Luther Maddy Will Return For His Senior Season

Junior Luther Maddy, who was named Third-Team All-ACC (ACSMA and Coaches), and has started 29 games at defensive tackle will return for his senior season.

Losing both Luther and Derrick Hopkins would have been a lot of muscle inside for Bud Foster to replace.

One more year / Not yet, NFL


Here's to a Maddy/Nnadi/Dadi (&CoreyMarshall) front this year.

This sounds like the Dwarf introductions from the Hobbit. Ohh the irony!

Where's the beef?


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Now the question...does he move to QB or TE?!

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You know, the defensive attrition doesn't seem quite so bad... Our major D holes (did I say that!!) might be pretty much limited to LB.

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Agreed, really need a healthy Van Dyke to step up.

Where's the beef?


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Well, alright Luther. Let's get that Championship! This is great news.

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It's so awesome that we can lose 3/4 starters and still have the DL be a strength

Reload. Never rebuild a Bud Defense.

Big props 92. Gonna be a special season!


he got tackled right in front of me (albeit i was in section 25) and i was so upset...I was hoping that would be the end of the game take it in big man take it in! Then at practice the next week I asked him why he didn't score and he said "a big man like me doesn't score touchdowns"

As a hokie, "Fuck Yeah!!" On the other hand, football really is a take your money and run when you can sport so I hope everything works out for the best.

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