Catching Up with 2015 Commitment DuWayne Johnson

Last Sunday evening I spoke with 6-1, 160 pound H.D. Woodson defensive back DuWayne Johnson. Johnson committed to the Hokies on February 8th while attending a Virginia Tech junior day event.

Although, he didn't intend on giving his verbal while on the trip. "When I went down there, I had no idea... I didn't plan on committing when I was in town. It just happened."

DuWayne attributed a comfortable familiarity for accelerating his decision. "When I was younger, I used to go down to Blacksburg a lot." DuWayne's father, Wayne Johnson, is a longtime assistant / defensive backs coach at H.D. Woodson. DuWayne told me he and his dad would travel to Tech to watch former Woodson standouts like Roland Minor, William Walls, and Josh Morgan.

Additionally he noted, "I like the campus and stuff a lot .... there was just something about it when I went."

Aaron Moorehead was DuWayne's primary recruiter. "I have a good relationship with Coach Moorehead. Him and Coach Gray are both cool guys. We talk about football, but most of the time we're not even talking about football. They're asking what I've been up to."

Is that... Bud Foster smiling? (Photo via DuWayne Johnson, @fitch_Boss)

As with most defensive backs that eventually sign at Tech, right now Tech's staff wants DuWayne at corner.

He told me his strongest assets on the field are ball instincts and confidence.

DuWayne's trying to add some more muscle to his frame before beginning his college career, which might come sooner rather than later. "I'm planning on enrolling there early, because they want me to enroll early. So I still have some time to add weight."

According to DuWayne, a lot of schools previously pursuing him have indicated that they'll continue to recruit him. He said he has scholarship offers from Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina, Auburn, and Colorado among others. However, he told me, "I'm firm with Virginia Tech."

DuWayne's highlights are available on his Hudl.

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This kid's highlights are crazy good.

Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Whitley, Hosley, Fuller, Exum

there was just something about it when I went

That right there is how you know we have a Hokie on our hands

Carry Me Back

That's how they got me too.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

Want him to enroll early.
That's the coaching staff telling him to get there for spring practice they want him to play and they want to help work on his nutrition and strength program.
It's also signaling that he's smart enough to finish H.S. a bit early, no academic issues.

Good job.

Danny caught that ball.

Friends don't let 5 star friends commit to UVA.

I have inside info. - Whit

I always love it when we enroll recruits early for all the reasons you stated. Plus, they get an extra spring of practice. That's always good.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

the rock

Seriously though, Rock jokes will never get old with this kid


True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


I love bud's half forced smile, reminds me of dick cheney trying to smile.

"I'm just rocking the Fuller"-Kendall Fuller
"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Bud telepathically gave D-k "go f-k yourselves" Cheney a heart attack.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


A Redskins fan, coach's son, and DB? Love the guy already.

Also, yes, that appears to be as much of a smile you can get out of Bud Foster. It's actually a little bit of a scowl.

Yeah actually it's more of a "I'm going to find you" smile.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Bud's taking lessons from Jack:

Pain is Temporary
Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever
Let's Go Hokies!!

At 6'1", 160 lbs, this kid needs gentrification/west end immediately

DuWayne Johnson is the one recruit we have that would get a pass for preferring pie over cake.

Because The Rock likes pie.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

For a guy that likes pie so much, how come he's always offering girls strudel?

It's a trade-off, I suppose.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?