Why so many complaints about the OC search?

Personally, I'm not disgusted by the way the search is being handled. If Frank wants to make a good hire, he should consider EVERY option, and take as much time as necessary (barring an offensive identity/playbook/philosophy is completed before the start of spring practice).

As far as I'm concerned, we should be interviewing current FBS OC's, Current FBS QB and OLine coaches, FCS HC's and some FCS OC's. Not a Chuck Long fan, but why not interview him? Just because he's interviewed doesn't mean he'll received an offer.

What about someone like the ODU coach or ODU OC? I think they've demonstrated that they know how to run an offense, despite being technically FCS, right? Frank should give them a call too.

It seems like our program is approaching this with an open mind, which is what we wanted (I think). Long's a retired coach, Hamilton is from the other side of the country. We're not Bama, USC, UF, Texas, etc, but we're still a marque program, and shouldn't 'settle' for someone, but we haven't done so (yet). We seem to be considering a plethora of options, what's wrong with that?

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I concur

As fans, we're never going to be privy to all the behind the scenes goings-on. Nor should we. It's a personnel decision, which in most cases in business, tend to be a very private matter. And CFB has always played his cards close to the vest, so none of this surprises or alarms me.

However, as a fan, I do WANT THIS TO BE OVER WITH! (my mid-morning vent, thank you!)

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Check your facts

Long has no connections in our recruiting base. And Pep is from the East Coast. Notice all the top tier VA recruits going to Stanford? That's Pep.

There are two parts to the decison

1. We have to want someone
2. They have to want us.

That being said, it sounds like Hamilton made a decision to hold out for an offer from the 49rs, with the fall-back of staying at Stanford. Can't fault the guy for that.

Without interviewing other folks (even if Hamilton were still in the mix) how would CFB know he's getting the right person for the job?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

You missed the point

I was merely correcting his factual errors, not commenting on the opinion portion. I think we ought to interview everyone interested, but should focus on people with ties to our recruiting base. Ricky bustle is my first choice, but he has health issues. Shawn Elliott should be the primary target right now. He's already said he'd leave SC for an OC job (paraphrasing).

I'm aware, but

recruiting ties aren't enough to make someone move across the country. People said he liked the DC area... Blacksburg is 4 hours away from the DC area. The east coast is pretty big, plenty of people like Blacksburg, but hate New York. Baltimore and Charlotte are both on the east coast, are they equally desirable locations?

I understand that Pep fit from a recruiting and philosophy standpoint, but I don't think we can offer him anything that Stanford can't. California to VA is a big move without any major incentive. It was a reach hire in my opinion, but that's fine, we're a big time program, and should swing for the fences when making a major hire.

I realize Long doesn't fit like Pep does, but why not interview him? What harm could come from an interview? I guess we lose some cash, but that shouldn't be a problem for a major athletic department.

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My point was that Pep is not from across the country, he's essentially local. And what can we offer that Stanford can't? Money. We could pay him the exact same amount they do and it be a better deal because cost of living is drastically lower in Blacksburg. To be honest, I didn't really see him ending up at Tech, but that's not because he's staying at Stanford. He's on to bigger and better things. Chuck Long has absolutely no value to the program. He has no recruiting ties, his numbers don't speak of an outstanding coach, and he's past his prime. If we're going to take a risk, get someone young and hungry to make a name for themselves. While interviewing a broad spectrum of coaches is a good idea, interviewing everyone with a pulse is counterproductive.

"And what can we offer that Stanford can't?"

Really good Mexican food!

Not to dis El Rods though, I do miss that place.

Well, Stanford is a beautiful place with great schools and great weather. Would I rather live in Blacksburg, of course. It should be also noted Blacksburg is a great place to raise a family too. Anyways, if the Jags hire Greg Roman away from the 49ers, Pep is a candidate to replace him. Would you want to be an offensive coordinator of a slipping college team, or part of one the NFL's best staffs? That's an easy answer.

It's funny, everyone has wanted visibility into the process

then we get visibility into Pep turning us down (or us backing off....whatever), and people freak out.

I don't want or expect to know what's going on. Interview some people, hire the best guy you can. Have an offense with an identity and coach fundamentals. That would be a dramatic improvement.


For fans it is a blessing a curse


Brutal 24 hours

Gotta say I've got a great case of schadenfreude going on watching the chain of events pass over the past 24 hours.

1. Here comes Pep! Pep in our step!
2. No Pep??!?!
3. Who the fuck is Chuck-fucking Long???
4. Now Fridge isn't even in consideration???

Not to say I'm not disappointed myself, but I think expectations were set a bit high.

Got the morale in here of a Matt Ryan Thursday night game in Blacksburg, amarite? Too soon?

Too soon.

You mean he-who-shall-not-be-named? I do in fact still refer to him as that.

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Thanks Frank!

Fuck Matt Ryan

That is all.

Holding? What's that?

I still direct much of my anger from that game toward the officials. Tremendous tackling on BC's last TD pass, by their O-line that is...

i was in the sez. i saw the rb wheel around to the back of the endzone wide open. i saw the ball sailing towards him. i sat down and dropped my head into my hands. i heard the air come out of the stadium and the bc section losing it. what a shitty night.

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Once again, everyone...

deep breath.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

After discussing the thoughts mentioned in my OP with a friend..

I have 'altered' my original thought process. He believes that we should get an OC from a top 50 FBS offense. I agree, but I am still not opposed to an up-and-coming FCS OC or FBS Position coach (if the fit is right).

Anyways, in the FBS top 50 overall offenses, there are about 20 OC for which a move to VT would be better than lateral:

Nevada (maybe given coaching change)
Northern Illinois
Fresno St.
Syracuse (maybe given coaching change)
Utah St
Ball State
LA Laffette
San Jose St
Kent State

I'm too lazy to research each of these coaches, but I assume that anywhere from half to three quarters of these OC's either have no recruiting ties to the area or don't run an offense that would 'fit' at VT. Whatever the case, each of these OC's should at least be briefly considered for an interview, and a handful of them should be interviewed. If a coach has no ties, but can develop an effective scheme, then he should be considered.

I say Leave no stone unturned, if we could find the perfect fit (BIG IF) we could be a top 5-10 team at year end.

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It's also important to remember our style of offense. It can change a little but you have to coach how you recruit.

The best example I can think of off the top of my head is Alabma wanting to hire the OC from Oregon.

That makes no sense because Alabama is set up to play power footbal not spread. even though that sounds like a great hire on paper it logistically doens't work at all.

Now we are admittedly somewhere in between those two extremes, and maybe that is a problem right there, but we have to keep in mind what we do best and what we recruit best.

We should also keep that in mind when looking at potential hires that we don't like, maybe Chuck Long would fit perfectly into our style of players, maybe he just didn't have that at othe places. This is just all food for thought.

This is tricky stuff.

I was taken by your list being full of Non-BCS schools. The vast majority of those OC's looked really bad when they played BCS defenses. See Northern Illinois, Orange Bowl (they didn't look good against hapless Iowa in week 1 either).

So what do you do? Hire a mid-major coach who has no experience against BCS competition?

Hire an FCS coach who has only dominated the JV league and hope for the best?

Hire a flawed and fired, yet experienced, former BCS OC and hope he reinvents himself?

Promote a current offensive assistant at your own or another BCS program? (Shawn Elliott?)

Go get an NFL assistant?

Wake Ralph Friedgen?

Yes, hiring Pep Hamilton looked like it avoided almost all these other flawed scenarios. It didn't work out, now we are left with inevitable letdown.

Agree Completely

But if we want a current OC, I think we have to search the mid-majors, or bottom level BCS schools. Of the top 50 total offenses (seen here: http://espn.go.com/college-football/statistics/team/_/stat/total/sort/ne...) what OC would make a lateral move?

To ask a coach to make a lateral move, I really think they need to have a tie to the program, be friends with Frank, or be offered an exorbitant amount of money.

Clearly, this is a complicated process, which is why I'm ok with it taking so long.

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It's not the wait, it's the candidates

I don't mind so much that the search is taking a while. I do mind that we're interviewing Chuck Long. It seems the consensus amongst Hokie Nation is that we should return to the smashmouth, run-heavy offensive system that worked for us in the past. Long inherited the greatest running back of our generation and didn't implement this style of offense. Sure he had success at OU and made Jason White a heisman winner, but I just don't see this as a good fit for the program.

Just forget about the spread offense. It works great for the Oregons, Clemsons, etc... Meanwhile 3 of the last 4 championships have been won with a pro-style offense and power running game. That's what we need to get back to. Just because we missed out on Hamilton we shouldn't abandon our search for that type of coach.


Do we know anything about the meeting with Pep? Did I miss a news story aside from Teel's tweet that he won't be coming to Blacksburg?

We don't know if Beamer even offered him....was there actually an official interview?

I need to back off this....my nerves are getting shot. Work is stressful enough alone. This is the first time I've ever been through anything like this...its worse than talking about a bad loss the next day. We have no idea whats going on. Its time to just back off this thing and let Frank do what hes going to do....all the chatter in the world won't change a thing.

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The buzz is that Pep is very likely going to be the OC of one NFL team or another, hence VT is out of the running.

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