Buzz Williams Discusses Hokies Hoops on the ACC Digital Network

Buzz Williams made an appearance on the ACC Digital Network.

The ACC posted a couple of video clips of Buzz Williams discussing the rebuilding job he inherited at Virginia Tech. My main takeaways are: 1) He believes everyone (himself, players, fans, etc...) need to get better (and he's right), and 2) Wins and losses won't define progress.

How Will Buzz Williams Improve At Virginia Tech?

Virginia Tech's Buzz Williams On The Future Of Hokies Hoops


For a coach whos been recruiting very hard and putting a new team together, Buzz looks really relaxed on TV. I wish him success ASAP.

I'm going out on a limb and saying that making the dance with regularity probably gives you a bit more practice at getting comfortable under the lights.

Buzz has different parameters for success than just W/L record, though he'll keep focus on that as well. He's tasked with building a program from scratch, essentially. I think folks will need to adjust their perspectives to keep up with Buzz this season. Personally, I am very excited about it, and willing to accept some ugliness along the way because he makes it apparent he knows what he is doing.

For those interested in the Assistants, they have finally announced them on Hokiesports. The staff is as big as I have ever seen and I believe with Sharon Spradlin leaving, they are also looking for a new Administrative Assistant.

he basically just stole/took everyone from Marquette and said hey guys come with me to the promise land! We can all #Whitness this amazing school and with the Sandsman we have nothing to worry about.

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...that's definitely the Buzz on the street.

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The only one that seems out of the ordinary to me is Steve Thomas, but I am going to read between the lines and guess they have a connection through Buzz affiliation with Nike.

I am surprised that Buzz didn't bring in someone with a bit more experience than McNeilly to be his third assistant coach but he does come in knowing Buzz' expectations and system which is a big plus to get things moving forward.

I agree that this is the largest published basketball staff I think I have ever seen but the closer to one to one ratio of staff to players the better as we look to rebuild our program completely.

Yeah apparently he just showed up about 3-4 days ago. With the size of this staff, it is growing Women's Basketball as well as they will be given 1 or 2 positions to hire for. Plus, Lisa Strack left for an assistant job with Army, so anyone with video experience, there is an opening.

I wonder if McNeilly was brought in due to his international experience and connections (Germany, Canada, etc.).

he totally won me over even more with the plaid

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"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

I think this guy might be really, really smart.