Sherman to Purdue, not definite?

The following Tweet is from Mike Barber, Tech beat writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Since it was reported by during the bowl game, it has been a foregone conclusion that Sherman would join Darrell Hazell's new staff at Purdue.

In his column today, David Teel reiterated some assertions.

Presumed and unusual because head coach Frank Beamer has announced no changes to, or departures from, his staff. Yet fans, media and his colleagues believe (know?) he has decided to replace Bryan Stinespring as offensive coordinator and has green-lighted three assistants – receivers coach Kevin Sherman, guards/centers coach Curt Newsome and quarterbacks coach Mike O’Cain – to pursue other opportunities.

(His entire column is worth the read, by the way.)

Don't forget, Sherman's sports marketing agency, Coaches, Inc., already updated his bio to reflect the "pending" move (

Why would Sherman have an option to return? I'm speculating here, but logically a world could exist where Beamer doesn't land his top guy (which we all believe to be Pep, and many of us think he would want a say in his staff), and any contingency plan or plans doesn't require as much turnover. Hell, a world could exist where Pep is a huge admirer of Sherman and wants him to remain. That's probably not very likely, but who knows.


So, basically...


This has all the makings to be the epic change we all are hoping for


All the making for an epic failure >= the abomination that was our offense this year...only time will tell.

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That pretty much sums it up.

Thank God for you Joe, you make the work week survivable.

But serious question? How do you still have a job?

...but how does the roll get back in the box?

it doesn't...

he just has an infinite supply of rolls

Agreed the Teel article is a good read...

I had to chuckle when I read this though....

"Still, the official silence in Blacksburg is maddening to fans, who expected public action nanoseconds after Tech completed its worst season in 20 years (7-6) with a Russell Athletic Bowl victory over Rutgers on Dec. 28."

LOL...Think he reads TKP?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Or TSL, or any other fansite... I'm sure these hopes and dreams are echoed all across Hokie Nation

Probably TSL, they're all a bunch of curmudgeons over there

I wouldn't be surprised if there were no changes to the staff this offseason. Part of it is that I don't want to have hopes dashed and the other part is knowing how loyal CFB is to his staff...

As I've said in other threads, I will only believe changes to the staff when it is in the form of an official press release/announcement from VT/CFB.

I had quite forgotten about the Daily Press' new online subscription system, where you can't read anything without inputting the special key at the right time unless you pay for it. A minor annoyance.

That aside, it was a pretty decent read. We didn't really learn anything else, except that Sherman doesn't want to leave if he has another option, but at least he provided a pretty clear, concise explanation for why we haven't heard anything.

I still think that having an announcement this week is a bit optimistic, but a guy can hope.

Honestly, At this point

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

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Wait. Her Royal Majesty Dinich said that her sources confirmed that Sherman was gone. My world will collapse if she's wrong.

This post has been sanitized with sarcasm for your protection.

Purdue's offer was confirmed, not that he accepted it

Why wouldn't we want to keep Sherman?

He's young and energetic (which no one else on the offensive side of the ball seems to be). Plus look at the list of players he put into "The League". I'll admit he had a bad year...but Stiney had 11 bad one (1 of those was average) and we're okay keeping him in a dimished role. On top of that how sure are we he was the decision maker to keep starting DR and MD? If he was, we have to hold Shane to the same standard since the RB rotation/situation was a joke.

We put the K in Kwality

Great points

Rebuttal anyone?

I mostly agree with him...

Sherman is the one guy on offense that I feel whose seat should be coolest right now.

But in the interest of playing devil's advocate, I have two words (and then a quick explanation):

Marcus. Davis.

As we all know, there were numerous times this season where he looked like he just didn't care, or didn't know his blocking assignments, or even really how to block. And at least part of that falls on his position coach.

Which scares me for next season. In the game where we did sit him for a half, the backups didn't look to good. Now we have to rely on those guys next year. Hope Coles is good to go to provide some leadership to the young receivers.


You know....

I'm concerned about Dmitri Knowles. It just doesn't seem intuitive to him.

All we have to do with Knowles is send him on streak routes the entire game... There aren't many defenders out there that can keep up with his speed. Long bombs to Knowles. All day.

That works, except...

As soon as teams know he's only a deep threat, they'll start either playing the corner way off the line or always have a safety covering him over the top, every play.

And doubling him leaves holes for others. I was more saying "all day" as a joke.

Last day

Today was his last day, that can be confirmed.

Confirmed where?

Agree, it's crazy how many statements people are throwing around this site. Facts!!

Athletic Department

He was here at the basketball game and someone that works closely with the coaches said today was his last day.

Sorry, but...

Several people have said similar things like, "I have a source close to the program..." etc etc... I won't believe any of this stuff until I see it in writing or flashing across ESPN's BottomLine when it's all said and done.


They only flash it once it is signed sealed and delivered to them. Doesn't mean it is a done deal behind the scenes. I know it is hard to fathom if you are just staring an internet page or tv waiting for them to say something, but when you work for the athletic department and more specifically, in cassell coliseum where the coaches offices are located, you tend to get an inside scoop on things.

Thanks for passing along what you heard.


Thanks, That's all I wanted to know!!

No coach has done less with more NFL talent than Kevin Sherman. Even with Eddie Royal, Justin Harper, Josh Morgan, David Clowney, Marcus Davis, and many more, every Hokie team has featured poor route running and bad fundamentals. Coale and Boykin were the outliers, but they have been the exception rather than the rule. Route running has always been an issue, and blocking comes and goes. I just don't see a satisfactory attention to detail, instead he is there to be the players "buddy." Those coaches are good for recruiting, but always drag the program down when they are in positions when teaching is needed.

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TO play devils advocate, and

I'll play devil's advocate, and I don't pretend to know near as much about football as you do, but no other offensive coach has put more of players in the NFL, and no other coach on the team has put more guys in the league except Gray. And the guys you listed, the only highly recruited ones were Davis (4*) and Royal (4*) and Davis was a QB in high school. Clowney was a last secind offer when Anastasio committed to ND.
That said, we have had issues with route running and Dyrell and Marcus were piss poor run blockers. Dyrell was inconsistent his entire time here too. Was Tony Ball a better coach than Sherm?


To Play Devil's Advocate

Sherman has been a career wide receivers coach. How many of those are there? Really, most position coaches progress up the ladder to coordinator and maybe head coaching jobs. To me, the only exception to the rule are o-line lifers, and the good ones, the few out there, are highly coveted. Sherman has just two big-time gigs on his resume: WRs at Wake Forest 2000-05, and WRs at Tech from 2006-present*. Perhaps he's received other offers and turned them down, but I don't remember hearing about any of them. I want coaches on my staff that other programs want, i.e. the Bud Fosters of the world.

If I'm assembling a college staff, I'd want a young WRs coach that had the energy to be a ferocious recruiter to counteract inexperience. That would put him in a position to learn from the more experienced offensive coaches, especially the coordinator to gain a solid understand of the playbook and scheme so he could be a top internal candidate to replace any possible turnover on my staff. That's just me though.

At Tech it's gotten stale on the offensive side of the ball. The turnover is necessary to bring in fresh ideas and perspective.


Credit to Sherman for a job well done, and I'm glad to hear it sounds like he's going to land on his feet.

My guess is that one reason that no firings have taken place

is that CFB is willing to let a new OC decide who he wants to keep (if anyone).

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

More than likely

I'm pretty sure he told the staff that they can look around and be prepared in case the new OC cleans house. Which would explain why none of these offers, Sherman, Newsome, etc have been officially announced. If the new OC does, then they will all be placed.

I think both apply

this way, if one of the staff wants to take his chance with the new hire, he can wait and face the possibility that he'll be fired...or look for a new job now w/o the risk of being fired.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I'd imagine that they are all inquiring about new jobs, but they have told each prospective employer that they might still stay if the new staff would keep them. There's no way that any of them aren't putting out feelers already.

I heard someone say this offseason that all ...

...current coaches should "reapply" for their jobs.

That seems like what we are doing here.


Waiting on the first one to fall. Who is going to be the trigger?

Maybe the trigger won't happen or maybe there is still alignment happening.

CFB might really care about the cascading effects of coaching changes all the way down the line to the assistants at Stanford, if Pep would want to bring any in with him. CFB just might want to talk to any and all potential assistants before any announcement comes out. He doesn't want to look like a jerk like so many other big name coaches that jump ship without any consideration of the impacts on individuals.

Patience is warranted.

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