The Transitive Property

Virginia Tech > Rutgers > UConn > Louisville > Florida >Texas A&M > Alabama

That's right Hokies, we won the national title!

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What took you so long?

I just assumed they gave us the trophy already once be beat Austin Peay. I mean what more does a team have to do.

This site will break down how we are better than every college football team (FBS, FCS, Div II, and Div III): My Team Is Better Than Your Team

Seemed like a good time to mention

I used to only have 99 turkey legs ...


7 degrees of Hokie Bacon


VT beat UVA
UVA beat NC State
NC State beat FSU
FSU beat Clemson
Clemson beat LSU
LSU beat Texas A&M
Texas A&M beat Alabama


Haha that is a pretty neat site

I guess that is the cool thing about going undefeated, you are completely immune to this transitive property stuff, which for the most part is ridiculous, but sometimes plays a factor.

Not necessarily...

it also does comparisons based on margin of victory...

For example, Notre Dame beat Pitt by 3 in 3OT... Youngstown State beat Pitt by 14. Therefore, Youngstown State is better than Notre Dame.

haha oh nice!


oh nice!