DT Steve Sobczak Commits to Virginia Tech

This is news via Taft Coghill Jr. of The Free Lance-Star.

It's probably not coincidental that this flip happened the day it was announced JMU Head Coach Mickey Matthews would not return to JMU in 2014.

The basics: He's rated as 2-star prospect by 247Sports, attends Massaponax (is teammates with Vincent Mihota), and according to his Hudl, he's 6-2, 304 pounds. There's film on his Hudl, so I'm sure French will add some notes in the comments below.

Welcome to HokieNation Steve!


The following was added after the original post was published.

Nathan Warters of The Free Lance-Star spoke with Sobczak and provided some solid updates.

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think the firing of their coach had anything to do with this?

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From the tweets posted above, most likely.

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Hope he turns out to be a good one. And I hope we still have room for Nnadi.

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I'm pretty certain VT will do everything they can to add Nnadi to the roster.

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Anyone from the Fredericksburg area i am cool with. Even if they went to Ponax! Go Hokies!


Agreed! Go F'burg!

It was a catch

He will be a grey shirt and enroll in Jan 2015

Edit: my bad. Just saw that this has changed in recent weeks.

well...internet + sources so it has to be 100% true

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Bud Foster must think very highly of him if it's a full scholarship offer. This class is starting to fill up. It'll be interesting to see how the staff works the numbers.

I'm wondering if it's a full scholarship (since I haven't seen elsewhere). Normally, I'd just assume it was, but I can't imagine that he'd choose a JMU schollie over a VT one in the first place, so I wonder a little bit.


Foster has been after him for quite some time. Two things happened recently -

1. Tech changed to the offer from a delayed entry greyshirt to a standard arrive-in-the-fall.
2. JMU's head coach was fired earlier today.

Don't be fooled by the 2-star rating - this kid's film is every bit as good as the film of the top 2014 DTs.

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification & +1 for you. I figured Mickey getting fired today had something to do with it, too.


I was just about to ask that question. I don't follow recruiting very closely, but this seems to be a surprise. How is this going to effect the number of scholarships we have?

The number of scholarships we have available will decrease by 1.

Also, I think they must have plans for him if they wanted him to enroll in fall rather than Jan 2015.

Danny caught that ball.

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2 star DT..... Luther Maddy 2.0?

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Looks like a Fall enrollee for sure -

"Sobczak was originally offered a grey shirt by #Hokies in the summer, but that changed in recent weeks. He will enroll in fall." Nathan Warters (@NathanWarters) November 26, 2013

Nathan covers Virginia Tech and local sports for The Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg, Va.


More tweets from Nathan on Steve S. -

Nathan Warters @NathanWarters 32m
This kid's legit. Was on major schools' radars but committed early. Has lost 50 pounds and playing at high level.

Sobczak on he and Ponax teammate Vinny Mihota: [Bud Foster] said me and Vinny are going to play next to each other and ball out pretty much.

Sobczak says no grayshirt. #Hokies want him to enroll in fall. "That was pretty much the last straw for me to pull the trigger," he said.


Sobczak told me he would not gray shirt. That's why he chose to accept offer.

Playing at 285, down from 330 last yr, he has been an anchor on the int line on def and helped pave the way for Panthers triple opt offense.

All I can say is JMU's loss is our gain, welcome aboard, Steve Sobczak!

It's all about The VPISU
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A couple of thoughts from watching his film:

1) Sobczak is a big kid, but he isn't just a road grader. He is a high school team mate of Vince Mihota, and Massaponax uses Sobczak as a defensive end in some 30 fronts. He has a very nice rip technique and his feet go with his upper body after he defeats a block.

2) Did I mention he is athletic? Massaponax uses Sobczak as a short yardage fullback. And, they do give him the football.

3) Have I said he is more athletic than you think he will be when reading the description? As soon as I think I am impressed, he beats a double team quickly to hit the fullback in the backfield. His feet look like the Road Runner. I love how he steps through his gap and then maintains his leverage.

To me, he looks like the exact kind of defensive tackle that Charley Wiles has liked to use over the last decade. He is a stocky guy who has a good first step, gets into his gap, and is strong enough to keep his gap fit. Worst case, he should be a solid depth player at Virginia Tech. Best case, the Hokies do need a big kid who can play leverage to compliment the smaller quicker tackles that they have in the pipeline like Nigel Williams, Woody Baron, and Ricky Walker. If he can be a productive guy in that role, this is a steal. Nobody else currently on the roster or verbally committed really fits that description. If they can get Nnadi, he will be the shining star, but Sobczak I think will surprise some folks.

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Fat guy touchdowns?

Why is Sobczark only rated as a 2-star?

Because his offer list and hype weren't impressive enough to catch the ratings websites' collective attention is my guess.

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Would have been 3-star automatically if even little ol Kentucky had looked at him. Probably 4 stars if UGA or LSU had shown interest

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Shit, sorry accidental down leg

it's a funny


I think I read somewhere that he didnt do a lot of camps and things of that nature. That seems to be the reason given a lot when we offer a 2star or NR and they end up being a stud.

From my understanding on what many have analyzed the difference between him, nnadi, walker, and brown is miniscule and can be attributed to size and frame a bit?

Correct me if I am wrong please

I would also think that if he committed early to a 1-AA school that would take him off the radar. Don't be shocked if he gets a bump when the final ratings come out.

Wow. Thanks for posting.
He looks like Dadi's meaner younger brother.
He flat went airborne on the ball carrier to make a play downfield.
He makes Sam Rogers nervous.....(blasphemy, I know.)

Some of those highlights, he is lined up across from the hoos Steven Moss and beating him like a drum. This kid looks legit.

It looked like his target was a bit undersized but on the last highlight, he's the right guard pulling left and OBLITERATES the defender. I love that kind of nastiness! Total steamroller vs. soda can scenario.
I was most impressed by the 16th (I think) highlight where the offense runs a screen and as mentioned, I counted him as beat until he goes full airborne to catch the runner. If he can bring that disruption to D-1 level, I think we got a kid gunning for a nickname of his own.

I just want 80,085 turkey legs and then I'll stop.

The Flying Fat Man?

From what I saw in the video, despite his measurables, Thud Butt he ain't.

I just want 80,085 turkey legs and then I'll stop.

I posted that before watching his highlights. Definitely not a Hopkins body type.



I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Glad someone brought this up. When I read the title of the post, this is the first thing I thought of; glad I wasn't alone.

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Really good film, love the effort from that kid. Tackles on bubble screen and a tackle on a slant are big hustle plays coming from the DT spot. He seems to keep his feet moving and uses his hand well. Would like to see him rip more as but his swim move was very effective on tape. He looks a lot better than a 2 star to me and has good size. We might have the next Luther Maddy on our hands and he might have the chance to redshirt.

I like the move. I just hope this move doesn't prevent us from getting NNadi

How do you pronounce his name? Sob-chak?

That's the same question I just asked myself. If commentators struggle pronouncing "Exum", I have no hope in them pronouncing "Sobczak".

Or perhaps Facyson.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

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What are you talking about? There is nothing hard about pronouncing exhume or face-on...

His name is pronounced "Sob-Check", and nobody is going to be disappointed in this young man. He is the real deal and he did beat Moss like a drum all game long!

The Fredericksburg area's football talent is less than stellar. Not a huge fan of this signing

Yet, in one of those highlights he is whipping the top-rated offensive line prospect in the state in his class. I will take it.

For those wondering why the kid was only rated a two star: he played his junior season way too heavy. On film, he looked like a typical big chubby guy that you use to tie guys up. This season, he lost a bunch of weight, improved his technique, and with Vince Mihota dealing with some injury issues, he has been the best defensive lineman on one of the best teams in the state. Again, I am not saying he will turn into Ted Washington here. But, he certainly fits the profile of the type of tackles that you can plug into Bud Foster's system and have them be effective.

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I'm gonna go ahead and trust Bud on this one; seems to me to be a good strategy.

Which wallet is yours?

The one that says "Bad Motherfucker"

Yeah my bad, I should've re-worded my first post. My high school was in the same district as his so I know first hand the talent that he's going up against, and it's not like he's going up against Pheobus or Hampton every week. It's not a knock on the kid because he could very well turn out to be a stud, it's just I take guys who sign from my hometown with a grain of salt

quite the mike london evaluation there

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great movie

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You don't like the area he's from so he must suck, that's the analysis of this signing that you're giving?


The Evergreen District (Wyatt Teller's high school's district) has something to say about bad high school football.


A Super Bowl winning WR from the Ravens thinks other wise.


Looks like a solid under-the-radar signing. Great job by our coaches for recognizing talent and welcome to Hokie Nation, Steve!

This might say something about Kris Harley being on the team next year. I don't think Kris has been dressing for games.

2014 Defensive Tackles:

Nigel Williams, Derrick Nnadi, Steve Sobzczk
Woody Baron, Ricky Walker

Maddy isn't leaving is he?

in Fuller we trust

I'm pretty sure Harley has been dressing for games. I know I saw him recently and thought, "huh, good for him still dressing. May turn a corner late in his career as we see from players occasionally. Stick with it, kid."

Nnadi isn't a commit yet.

Bingo. I hope his getting a Fall offer instead of a greyshirt isn't a sign that the coaches don't expect Nnadi.

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

2014 Defensive Tackles:

Nigel Williams, Derrick Nnadi, Steve Sobzczk
Woody Baron, Ricky Walker

You forgot the one surefire starter... Maddy

Let's try that again...
Maddy, SR
Harley, rJR
Williams rSO
Baron, SO

incoming FR
R. Walker
S. Sobczak
D. Nnandi?

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3 highlights in and baaammm he is an absolute BEAST!! Love the hair...no homo, he looks like the SAM Rodgers of the Defense, absolute tank. Imagine him and Bud and Wiles, that's going to be scary. Love the signing!

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McKinnon, Motuapaka (sp?), Sobczak ... #TeamHair

killer highlight


“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster