Brenden Motley is the new No. 1 QB on the Depth Chart

Editor's Note: It seems like there's a good, old-fashioned, quarterback competition happening in Blacksburg. Historyhokie summed up the relevant information very well, so I bumped his thread to the front rather than creating a duplicate post. --Joe

It's still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay early to be bothering with who the starting QB will be next year, with Brewer not getting on campus until the summer, but interesting to see Brenden Motley listed as the No. 1 QB on the depth chart now.

I'm a little surprised that it's a clear Motley No. 1 and Leal No. 2 situation, and they're not co-No. 1's like Beamer has seemed to do in the past (that's just my memory, and could certainly be wrong).



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Apparently we have a dissenter in the masses


I think Leal, Ford, Durkin, and McMillian all just signed up for TKP and down voted you.


Possibly. Could be David Letterman supporters, though.

More likely fans of Craig Ferguson and Geoff Peterson.


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the plot thickens...

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I mean, it's obviously too early to tell, and Leal's injury didn't help him any. However, I'm sure this will make the summer now even more interesting, if Leal is already moving down the charts.

Motley vs. Brewer. Coming to theaters this August.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

^This. I have a feeling Leal will be buried down the depth chart with those two competing for the job.


I have a feeling that Brewer will be the guy by August.

Sounds like a Supreme Court case name

Marshawn Williams retweeted the news. Guess he's excited.

Do you think players build bias's towards who they want calling the shots?


Gotchas, I figured they do. I wonder if it has any real weight though.


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wow. wasn't expecting this in spring. I am glad to see it, hopefully this will fuel the QB battle.

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I was expecting it about halfway through the 3rd QTR of the Sun Bowl.

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In all seriousness, Motley has been in the program 3 years, and has the same period of time (2 springs) under Loeffler that Leal has. Motley has a big arm, and he gives Loeffler the ability to sprinkle in read-option football that he learned under Urban Meyer. Motley's inconsistent accuracy should improve with repetition and good fundamentals, and he gives Loeffler a guy who can make plays on the move behind an inconsistent offensive line. To me, this isn't surprising.

I would assume that this also means Andrew Ford is heading to a redshirt. If Motley is going to be the #1 at the end of spring, that means that Leal is likely out of the race, and Loeffler will need to give a majority of the fall camp snaps to Motley, Brewer, and Durkin for evaluation. There just are not enough reps available at that point to give Leal and Ford a chance to compete for the job.

That doesn't mean Ford won't be an outstanding QB. But, you can't burn a redshirt year on him to be the backup. Either he is clearly the best QB on the roster and gives you the best chance to win, or you redshirt him. Durkin gives a different element (the bruising inside runner on inverted veer) but if Bucky Hodges and Motley can give Loeffler similar productivity, Durkin will need to have an outstanding camp to avoid a redshirt.

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We have been headed towards Brewer + Leal or Motley as the 2 QB's since the start. Brewer will be here in August and isn't going anywhere. The loser of Leal v. Motley should transfer because they aren't going to play. Then redshirt Durkin/Ford.

So, some clarity. Looks like it will be Brewer/Motley in the fall in one order or another.

Brewer will be on campus by June. I would expect he already has a Loeffler playbook and is likely working the route trees either separately or while waiting at Texas Tech. If Leal loses, a transfer probably doesn't make sense for him unless he is graduating and returning because he would have to sit out a year. If he could do it and get a graduate degree, then it might make sense since the likelihood of Leal turning pro in football is minimal at best.

Have no idea of his academic situation, but one would think he's graduating this may considering that he has been here for 4 years and football players usually take summer classes as well.

VT '15

Yeah, I was assuming Leal is a graduate and will get to play right away. If he hasn't graduated and can't take advantage of that loop hole, that's on him.

Brewer was a 2x Academic All Big 12. Smart kid, polished passing skills, decent mobility. He's a little slight (6'1" 185), but he's still my pick to win this job.


You as always are the man and reach into my mind and articulately express the nebulous ideas I have floating around in my head. I thank you for your sound fundamental analysis and am greatly indebted to you for my newfound football IQ.

One idea crosses my mind. Is it really always a desirable goal to "avoid a redshirt"? Did not Michael Vick take one? I think there are times in the program where redshirt years are available.... affordable to all if you will. Where everyone benefits.

I think this is shaping up to be that kind of situation. We may have a couple of signal callers with experience who can take the reins, and give our future stars time to matriculate. I am excited about this.


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I am sure the kids want to play, hence my comment. Nobody who is a competitor wants to sit out for a year. But the reality is that QB's rarely make an impact as a true freshman. Vick, Manziel, Luck, RGIII... those guys all redshirted. It gives them a year to get stronger and get accustomed to the speed of the game.

That being said, I am not sure how much it aides their development from a fundamental standpoint or knowledge of the offense. Redshirted players (with the exception of years where a redshirted QB would need to burn the redshirt in case of injury, ala Sean Glennon in 2004) work with the scout team, so they are not running the VT offense and the coaches are not working with them outside of individual work. If Ford, Durkin, and McMillian redshirt at the QB spot, they will spend very little time with Loeffler once camp ends. Most of their time will be in the huddle with the GA who runs the scout O executing plays of the other team drawn up on index cards.

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I see what you are saying there and fundamentally I agree. They will still sit in all the meetings and keep learning the offense from that standpoint though. In film study they will see what the current QB did or is doing and will be learning what was the right decision and why. It isn't the same as running the offense but it is still something.

The big thing is even though they run the scout team, they are still seeing a full speed defense. They become acclimated to the speed of the college game with that experience and that is usually the biggest struggle for freshman.

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Don't underestimate the opportunity to get "Gentrified" and pack on some muscle in the weight program. A redshirt year can give them to opportunity to redefine their bodies. (a big plus for Andrew Ford)


That's exactly what's happened with motley, he's definitely put on the muscle needed


CDS, a few months ago, you were claiming Motley should have been moved to free safety because he was wasting his elgibility as a quarterback.

Now, he's in good position to enter fall camp as the #1 QB. Here's the reality of this QB race: Ford/Leal/Brewer are pocket passers, while Durkin / McMillian are inverted veer guys. Motley can be both. Motley is the best combination of a runner and passer, and I think that is what will set him apart from the rest of the competition. Motley has the arm to run the pro-style stuff, and the athleticism to run the option stuff that Loefller has shown he likes. Ford / Brewer / Leal won't be running the speed option looks we saw in the last scrimmage.

Motley will allow Loeffler to have a wide open playbook, without substituting any personnel.

This board is best when it doesn't devolve into a bunch of "you said this, I said that" discussions. That's what brought TSL down.

Motley is a good athlete and will be facing a more accomplished QB in the August practices. If Brewer beats him out, there is still some merit that Motley should have been moved and we could have went into 2014 with Brewer backed up by Leal. At this point, our QB situation is such that it seems like we need to keep everyone we can to see if anything or anybody can shake out.

Brewer is coming in May.

I'd hope that Leal would stay in the fall to compete, I'm sure that Loeffler is still staying with the mantra that it's a competition through the fall.

It might be a competition but in all LEALity he might have to pack his bags or come up with some serious skills in the summer.

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I'm not sure why people are anxious for him to pack his bags if he doesn't win the job. If Leal doesn't win the job, a 5th year backup QB that can give some knowledge to whoever becomes the starter is great for the program.

It would possibly take reps away from Brewer but I have a feeling Ford and Durkin will just be taking scout team reps anyways.

I'm not asking him to pack his bags but after seeing Logan come in and take the job and now another guy take the job wouldn't it be hard to stay and be positive? I mean mentally that has to be hard to swallow. (haha insert jokes here)

And as mentioned before Motley has been in the same system just as long as Leal so how much help would Leal really be. Just seems like it would be of best interest if he wants to play to go somewhere else, but if he is fine signaling in plays/ being a second set of eyes on the QB for info I am 100% ok with that.

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I don't think it would be hard to swallow at all. If Leal actually had NFL aspirations, he would have transferred long ago. I have no factual information to back it up, but I can't imagine a kid who only plays in his final year of college (a QB especially) being picked up unless he were to win the Heisman or some other major national award. Otherwise, what's the point in transferring? Just so you can pout about not getting the starting position?

I'm just thinking about it from Leal's perspective. If he's 2nd now, he'll likely be third by August. A third string 5th year QB isn't a great situation to be in. If he wants to play and he's graduated, he's earned that transfer and we all wish him the best of luck.

I hope he stays and competes, but if he leaves, I'd understand.

Why would he have to pack his bags if he doesn't win the starting job? Maybe he loves the team...loves the school, loves his teammates. Not everyone gets a chance to start in their career. I doubt he has NFL aspirations. If he is the backup, he might be an injury away from a chance to redeem himself and end his college career in a blaze of glory.

How about we stop talking about EVERY SINGLE player who is not #1 on the depth chart, transferring...lets just appreciate the fact that we have some depth and a fall back plan if someone were to get hurt.


he wouldn't have to pack his bags, but the athlete side of me is saying I love this team and coaches and everything about it but I would be willing to go somewhere else mid major div 1 team and play rather than sitting for all 5 years of my career. It's nothing against Leal, it just would come down to would he want to play or be a close 2nd string with the chance to play.

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Motley has a big arm, and he gives Loeffler the ability to sprinkle in read-option football that he learned under Urban Meyer. Motley's inconsistent accuracy should improve with repetition and good fundamentals, and he gives Loeffler a guy who can make plays on the move behind an inconsistent offensive line.

So, we basically have the same quarterback as last year just not as good?

Just my opinion, but I don't think you can read that into what French posted.

Eh motley is differently athletic than Logan. We ran a lot more speed options last Saturday than I have seen in awhile and he is more of a threat on the edge while Logan was more of a bruiser. Its a different dynamic I think.

Watching him during the scrimmage, it looks like Motley gets up to speed faster than Logan did. So while he may not be quite as physical as LT3, he very may be able to make some defenders miss just by getting the edge and turning it upfield.

We'll jump so hard we'll break the bleachers.

Several folks have written things like, "We will never know how good LT3 would have been if Loeffler had been his QB coach for four years."

With Motley, maybe we get a sense for the answer to that question?

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To an extent, maybe. Just keep in mind that Thomas and Motley are two very different human beings.

Whoa, wait, what? I lost you there

we basically have the same quarterback as last year just not as good?

If we look at it just in terms of physical ability... unquestionably Logan Thomas is more gifted than Motley. Hell, Thomas just had EASILY the best work out for a quarterback at the combine. No way Motley duplicates those numbers.

That doesn't mean that Motley couldn't put up better numbers than Thomas put up last year though. A quarterback who is smart with the football (read: doesn't throw interceptions in the red zone), has the ability to make defenders miss and pick up yardage on broken plays, and has the intelligence to consistently pick out the correct receiver could put up good numbers in a Loeffler offense.

However, I do agree with Choppinwood's point that as of right now Motley has a similar, but less impressive, skill set than Logan Thomas.

Agree with you....Logan is clearly the most physically gifted QB heading into the draft. Forty time, vertical leap....size...hell, he even threw the ball 60 mph on the radar, the fastest ever. The guy is a physical freak.

That being said...I look forward to the QB competition this summer.
I still think Brewer has a good shot at winning the job also. I know Brewer is small, but he was a rated Dual Threat QB also (higher rated than Manziel), so he is not necessarily a pure pocket QB.


I still think Brewer has a good shot at winning the job


That's who I think has the largest chance of winning the job.

That is exactly what I have been thinking all along. Knowing Beamer, I think Durkin is also heading for redshirt land.

Something inside of me keeps saying that we will see a lot of Durkin this fall. Leoffler is definitely a straight shooter and Durkin claimed early playing time as a reason for his commitment.


IIRC, Loeffler guaranteed him a chance to compete for playing time. Most schools assume true freshmen won't play. Loeffler offered a competition. If Durkin impresses the coaches, he'll see some playing time, but beyond that, I don't think we should read too much into it.

To piggy back on this, I remember Durkin stating that if he stayed at MSU, he wouldn't really be in an opportunity to play until at least his Junior year. So being promised an opportunity to compete his first year with some expectation of a redshirt (almost all freshman should expect a redshirt to some degree) and even greater opportunity to contribute as a redshirt freshman was highly attractive to him.

He's no good to me dead.

This kid is a baller. And he has serious fire for the position.

I was really scared he might end up at Ga Tech. He was a pretty easy plug-in to their offense, would have been absolutely deadly to us there -- he could have been Josh Nesbitt all over again, and you can only break so many arms before your football program starts getting a bad reputation (I kid).

That he decided to do what was hard instead of what was easy tells you a whole lot about his competitive spirit. That he is now listed as No. 1 tells you more about his intelligence and his physical tools.

This kid is on a course to surprise a lot of people in a good way, and I couldn't be happier for him or for VT to have this kind of guy representing the team and the University.

Motley seems like the type of QB that will be unstoppable in NCAA 15.

Oh, wait.


Leal passed for almost 5000 yards and won the Heisman in NCAA I think you are all writing him off too quickly.


A couple weeks ago, I noted that Leal was the best QB on campus, and it wasn't even close. After watching a few more practices, as well as the last 2 scrimmages, I feel I worded that incorrectly. Leal is far and away the best passer on the team. He gets the ball from point A to point B more accurately and consistently than Motley and has a touch more arm strength than Ford. However, especially after Satuday, I am becoming more and more convinced that Motley is the better quarterback. Important distinction. Leal still has difficulty recognizing basic coverages (especially knowing where the safeties are, which is pretty much day 1 of QB 101) and isn't particularly mobile, as French mentioned above.

Ford is still learning and the game is still slowing down for him. I think a redshirt year is perfect for him, and there's no shame in that (shoot, even a couple outstanding QBs out of Stanford and Baylor took redshirt years). I think he'll be in a great position to compete for the starting spot in a year or two.

Now, we get to Motley. I think he's shown the best decision-making and definitely the best athleticism out of anyone on the roster. He, like Thomas before him, makes the offense more difficult to defend than any other VT QB. His biggest issue, again similar to LT3, is his accuracy and consistency. Going back to French's post, more reps and more time with Lefty will help him iron out some of those kinks. Apart from that, he's got a good arm, runs the option well (both physically and mentally) and most importantly he takes care of the football. Should he hold off Brewer (and Leal for that matter), he'll throw some picks, he'll miss some reads, but overall I think he'll be a very good quarterback for the Hokies. Watching him throw last fall, I thought there might be a slim chance he'd end up as a starter, and how nice of him to make me look smart. Here's to a strong finish this spring and an excellent summer and fall camp.

With the caveat that I missed the first open scrimmage, I think Motley is the best we currently have. I do wonder about the passing game as a whole and how it will be structured. I was looking for the 7 yd. stick and didn't see one during the second scrimmage, and I didn't see a lot of the "triangle" passing elements that Mason opened up for us last offseason. We saw a lot of boot action, some slants and drags, but I was missing some of the complexity that I expected. All of these observations were made from memory, so I could be wrong about what I saw. Do we think this is due to the QB's not being ready to implement this, and how much does that hurt our offense as we move forward?

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You should watch the post-scrimmage videos featuring Bud and Torrian - they seem to indicate they've been seeing a lot more in the closed practices than we've been seeing in the open scrimmages.


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Thank you!

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

Man listening to Torrian talk about the shifts and how many different looks they are seeing made me salivate. The reference to 3 tight ends also made me smile. We may not win it all or win the ACC but I get the feeling this offense is going to be entertaining as hell to watch and analyze.

Keep in mind that this is spring football. Complexity isn't exactly the name of the game, especially in open scrimmages.

"Most importantly he takes care of the football" is a really stepping out on a limb with a chain saw IMHO. Participating in a controlled scrimmage is a lot different than having 100% of the offense start with you getting a snap and 60% with you personally trying to do somenthing with it against angry young men who want to kill you. He gets one red chip in the pile for Saturday. I agree he may be better than Leal (see Sun Bowl) but after he gets hit 25-30 times running the option and passing, he may make a mistake. It's not like he will make them every other play but LT got bashed for making some critical ones (hello BC) and RW got to cry on the bench when he lost a game for us (hello UNC). Even TT threw a touchdown to Kansas in a close game. Thank goodness MV never made one (was I sleeping when he fumbled 4th and goal in MNC?).

MV had a first down already when he fumbled in the MNC 4th quarter. I collapsed on that play, SO DARN CLOSE!

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If you'd be so kind, go back and read the end of my post. If he wins the job, he's going to make mistakes. There will be interceptions, that's just part of football. My point is that, relative to the rest of the QBs in Blacksburg, he throws the football to the right jerseys. Even against the first-team defense, he didn't throw anything that was close to an INT. He can read coverages and has a good understanding of what he can and cannot get away with. That's good enough for me right now.

I'm student teaching at Christiansburg High School right now with the music program. Motley was in choir while he was here and quite a few have been talking about him competing for the job recently - I'm sure everyone will be super excited to hear this news. (i won't play it up too much due to Brewer coming in, but it's super awesome he's moving up the depth chart!)

Even more good news for Motley...the VT Choir coaches just released the depth chart and Motley is #1 at the Alto position.


A 6'4" dude singing alto in a college chorus? Ew.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Didn't you know the Bee Gee's were all well over 6'" tall??


Alto's a female part! Strictly speaking, of course.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I appreciate the correction before i had to haha

I will only judge Motley by his play at QB...I am not going to judge him by his extremely high pitched singing voice.

At least he has something to fall back on if the football gig doesn't work out....


This doesn't surprise me at all after hearing about the way the spring has progressed.

I'm betting we'll see 1-2-3 of Motley - Brewer - Leal at the beginning of the season with Ford and Durkin redshirting.

In my opinion, Brewer probably wasted a transfer on VT. That he won't arrive for a few more months just means he'll be buried further on the depth chart/he'll be farther behind Motley when he gets to campus. I don't expect him to see much playing time in Blacksburg.

I could be totally wrong, though. He might come in and light the world on fire, but it's looking to me like Motley is the QB of the near future with Ford and Durkin being the developmental guys for backups next year and starter(s) 3 or 4 years from now. Brewer probably has one year as a 2nd stringer in his future.

You might be right, but I think it's way too early to say that. Brewer not only has the most FBS game experience of any QB on the roster, but he is only a r-JR this year and has two years of eligibility remaining. His in game stats, while limited, were fairly promising as well (in 58 attempts he's thrown for 5 TDs, 0 INTs, and 70% completions). Up to this point, I've personally felt like Brewer would eventually win the job. I feel less confident in that as Motley continues to emerge as a serious contender in the QB1 race, but the competition is far from decided.

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Give him a chance, HorseOnATreadmill. VT is one of the top programs in the country with a true opening at QB. He's a solid QB, and he has a chance to start. A good chance at that.

And, Loeffler developed Tom Brady. It wasn't a stupid decision; it was the best given play, given the cards at hand.

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I know it's early, but I think we need to see these guys, each, in actual game situations. Opening with William and Mary should allow the coaches to pick one of the 3 to be the guy. I'd say give each 4 or 5 drives, play-call to their respective strengths aggressively, and see what happens.

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I'm happy to see this, not because I dislike Leal, but because it shows the coaching staff isn't going to take seniority into play... Which in the long run, will not only help decide who is the best QB to run the offense, but also helps shape the future of the program.

VT 12'... Exit light, Enter night.

Same thing is happening on OL... two starters from last year have dropped on the depth chart.

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Interesting development, but one I've been expecting/hoping for.

Should make things very exciting in the Fall!

It is still way too early to speculate. A couple months ago we all had Ford pegged as our guy, then we were surprised by the Durkin flip. We had the Ford/Durkin debate, then Brewer transfers in. Boom. Brewer became the guy. Then practice started and Leal was back on top. A couple weeks later it's Motley... but it could be Brewer in a couple months. Ahh!!!

Honestly, I don't know who I am pulling for. I appreciate a guy like Leal sticking around this long but I would like to prepare for the future and having three different QB's in three years isn't smart. Especially with our upcoming schedule. Oh, I forgot to mention the 5 Star guys that are still considering VT which could change the outlook entirely.

I wouldn't say we all had Ford (or Durkin) pegged, but the amount of fans who were behind that scenario was mind-boggling.

The only true freshman to ever start in the Beamer bowl era was Tyrod Taylor (splitting time w/ Glennon). Tyrod was an elite talent. Comparing 18 yr old Tyrod to Ford or Durkin isn't even fair.

If the QB battle had been won by either Ford or Durkin - I would say that the bowl streak would have been in real jeopardy - and it would have said a lot about how poor the back-up options were.

Having Brewer transfer here was a real game changer. The competition will push Motley to become better each day. The QB battle between those two this summer will be fun to watch.

Any 5 star guys that are considering us would be 2015 (or later) recruits, so they wouldn't affect the 2014 roster.

Yeah, I know. I was thinking long term. As in, 5 star guy goes in an starts right away in 2015 (no exactly probable, but still possible).

Who are these 5 star guys you are talking about?


Clearly the answer is Sam Rogers. Or #AnyFullerForQB.

I like what the coaching stuff is doing. If Leal wants to be the guy , he has to show what he got. In a real competition, nothing is handed to you and age doesnt matter. You've got to earn it.

look at everyone jump on the Motley bandwagon. one the one hand, everyone says don't read into the spring QB #1 or whatever and on the other hand, they are saying Leal should transfer. This means nothing in the grand scheme of the spring other than rewarding Motley for what he did LATELY with Leal sitting out the scrimmage. If that changes in a day, will everyone tell motley to transfer.

Gotta love the internet, where one or two people = "everyone".


I think the point was that if Leal isn't going to start he would want to transfer because he is a senior, and has one season left.. whereas Motley could lose the starting job to Leal or Brewer and still have more more years of eligibility left

Yes...if next weeks depth chart has Leal at #1, some people will say Motley needs to move to safety or transfer.


I think it is way too early to think Motley is the guy. I also get the feeling that Loeffler has gone out of his way to say that the competition doesn't start until Brewer and Durkin are on campus. I get the feeling the Loeffler thinks Brewer is the guy. I predict Brewer, Motley, Leal, with Durkin and Ford redshirting.


Agreed, too early to tab Motley, although I think he and Brewer will have a real competition this summer. Leal could still surprise, but not likely. Ford Redshirts and probably Durkin as well. Its good to see the coaching staff is serious about real competition, look at the OL & RB situations. Am REALLY excited about M Williams.


Interesting development. I'm not going to try to read too much into it, but it is a departure from what we've become accustomed to, i.e. "the senior guy gets the job." It says to me that, for right now, Motley is outplaying Leal. It's not just due to the injury. Now is Motley's chance to roll with the 1's and prove he belongs. Whatever happens, all I hope is that the best signal-caller is on the field and ready to lead the team this year, whether it's Motley, Leal, Brewer, or whoever. I'm excited to see what Ford and Durkin can do, but I have to imagine they redshirt, unless one of them starts to light the world on fire.

If he holds onto #1 through the summer and into fall, I know what we'll be calling the offense.


I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

If Motley wins that would Kickstart My Heart...


Beat me to it!

Leg for you


Perhaps a Dr. Feelgood if he gets a W at Buckeye Stadium

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I guess we are all assuming that McMillian doesn't get a shot. French wrote some pretty good things about him...


This point by vhokie shows that this QB competition is far from over. This is a snapshot in time. Loeffler is doing what every good OC does in a Spring Practice. He is motivating the team by showing the state of the competition at that moment in the process. This will change, we should keep watching, enjoy, and not over analyze it.

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Every comment by Loeffler is that he is waiting for the 2 QBs to come this summer. I think he's pretty much changing positions. He says the "2 guys" part at around 33 seconds.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

I think Loeffler is also sending a message to his current #1 QB not to get too comfortable because there are others waiting in the wings.

This is the scenario I've been waiting to see for quite some time - a fully stocked stable of QBs with different skill-sets competing for the starting job - two r-seniors (Brewer and Leal), a r-soph (Motley), and three true freshmen (Ford, Durkin, and McMillian).

Just a quick note: Brewer is coming in as a r-Jr and is immediately eligible to play, as he'll graduate from Texas Tech in a few weeks. So we've actually got 2.5 freshmen (as others have pointed out, Lefty only mentioned 2 guys coming in, so I'm guessing that means Durkin and Brewer), a r-soph a r-junior and a r-sr. Not a bad way to make sure the depth chart gets filled out the right way.

Pure speculation, but I believe this means Loeffler will go with either Brewer or Motley and thus wants Leal to have a chance to transfer so he can play out his eligibility as a starting QB. I may be wrong, but I think it is more of a courtesy to Leal than Motley being the clear front-runner.

🦃 🦃 🦃

All depends on whether Leal is on track to graduate this academic year.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

This is his 4th academic year so he should be in line to graduate or else he should probably have been suspended at some point for not being academically eligible.

Rip his freaking head off!

You have to take 12 credits/semester in order to keep your standing, right? If so, it's possible for him to only be at 96 after this spring and not eligible to graduate with his sociology degree. Of course, this disregards summers.

If I'm lowballing that compliance figure, let me know.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

6 credits each summer session is 12 per summer. So far with 3 summers that is 36 added to that 96 so he'd be at 132 which would mean he has already graduated.

Only if he took the correct credits to satisfy the requirements of his major.

AKA The North End Zone this fall:


I'm glad to see Motley at #1 and have been rooting for him but know anything can change. Program prospective I contend that the RS-Soph that has 2 years of experience in the offense and 3 years of eligibility left could be better than the RS-SR w/ same 2 year of experience in the offense and only 1 year left if their play is about equal. Motley also being 6-4 220lb and athletic gives more versatility to the offense in running the QB.

If Leal wins it then I'm all for him, as well as if anyone else wins it, but if its close between him and Motley think you have to go with the guy that's around for a couple more years of development since he has the higher ceiling.

Brewer could come out as a world beater w/ knowledge gained from coaching under Morris/Kingsbury or he could come in as a guy that couldn't beat out a freshman and only threw 58 passes in mop-up duty. Brewer doesn't have experience with the playbook or WRs. Also everyone says that Ford needs time to grow but forgets that Brewer is only 183 pounds according to his bio. I'd love for him to come in and do well but just trying to put a little bit of skepticism out there. Even though he was only a 3 star QB out of HS he was rated above one Johnny Manziel kid as a dual threat QB out of Texas.

As for the freshman, I think most time if a program has to start a true freshman at QB that it spells trouble. I think it takes a bit of time for even QBs that come out ranked as 5 stars that everyone believes in to develop. Ford still needs to go through physical development it seems and Durkin seems to need some work on mechanics while never having been in a college practice.

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure the guy taking snaps August 30th will be our least for that game

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I agree...if the starter can make sure our team scores more than our opponents every game, I'm pretty sure we'll have a good season.

Only if our offensive rankings are high.

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Funniest part is that Madden said this on a fourth down.

I do not doubt the Madden.

People make fun of him a lot, but at least he was funny. I hated listening to idiots like Kornheiser who spent the whole time talking about anything but football.

Rip his freaking head off!

I absolutely loved him joking on himself in that football comedy movie with the hot cheerleader a few years ago.

Are you talking about "The Replacements" with Keanu?


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I'm not so sure.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

We get to see what Mark Leal the competitor is made of now. As the anticipated starter I'm sure this move is also somewhat of a motivational shot across the bow for Leal. Based on everything I've heard it definitely is warranted and speaks to the upside Motley can bring even if the consistency isn't there yet. Hopefully this pushes Leal instead of resulting in him checking out.

This is great news that finally Coach Beamer is finally allowing his offensive coaches to play the younger guy over the veterans. In the past we would not see this many young guys on top of the depth chart or even being considered as a starter. Did anyone notice how far Bret Benedict has fallen on the depth chart?

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I remember watching Motley's highlight reel and saying he was like a modified version of Tyrod, in a good way. Glad to see he's finally getting to where he should be.

Wow we discover we have many choices. I admire Leals ability to throw the ball. I think Motley does need to get his accuracy fine tuned(if possible). My predictions for starting QB:
Motley back-up I think will be much better at running the option than LT was and he is loaded with guts.
Ford RS
Durkin No clue. Depends on how they want to use him.

Also, I realize I don't know what I am talking about.


When Brewer come to the 'burg...shit 'bout to get real.

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LOVE IT. From what I've seen, Leal could do an okay job; Motley could do an okay job; Brewer has game experience and I assume he could do an okay job; Durkin looks like a great fit for certain packages. Plus, I don't doubt at all that Andrew Ford will be a highly competent starter in two years.

When was the last time there was a competition for QB1 that us fans didn't already know the answer to? It wasn't Tyrod v. Glennon, that's for sure.

Looking at this team right now: Stable of backs (although some unproven - Shai and Marshawn). Stable of QB options working with a competent coach. Oline that is getting actual coaching. Emerging talent at WR. Loads of potential at TE. Bud foster.

Hmmmmm......I say we're going to at least challenge for the coastal next year until the last week or two of the regular season and I don't doubt that we give anOSU a run for their money at minimum.

2015 = ACC title and Playoff or BUST.

Oh, I'm all f***in' fired up.

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No way Jerry is making that swing after getting bashed in the head like that. Tom seems like he's winning this one.


I think Jerry hits Tom in the shins first, which then prompts Tom to hit Jerry, which cause the bulldog to miss.

How is Spike the one not hitting anybody? I mean, he never was a true main character, but still...

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

call me crazy but after listening to SL's interview last night got me thinking one of the 2 guys here know will play his way out of the competition by the end of spring. SL hinted that 1-3 people will split reps and they will go from there, with that said it sounds like the 2 guys coming in will get a fair chance but for now its Motley vs Leal for that 3rd spot.

This might be 100000% wrong but just the feeling I got. Its like a 2 phase competition, one in the spring to narrow it down to 3 in the summer/fall. I also have a feeling if its not Leal the coaches will let him know and if he graduates this year he can transfer and play right away. So that is another thing to look out for

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Right...Leal and Mangus can either transfer or convert themselves to tight end.


where did I mention mangus. bro just calm down. I know how transferring works in athletics, I did it myself. I knew by start of summer to start looking way before it was out on forums/blogs/espn. I'm not saying he has to transfer or he sucks so he should.What I'm saying is that the coaches know the competitive spirit in the players and they want to be upright and honest.

I wouldn't be surprised if this topic has been discussed before, hey mark if things don't work out what would your thought process be, we would love to have you but also know that you want to play/be in the best place possible to succeed. If that is at Virginia Tech awesome we would love to keep you, if not we completely understand. Why not let the kid make the decision whether to leave or not.

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Dude, I am joking around. I am not cranky at all. Just busting on you man.


Mangus was a reference to the Mangus transferring thread from yesterday...not at you.


legs, that post was funny to me as well, especially since it was mentioned in AB's chat that day

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Yeah, I had 1st question of the day for AB's chat...That was me who asked "Is it too early to talk about converting Motley to tight end?"


bahaha i loved it!

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I had a question relating RVD to Barquell Rivers.

I also harassed Andy by asking for a timeout in the middle of the chat and signing the name Mike London.

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(I made this earlier today and have been looking for a chance to share it.)


I wasn't able to find a picture of London calling timeout for it, but I figured Ron Cherry was an acceptable substitute.

I've noticed you've mentioned a few times that you are/were a student-athlete. Would you mind sharing what sport, position, and schools? I've been curious, but always forgot to ask and don't think I've ever seen you mention it. I always find your perspective on the various student-athlete topics interesting given that you seem to be one of the few here that have first-hand experience.

played football D1 as a kicker and also D1 soccer. Played at the University of Akron in Ohio

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The Zips!!

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zip go the zippers

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*Insert #SpecialstProbs joke about kickers not really being athletes here*

Also, #PunterSwag

Cool. So, in your professional amateur opinion, does icing the kicker actually work?

Depending on where you go, you can look up the statistics on icing the kicker.

I think it's become so common place that the thought of not icing the kicker would be a little more rattling. How many kicks have we seen where the kicker gets iced but follows through and misses...only to kick again and sail it through the uprights?

I would think as a kicker, you would just expect to be out there for a time out...and let people just know, don't come up and talk to me when it happens.

Dang did you play under Caleb Porter? He had some really good teams there

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yes I did, Caleb was awesome and I had the best 4 years of my life at Akron. A national Championship and 4 MAC titles, 4 NCAA appearances and plenty of fun.

And it depends on icing the kicker, honestly the worst is when people come up to you during that timeout and give you the confidence speech, its like yes I know I have this kick so don't make me over think it. I also liked to double triple quadruple check the plant foot grass to make sure it was clean enough/nice enough for me and les miles to eat it/kick off of it.

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Wait... then shouldn't your name be CPtaughtMe?

ohh i see what you did there.... legs for days!

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Dang...I always thought you were Bruce Smith....oh well.


I think you are right, we are winnowing QB's now. That said, I think even if Motley wins the spring, Leal will have a small opportunity during the summer to show if he has improved or not. He will be the only senior QB on the team and will deserve a last shot before being sentenced to career backup.

I think that if Leal wants to play as a starter at the college level he will be treated just as you say. It will be very very dificult to break out as the starter at Tech.


Even if someone isn't a starter, it doesn't mean they aren't talented or unneeded. Some players will have to wait their turn, and that's okay.

I always look at David Wilson from 2009-2011. He had a few contributions in 09 and 10', and finally had is breakout season in 2011. Having depth isn't bad.

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Having depth isn't bad.

Said no Kardashian, ever.

well...given their history, that could be something they would say...if you know what I mean

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

See what y'all did there.

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As long as we don't forget about the other guy:

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