer. Confident accurate jump shot and strong adjusting his body to get contact around the rim and go to the line. He also can drive off a jumpshot fake with both hands.

He isn't explosive and won't rattle the rim, and when you look at him, you'd think he was out of shape (Eric Gordon body-type) but a very mature and smart player. I can assure you he will be an upgrade over Robert Brown.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Was MVP of the Jordan Classic at 16 in a game that featured Anthony Bennett (a potential lottery pick) and Kevin Pangos. Not bad...


Here's an interview after the Jordan Classic that show's a couple highlights. He doesn't look very fast or quick but seems to get to the rim.

A couple of quick observations:

1.) Kid has a great crossover with a similar pause to AI's. Question is can he go left-to-right and can he use it as a hesitation to keep defenders honest? Advanced scouting could limit it's effectiveness if what we see on the film is all he's got.

2.) Not overly quick but moves laterally very well thanks to a long stride with good control.

3.) Eric Gordon comparison seems accurate from a shooting standpoint. Pushes the ball a little too much, not a lot of verticality in his jumper, but seems to have a good touch on his stroke.

I need to watch more tape. Looks like a pretty good prospect, I just want to see more game action and how he handles contact coming from Euroball.