This is the official Alabama thread. There is one thing that matters right now, and that is beating Alabama. It's Alabama week, Let's Go!


This is important

And the most important thing there is. Beat Alabama.

Logan 3:16

Ebb Damn Tide

it's all but decided that were going. i just wanna chant ACC! ACC! after a victory for once. we've never won a neutral site game i went to: kansas, ecu, boise, clemson in charlotte (which i guess we wouldnt chant acc at but still)

i just dont wanna hear that hey hokies! chant they're gonna do if they win.

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It would be most satisfying to see Alabama....

...drop their next TWO games, with a "sort-of" ACC team beating them on Monday then us leveling them on 8/31, giving the ACC full responsibility for their fall from glory.

This may seem heretical, but I kind of want Alabama to win just so we can beat the defending national champs... I have unfortunately convinced my self to "sort of" cheer for them. (But its not like I have any love for ND)

Beat Bama.

I don't know who to root for...

On the one hand, I hate ND and the entitlement they stand for. This hatred has existed for as long as I can remember.

On the other hand, I hate the SEC for being the SEC, and I hate Bama for being Bama. The SEC has won the last 6 championships. Bama has won 2 of the last 3.

But on the other other hand, it would be nice to say that we beat the twice defending national champs.... might almost be worth it.

does 24-10 at the half #21 Louisville over #3 Florida make you feel any better?

Future ACC member sticking it to the SEC...

Did Danny Coale catch that ball?!?!

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Yes, actually...

That game made me feel much better. Now, no matter what, the ACC is guaranteed to have at least as good of a bowl record as the SEC (4-2 vs. 6-3 even if all 3 remaining SEC teams win), and the future ACC members have gone 2-0 so far.


the amount of goodwill that Notre Dame receives automatically cannot be excused, even if it means rooting for the SEC.

I personally think and hope that Bama spanks them pretty good.

I just can't bring myself

To pull for ND. I really, really, really can't stand the golden comers.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Alabama week! I've been planning to go to this game since it was announced a few years ago. Can't wait.

Rip his freaking head off!

"#BeatBama" will be in my Twitter bio until after 8/31.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.


"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson


Don't let the BEATBAMA movement lose momentum!! BEATBAMA Today, BEATBAMA tomorrow and BEATBAMA everyday till game day. BEATBAMA


Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Don't forget BEATBAMA ON gameday!

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nice- can we teach this instead of HELLO WORLD in web classes! :)

I too want Alabama to win, but I also want ND to expose a lot of their weaknesses and prove that they aren't untouchable.


"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Rudy was off-sides!

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People never believe me when I point this out. Proof that even fictional refs favor Notre Dame.

The Key's to this happening is Gayle, Exum, and LT3 returning.



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Exum said on twitter that he's coming back

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

With guys like Xavier Rhodes going into the draft, wise choice on his part. Plus, 2012 proved we can never have enough DBs.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Exum Tweet

I just looked back through his timeline, and couldn't find any tweets that seemed to reference his coming back. I'm not sure I was seeing everything though, in the case of it being a reply to someone else, for instance... Can you provide a link? Be interested to see exactly what he said. Thanks!

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Love twitter, and am on it all the time (as a consumer of information, anyway), but don't really know the in's and out's of how it works. I had a feeling the reason I didn't see it was because it was a reply and didn't show up in his timeline, as such.

Thanks for taking the time to go find it for me (and hopefully others interested). And, most of all and to the point, so glad to hear that he is planning to come back!

"The TKP community is unrivaled."
-Justin Fuente, probably

I will be pulling hard for the Tide to win a National Title on Monday. It is going to be amazing to beat the back-to-back National Champions.


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I live in Huntsville Alabama

I can’t stand Alabama or the SEC really. I was told that the ACC should be a prep league for the SEC. After last year’s NC I congratulated a Bama fan for their win in late February and he said “Yeah, and what about Korren Kirven.” Bama fans are full of it. These guys do not need to win another NC. If they did and we beat them next year they would just tell us 15 NCs. My personal opinion: We have all heard “Roll Tide Roll”, well they need to take some of those Rolls and just go with Tide for a while because it is getting real deep down here in Alabama and someone needs to think about cleaning this mess up. We need to bring the cleanup crew on August 31.

Side Note: Their OL is going to be practically all brand new going up against our Vet DL. Looking forward to seeing how that goes.


You live in Huntsville? Wanna get me a job at NASA?

But on a serious football note, it's going to be a tough game. The big advantage I think we have is that we're going to have a whole offseason to prepare for this game. Foster spent the whole offseason last year preparing for Georgia Tech's offense and did a hell of a job, so I fully expect him to have a great game plan set up for this game. I'm a believer in winning games at the line of scrimmage, so I'll be watching how our O-Line looks in spring practices before making any judgement on our chances.

Rip his freaking head off!

I used to work for NASA. That ship got a big hole in it back in 2009 and a lot of people bailed out. There are a lot of people in Huntsville that USED to work for NASA

Good to know the Hville stands for Huntsville and not Hooville. Might have started a riot.

🦃 🦃 🦃

Your side note gives me legit hope. I really the like match up our defensive front will be going up against.

Now lets hope we get an O Line coach that can actually bring out the potential in our huge group of linemen.

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Line them up seven across TE to TE

and Alabama is losing 5. They are keeping the LT and another interier guy. That is a lot.

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Everything this man says is the truth. Screw those guys!

bama/sec fans

all they care about is their team, they dont follow any other players or teams out there at all. They dont care about college football, they care about cutting a player on national signing day to sign a 5 star blue chipper. They fail to realize that we rolled with them in the chic fil a kickoff and had them beat, they fail to realize that vt wast the last road out of conference win against lsu, when they signed whats his face that transfered to uva, all i heard was oh we just signed the best qb out of virigina ever, he broke all the records, and i said he would never pan out, and guess what? he didnt, thats why we didnt sign him. My personal opinion, fuck bama, fuck lsu and the sec, the are only top heavy, the rest of the conference is so mediocre, hokies go forth and commit this act of badassery and show them what we are made of! BEAT BAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Phil Sims

I'll say this about all our current coaches (yes even ocainspring et al.), they know how to spot talent and know how to look beyond recruit ratings. That's all well and good, but we need some serious coaching changes on the attack. Seems to be just a matter of when, not if.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Are we inferring that we "passed" on Sims?

that wasn't the case. He said very early on he wasn't interested because our offense wasn't "pro-style." He broke up with us, we didn't break up with him. Just like Hackenberg and EJM before him.


Yeah, he didn't want to come here. And the biggest reason he is at uva and still not at bama is because his dad (i believe) is always in and out of the uva hospital with something and he wanted to be closer to his dad and family.

2013 year of redemption

I heard bama was looking past ND focusing on the VT game. Hey Nicky, you maaaad? LETS GO TECH!

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