Adonis Alexander Commits to Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech hasn't lost any steam on the recruiting trail in July.

Soon enough he'll be tracking down the ball carrier in maroon and orange.

The Hokies added their eighth commitment for the 2015 recruiting class today when 247Sports 3-star safety Adonis Alexander (Independence; Charlotte, North Carolina) announced for Virginia Tech.

Alexander had offers from seven other schools, including Wake Forest, Appalachian State and East Carolina, but the Hokies won out thanks to their commitment to keeping him at his preferred position.

"What put me over the edge was that VT wanted to keep me at safety," he said. "Other schools wanted me to move to linebacker or defensive end, but I really wanted to play safety."

Alexander announced the decision today on Twitter, but actually had a hard time letting Tech's coaches know the good news.

"I tried to call Coach (Shane) Beamer, but he didn't pick up," he said.

Instead, he had to track down a number for recruiting coordinator Bryan Stinespring to give him the good news.

"I was able to call him and he said he'd give Beamer the news as soon as he could," Alexander said.

Alexander seemed very positive about Tech's chances as recently as a few days ago, and he confirmed that a recent visit to campus really solidified his beliefs.

"My visit there for the spring game really impressed me," he said. "I really liked the atmosphere."


Awesome. Glad to have you on board!!

"Give me a fu¢king beer", Anonymous Genius

absolutely loving July

welcome to VT!

Christmas in July!!

Another win for the HOKIES!! My Saturday just got a lot better.

July is a wonderful month so far. Welcome to Hokie Nation, Adonis! Great choice, if I do say so myself.

Hell yeah, let's do a flyby!


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Always Sunny in Blacksburg when you get a committ

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Nice job getting quotes from Adonis so quickly, Alex. TKP is LEGIT now.

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Another solid player to the hokie 2015 recruiting class.

Good get, possibly a future Kam type player. I'd bet that he gets a few other BCS type offers soon.

Next up is Deshawn McClease hopefully. Want to get that Oscar Smith pipeline established.

So we landed him because we're keeping him at his same position. That's a good feeling.

Kind of funny when you look at the comments on the other thread about Adonis talking about vt moving kids around and whether or not kids choose to pick tech or not because of that.

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To be fair, he could play nickleback/whip, which has become a DB/LB hybrid position. Foster can call it a CB, S, or LB. It doesn't really matter, just needs to be able to cover man and attack the run.

🦃 🦃 🦃

Congrats to him! Now he doesn't have to play for the Cleveland Browns anymore...

Food for thought, though: we don't have a single offensive commit in this recruiting class. I know we were offense heavy last year, but still....

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. WE lost out on both local OL 3 Star Chance Hall (Tenn) out of roanoke and 4 Star (USCs) out of Lexington. We have a stable of Qb's and TB's but we could always use more WR and OL.

Pour some Beer on it

but we could always use more WR and OL

You're right, but we do have a lot of youth and depth at those two positions specifically. I didn't realize quite how much myself until I pulled up the roster on HokieSports.

Well played.

Pour some Beer on it

Well alright then. Well played good sir.

Pour some Beer on it

Since no one else cares beyond this group, I was actually chopping wood when he tweeted. Self five!

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Nice. Have this to celebrate:

Now please make sure to be chopping wood when Josh Sweat is going to be announcing his choice. Clearly you are good luck.