Bryan Stinespring to.. .the Colts?


I'm guessing Pep saw something he liked. Was Stiney at the conference? Big opportunity for him nonetheless if there's some merit to the rumor.

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What could he possibly do for them?

Not knocking him but what could he do? Don't have to recruit in the NFL. That is one thing he does well.

So who would be hired to replace him? Need someone with VA recruiting ties. IMO, move Shane to te coach and recruiting coordinator and bring in a new RB coach. JMO though.


I'd love to bring in some more youth, like Moorehead. Stanford's TE coach would be awesome, but he doesn't have the ties.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Hmm...I have an idea!

Kevin Jones or Lee Suggs for RB Coach?

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Why do people assume that Shane can be thrown into any coaching role?

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Thats why I want to move him to TE. He certainly shouldn't be immune for mismanaging the RB rotation this year.


Soooooo you want a 4 TE Rotation?

Just kidding. I'd like to see Shane as the special teams coach, but if he gets proper tutelage on the offensive side of the ball, then he should stay there.

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He was our O line coach when it was good.

And he does alright with the TE's.

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Very much....

...not good.

Trooper Taylor is available...

Give him a call?

It's Ironic

3 weeks after we all wanted the man to rot away somewhere far away from Blacksburg, we really don't want him to go anywhere. I think his talent as a recruiter, as well as his handling of the situation the past couple weeks, has really opened our eyes to what a good guy he really is.


At least on THIS site, in my opinion the prevailing sentiment was reassignment to retain his recruiting abilities, and get him out of the way of running the offense.

That's really odd. I can't really see where he fits on that staff, but if he gets a job in the NFL good for him, I wish him well.

Rip his freaking head off!


...he's now at the end of he road at VT. He will never become OC again.....and probably not HC either.

Irony, Arians takes o line coach from the Colts. The Colts take Pep to replace Arians, Pep takes Stinespring to replace Oline coach.


He was pulling the long con, damnit Pep, you fooled us!

We should take the Cards former OL coach...

...Russ Grimm.

I'll believe it when I see it

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For the lazy...


We interviewed Bryan. Told Frank I'd do h a solid after leaving him hanging on te OC thing. Turns out he doesn't know ANYTHING about offense. He kept yelling "screen". We told him go back to VT. Pretend like it was his know like he pretends to know how to run an offense.

We put the K in Kwality

OR translation...

The Colts didn't understand Stinespring _speak, thought he was Amish and sent him home~

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Red herring

I think this was just some smoke getting people to say "we need this guy to stay for recruiting. OC was just not his thing." Think it is a stretch that no High School players in Virgina would want to play for the Hokies if he is not the one recruiting them. Either that or if he did speak to the Colts they decided he just was not a very nice guy and we all no that couldn't have happened because everyone says he is a nice guy. Unless the Colts don't hire guys just because of how nice they are.

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