Hokies open as 13.5 favorites over LOLUVa.

Seems a little high to me. What do you guys think?

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That's it? Miami was a 21 point favorite.

Rip his freaking head off!

I think, at this point, the oddsmakers just spin the Wheel-o-Points to determine what our offense will do. No telling who shows up from week to week, unfortunately. Hopefully our guys will have the right mindset closing the regular season against our biggest rivals.

Hopefully, it's a 13-and-a-half Touchdown victory margin.

It's always a great day to be a Hokie

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The fan in me wants to do fist-pumps and relax and prognosticate a VT victory, but other than 38-0 blowout, I don't think we've pounded them by 2 TD's very often, even when our offense was much better. I'd probably tease this up to 19 1/2 if there is another game that had a suspicious line, either that or take UVA plus the points. If UVA wins (the bet, not the game), you celebrate twice as much because VT won and you won cash. If VT blows them out, you won't care about your money (depending on the amount), because honestly who doesn't enjoy a UVA blowout at any price.

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Yep. Pretty much. It's pretty much a win win situation unless UVA wins outright.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Well, there is always that. It would ruin the entire season if we lose to a 2-9 team in the middle of a 4 day weekend filled with leftovers from Thursday.

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more often than not we actually do pound them by 2 TDs:

2012: 17-14
2011: 38-0
2010: 37-7
2009: 42-13
2008: 17-14
2007: 33-21
2006: 17-0
2005: 52-14
2004: 24-10

...so 6 of 9 wins have been by 2 TDs or more, and a 7th win was by 12 points. so really, other than 2008 and 2012, we do beat em by 2 TDs. let's hope the trend continues. Go Hokies & Heels!

for some reason only those two 17-14 games stick in my memory. I think its because I was watching the game thinking "God, we can't lose to UVA". Must just be the triptophan haze of Turkey day glossing over my thoughts on those other blowouts.

Guess I expect to win each game, so if its close, I pay more attention. Turkey leg for your thoughts.

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more importantly, we have scored more than 30 points in each of those games listed that took place in Charlottesville.

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Every time I think about the 2005 and 2011 games I get a little sad. Such good memories. Another 38 point beatdown this year would make me happy again.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Two things stand out to me looking at these scores:
Three times the VT offense has only scored 17 points. Not great offensive production, which might mean that LOLUVA isn't always that bad on defense.
And the second thing is that LOLUVA has only scored more than 14 points ONCE in nine years in their most important game of the season.


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A shut out. A Sam Rogers touchdown. Fuller and Fayscon interceptions. 200 yards rushing, 200 yards receiving. 5+ sacks, and a Hoo Cop arrested for impersonating a coach. Yep, that'll do it.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Could D-Hop lead the way blocking for a Sam Rogers TD. Imagine the celebration in the endzone for that.

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I think this is a tad high given what has happened against less talented teams this season.

Touchdown Tech - Bill Roth

Reminder, UVA OC Steve Fairchild said this summer, "I haven't been heer very long, but UVA shouldn't be losing to a program like Virginia Tech."

That audio clip should be Buds ringtone this week. Make it hurt, Bud.

Let's hope Bud makes him pay for those comments.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Damn that makes my blood boil reading that

Carry Me Back

The fact that AJ Hughes isn't a finalist for the Ray Guy is just ridiculous. Let's hope he lays out all his frustration on those UVA punt returners.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

4th down QB gonna lay the wood this weekend, best believe

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