MJ Stewart to UNC

Even though most reports had him as a UNC lean, he was a Hokies target, and we were among his final schools.

The Hokies were on the wrong side of (what looked to be unintentional) hat pick.



Really is more fun when they pick our hat last!

We put the K in Kwality

That would have sucked to watch live (if that was even possible?) when he picked our hat mistakenly.

Kendall Fuller - future Thorpe winner

I watched film on Stewart. I am not sure if he could break a wet piece of toliet paper, but that is because he never got touched. He looks similar to a big version of Chris Mangus, but along with the straightline speed he has some real sharp cuts. Like I said, in his highlights he was never touched. I have been told that the quality of high school football is much higher outside the Beltway than inside the Beltway in NOVA, but Stewart and the big DL from TC Williams (both UNC commits) could indicate that the talent level is improving closer to DC.

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Not just NOVA, but the whole DMV. For Football, yes, the suburb talent is higher. However, DC schools like DeMatha churn out prospects though. Every so often, a DC school like Ballou will have a stud. The VA burbs are basically the same as a place like Richmond. The wealth of talent is from the outlying schools (Deep Run, Thomas Dale, Etc.) I lived next door to TC and saw a few games, pretty good, not great football.

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I grew up in NOVA and there were a few schools that could really pull in talent. The private schools obviously have an edge because the students don't necessarily need to live in the school's area, and the parents can decide to send a kid to a certain school (Dematha) based on what the school can offer.

When I was in high school, Woodson (I forget which one) high school in Fairfax pulled in a lot of good soccer talent. Woodson and my school, Jefferson, both (I think, I know Jefferson did) had planetariums so a family could claim they wanted their student/athlete to study astronomy and it was an easy transfer. Obviously, Woodson was happy to have them. Jefferson couldn't do it as easily because there was a whole admissions process that not everyone made it through, so you couldn't just transfer in.

Westfield (Centreville, think Glennon, Royal, Evan Royster formerly of PSU) seems to be producing a good amount of talent nowadays, along with Stone Bridge (Ashburn). I'm not sure if they're in the same boat (an easy transfer reason) or if it is a matter of Redskins having their families in Ashburn (think JGW), but those seem to be good schools for talent nowadays. Both are in pretty well-to-do areas as well, both outside the beltway but in the NOVA suburbs.

Let's not forget my hometown Manassas school, Stonewall Jackson (RMFW, and I think another guy in the next year or two we have been looking at).

I played at Westfield HS back in the day and try to keep up a little bit around the area. There is a lot better coaching and huge difference in facilities between the schools outside the beltway than inside also there's a lot more kids that come out to play football. TC Williams has a huge population but from what I remember they would only have like 60 kids on JV/Varsity roster. My senior year at Westfield we had right around 90 kids on JV/Varsity and believe Frosh team started off year around 100 kids.

Loudoun County and Western Fairfax County probably have the best football in Northern VA overall with Westfield, Oakton, Robinson, Chantilly, Centreville, Stonebridge, Broad Run, and Briar Woods either winning state championships or being in the title game in recent years. The 757 of course has a great number of elite athletes but Northern VA with more money has better facilities and some great coaching.

Interesting thing about Stonewall was when RMFW was there they weren't very good. Osbourn was the cream of the crop in the district. They had Brandon Hogan, who was one of the best high school football players I ever saw. He got caught for having a gang bang with the volleyball team in the auditorium, went to WVU, got drafted by Carolina.

Also, I think Damien Thigpen is who you are thinking about the year after RMFW. I heard he was one of the guys at Tennesse that when Kiffin was hired, he said he didn't want. Ended up running track and football at UCLA.

Yeah, I remember Thigpen, but I thought there was another guy in one the 2014 or 2015 classes that has high expectations, too. I took a look at VAPreps but they didn't have a Stonewall player on their lists. Good suggestion, though.

Greg Stroman is a wide receiver/db prospect in class of 14 and Tim Settle is 5 star d tackle in '15

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Settle was the guy I was thinking of. Now that RMFW is done with Exumtaur, he needs to get back to Manassas and recruit for us a little.

In the spirit of renewing the WVU rivalry, I guess his sisters were on the volleyball team.

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How do you not know which Woodson you went to? It was WT (Wilbert Tucker), the same high school that produced such greats as the original Red Power Ranger, the actual guy that Into the Wild was about, and Michael Weiss (2nd place in Figure Skating nationally). Come on.

Would that be TJHSSSS&T?

I played lacrosse against them back in the day and had a few kids on my hockey team. Good peeps.

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Washington-Lee but I transferred to a Canadian prep school in 2000

What's Important Now?
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When I was in high school, Woodson

Rereading, I see what you mean, but I thought you were implying you went to Woodson. Since I've brought up alumni, I guess Jefferson's Dave Grohl ended up being pretty good at this music thing...

And you are right, Abe Thompson and Clarence Goodson did not live in the WT Woodson area, but both attended and played soccer for Woodson to win the state championship in 99 and 2000. I have no idea how they got around that.

Funny you mention those two as those were the exact two I was thinking of. Grohl's Wikipedia page says he went to Jefferson for a year, then transferred, so I don't know how much credit we should get for him.

I think the planetarium reasoning was used for Thompson and Goodson, but I don't really know. I never really knew them much, other than that they went to Woodson and played for the Braddock Road club team. One of their Braddock Road teammates went to Jefferson with me. The soccer coach at Woodson was pretty well plugged into the NOVA/NCSL soccer scene and also ran a soccer camp, so I think he probably had a hand in it somehow. Just a guess, though.

According to Grohl's Wikipedia article he went to TJ before it became solely TJHSS&T, and also apparently his mom had him transfer to another school at the end of his freshman year "because his marijuana usage was affecting his grades".

// Note for Joe: weren't you going to underline links?

That's funny... Too much weed smoking at Jefferson, so he then ends up at Bishop Ireton. I knew some people that went BI, and pretty much everyone I met was a rich kid who did a lot of drugs. It's the only time I've ever seen people actually want to do Special K.

Umm not to hate or anything, but unless things changed from when I was in HS, Jefferson isn't really known as the sporting powerhouse. Do they still give out the "I came here for the sports!" bumper stickers? Also wasn't your mascot a giant calculator?

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I didn't say we were a sports powerhouse. I said we weren't because we had admissions standards which made it so that we couldn't accept transfers. I think we do still give out those bumper stickers, but I haven't kept track in a long time. It's obviously tongue-in-cheek. Also, this:


My bad, I mis-read your post. I still remember my HS wrestling coach (Oakton) tell us we would have to do extra log rolls and suicides if we lost to "one of those nerds" whenever we wrestled you all. Good times.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

Ha! Yeah, we got that a lot. We'd lose a lot, but when we did, we'd bust out the, "That's alright. That's ok. You're gonna work for us one day!" cheer.

We also stole all the game balls from Centreville after a game once. Had to give them back, of course. Lost that game, too. When did you go to Oakton? I had a few friends from my club team that went there.

Eh, fair enough. I didn't know they did that to us. Granted, like 130 kids from TJHSST go to UVA every year. At my workplace, there are no Wahoos, but a good number of Hokies. Joelestra is one of them.

I was at Oakton '97 to '00. Now that I see that in writing I feel old.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

I was Jefferson 97-00. Played with Justin Bogner and Keith Nakai on my club soccer team.

Pretty crazy. I know them, although we didn't really hang out together.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

I threw the shot put and discus for West Springfield and remember TJ being pretty good at track, so you have that going for ya!


When I was there we had won like 5 state championships in swimming in a row, had the state champion men's gymnast, and a few years after I left we won the state championship in soccer with the All MET POY. So we weren't all bad, just not good in football.

I got that cheer when we were kicking the shit out of Washington & Lee University on the gridiron. In related news, I would rather my first born daughter become a prostitute than have any of my children go to Washington & Lee.

Viva El Guapo

Having gone to VMI, i have a special place in my heart for those Twaffles from W&L. They are the biggest bunch if pompous douche bags I've ever met. Always enjoyed beating the snot out if those pamperrd punks in rugby!

in Fuller we trust

Being a Woodson alum (though never in any sports), I can say our Soccer would usually be up there, and some of our other sports (I think baseball did pretty well), but we usually crapped the bed in regards to football. In one game, above mentioned Evan Royster ran for something like 200 yards and 5 touchdowns in a half against us. I can say that after four years of watching it. Once every five-ten years we can actually make a good team, and get to Regionals, then go back to sucking. My second year there, we made regionals, and the QB of that team ended up at VT, but mostly on the scout team, but his senior year he got a few snaps (Jeff Beyer if anyone is wondering).

he clearly did that on purpose, but he was just having fun. good luck to him.

Dorktown HS. Meh

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That's cold. But yeah, Yorktown football is really not intimidating in the DMV.

Tweedy can run like a dadgum antelope or whatever. I like to use scalded dog. Do antelopes lumber? Cheetah, OK. He runs like a cheetah. He's fast. - Bud Foster

Heh, I live like 3 miles away from Yorktown. They're not exactly a powerhouse. Didn't even realize that they had a big-name(ish) recruit.


VA represent" ...in North Carolina!

Row Z forever.

This is gonna be of topic from you guys conversation, but i go on this site all the time and read the comments and finally decided to make an account and I was wondering how do I get turkey legs and things of that sort (i know it will sound like a dumb question)

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way off topic, but I always mean to ask.... what do you play? And what kind of guitar(s) do you have?

Never off topic for me, thanks for asking :) I play a little bit of everything. I'm mostly into older stuff like Hendrix, Zeppelin, and Clapton. I started playing guitar right at the same time that I found my dad's record collection, so I learned to play while jamming to vinyl. I mix in a fair amount of DMB when I'm in an acoustic mood, and of course, Metallica on game days.

My main axe is a Fender Fat Strat through a Marshall Valvestate 65W tube/solid hybrid (they don't make them any more). A standard Yamaha 6-string and a Takamine 12-string round out the collection. My next one (one day when I've got the $) will be a Gibson SG.

Fake classes as GPA boosters must be really appealing to a recruit

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There's a fine line between an easy class and a major that's plain bullshit. I hope our recruits see that we don't play the game of 'non-majors' and we take our academics seriously. Not to bash Farrar, but his Sports History class was tailor made as was any other of his classes for athletes, but we're no UNC when it comes to fake classes and programs that auto pass athletes for fun.

You hold your tongue about Dr. Farrar. Best history teacher in academia as far as I'm concerned. Learned a ton from that dude in African American History (had Ronald Vincent Burns (the punter) and Ernest Wilford in my class) and Sports History. At the very least you had to show up and do some projects. I'd say Rocks of Jocks was way easier since Vick would only show up on test days with his "tutor" next to him and pass.

Funny story about Sports History, we were talking about Wilford's drop and some kid was spouting off about "how hard is it to catch the ball". Wilford was in the class and just about decked him. After that day, never saw the kid again.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

Every school has their joke classes. If any recent VT people took Intro to Shakespeare with Harvill, you could attest to how that class was a total joke. Probably easier than any class I took in high school. And over half that class was athletes. Even the elite schools do it. Stanford had a little scandal a few years ago where athletes got a list of joke classes to take. I even met some dude on vacation years ago who was going to play football at UPenn and, not only was he a total meat head, but all he could talk about was how we was going to cheat his way through every class.

That being said, it is so sweet that a school wanting to keep us out of the ACC for being academically inferior got caught up in a massive cheating scandal. A cheating scandal that completely blows our joke classes out of the water. They probably won't ever get in trouble because the NCAA are pussies, but it's fun to see their reputation take a few hits.

Harvill was awesome and would do anything for her students! I also sat next to Ella Greenberg in one of the courses.

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sad to hear...may he rest in peace. always loved his classes.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni