Cutting the cord. Best streaming options?

We are getting ready to 'cut the cord' and have been doing research on the various streaming options out there. I was wondering what everyone's experience was with online streaming (particularly with sports).

We had SlingTV a couple of years ago, but the streaming was atrocious so I'm not excited about going back. YoutubeTV seems to be the best bet based on the sports channels available, but again there are a number of options out there and the reviews are vastly different.

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I have SlingTV now (started a little more than a month ago) and I haven't had much problems with the stream. ESPN streaming was sometimes a little fuzzy but I just use the watchESPN app and the picture is always clear

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I have SlingTV as well and it's worked fine for me. Word of warning, I don't like its interface through my (really old) Roku. It's slow and can be frustrating to switch channels. I mostly just pull it up through the iPad app and send it to the tv with GoogleCast.

using sling for 3 weeks now. 1 roku, 2 fire sticks, 1 xbox. like the roku interface the best.

so far so good. changing between games is going to suck tho.


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I've got Sling, had it ever since someone from this forum recommended a free trial so I could watch one of those tech games that was only airing on ESPN3. When it's not football or basketball season, I dont use Sling much, i've thought about cancelling it during the offseason.

Here are a few thoughts.. Blackouts still exist regionally, there have been multiple times where I was unable to stream because of my geotag and local television rights. It's a big crock of horseshit if you ask me.. would be way too slow if I was using a VPN on top of this to mask my location.

I have multiple chrome casts, gen 1 and 2, these do not stream Sling very well, especially ESPN.

I have a Amazon firestick and that thing works great for Sling streams. I pay $25 a month and have all of the stuff I actually watch, less the local channels. I really miss the locals, mainly due to Football and news. The HD antenna doesn't get a lick of reception in my town.

I've also got Netflix, and I use that Firestick with the Kodi app and TV-Add-Ons to stream all the stuff I want.

Playstation vue. Had it for 2 weeks and will cancel after college fb season. Month to month is great, and it works great so far.

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Ditto, Vue was legit and affordable for the channels you get in my experience. I only cancelled because my roommates still wanted a cable sub


I've used SlingTV and DirectvNow (free trial). Both were alright but killed my data usage set by my cable company. In the end I'm not sure that I'm coming out any cheaper than bundling my internet and tv.

The biggest problem I have is that even with a decent antenna, I can't pick up or stream ABC from Blacksburg. It's not a big deal until a game is on I want to watch like the West Virginia Game. So far I haven't found a stream that provides local channels from SW Virginia.

Now its really making sense why they are putting those data caps on home wifi.

Yeah, that was our major struggle when we tried this. With all of the TV we were streaming, plus my husband's online gaming habit, we kept getting slammed with data overages from Shentel, which negated the savings. Overall it just made sense to haggle with DirecTV (we placed the account on hold while we tried out all the options). When I threatened to cancel due to price, they offered me $50 a month off for a year....and I fully intend to do the exact same thing when that 12 months runs out.

While we were trying everything out though, Sling was terrible for us, but we had great success with Playstation Vue quality wise.

Assuming ESPN doesn't change anything with this upcoming season you can watch all the ABC games through WatchESPN. That is how I have done it with sling the past two seasons.

Can you watch them live? I seem to faintly recall having issues with doing this last season. When I tried to watch a game that was on ABC, it wouldn't let me. The next day I was able to watch it on the WatchESPN app, though. I'm not sure if that was a glitch, or if they have to wait 24 hours before making those available to stream.

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Yep no issues watching them live.

What internet provider do you have?

That is really illegal what they are doing. They can do that for phones, but not home internet as it violates net neutrality legislation.


Nope, its not illegal.

What do you mean by "net neutrality legislation" btw? AFAIK there is no such legislation, just FCC rules. The only rule on data caps is "you have to tell your customers there is a data cap (if you have over 250k customers)".

Shentel and I don't think it's illegal but when it's the only internet option they can do what they want. $99 a month for 500GB a month.

Unfortunately the net neutrality legislation simply means that a company can't discriminate against a website, they can charge you for going over, just not out of the blue make TKP load slower than ESPN because ESPN pays them money.

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Is it football season yet?

I have sling, hulu and netflix. Saving about $40 a month over the cable package we had plus I can watch stuff anywhere so i am good with it the minor limitations of not having shows right away (I used to dvr anything anyway because most of what I watch is on past my bedtime). I did not have any of the movie channels (hbo, showtime, etc) before so I am behind on a shows like GOT and Ray Donovan until the new season comes out on Netflix but I am good with that. It is really what you are comfortable with.

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I actually just hopped back on the cable train yesterday. ...for football season.. I watch way too much football to reliably depend on streaming services.

YouTube is probably your best option.

I have tried out 3 of the streaming services: SlingTV, PS Vue and Hulu Live TV. One of my requirements for sports was CSN for Caps games (and occasionally VT basketball). Of the 3 services, Vue and Hulu both offer CSN.

I like having the normal Hulu service alongside Live TV but the interface is extremely confusing. They integrate both services together so you really don't know what is live. Vue has a traditional TV guide so it makes channel surfing much easier.

If you really only care about sports then Sling TV for $25 is your best value. If you want more than just sports than I would have to recommend Hulu over Sling just because you get the regular Hulu service included for the same cost ($40).

All the services offer a 1 week trial so just try out various options until you find the one you like best.

Sling also offers CSN

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I hope I am able to get the Caps games on CSN. My only fear (and maybe someone can confirm) is that I won't be able to because when I tried to watch the redskins preseason game last week, Sling didn't stream it

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I cut the cord in April and have used DirecTV Now since then. At first the streaming quality was terrible, and ever so often it would be unwatchable due to all the skipping/buffering. I was about to switch services but it seems that they've ironed out the problems last month because now it's flawless. And it looks pretty sharp too. I'm using Amazon Fire equipment (FireTV and Fire Stick) which were notorious for DTVN streaming, but I'm a happy camper with their service now. Took a while to get used to no DVR functionality, but I can stream most of the shows I miss using other external network apps or using their "Rewind" feature. And this week, DTVN just added the local ABC network live to the lineup, so I'll be able to watch whatever featured games are showing on there. Not sure if this is a regional thing (I live in Chesapeake) or nationwide.

Also, HBO for just $5 extra (which includes HBO Go) is pretty darn nice.

After using all of the normal options, I went the alternative route. I've used XMBC/KODI for a good while, especially during football season. I've been using StreamRoyale (Superchillin) as of late.

Cutting the cable and ramping up the internet speed really worked out. Now the UCLA grad-housing has free cable so I'm just doing the regular internet, with good results.

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How's the quality? I used to use SportsDevil but found it increasingly difficult to get a quality stream.

I usually tried finding streams with Acestream which usually had pretty good quality. You can get the stand alone player for Windows/Linux or get the add-on for Kodi.

SopCast is an option too.

I've been using Roku with good results. Either that or I just cast from phone apps to the TV. Probably would have had better results last year, but my internet package wasn't very good (read: I was ripping internet with an extender from the main lobby of the building I live in). As I told my girlfriend, it's not stealing if it's already free in the lobby. Set up a new internet package this year, but now I have to convince the girlfriend to keep the 300+ mb download through football season.

I've used Sling for the last two years or so. Got it shortly after it came out. They had their growing pains but I've had no major issues for the last year or so. My only gripe is when I go to watch some sort of on-demand content I sometimes have to go force stop the app on my Fire TV and restart it. They also change the app every couple of months sometimes the tweaks are just minor but it annoys both the wife and I. Maybe we are just getting old.

If you are just looking for ESPN, they are probably the best deal, but if you want Fox channels I think Vue or Youtube might be cheaper.

DirecTV Now on Roku. Love the interface and haven't had any real issues. As an ATT unlimited choice wireless customer, I'm supposed to get $25 credit each month on what is only a $35 service. So assuming that happens, the price is hard to beat. Also have an OTA antenna for local stations (Raleigh/Durham area) as only ABC is live streamed on DTV Now.

Had SlingTV last year. It was OK. Was on the $20 plan and bumped it up $5 to add ESPNU at some point. I don't have ESPNU on DTV, so that may be an issue.

I can't watch ESPN on my Roku because they ask for my cable subscription account number, which I don't have because that's whole goddamn reason I cut the cord. ESPN is going to go down fighting to desperately cling on to that 2006 model that made them billions. It's whoever blinks first at this point, the millions leaving cable or the fat cat execs in Bristol CT. Screw ESPN.

Can you not subscribe to ESPN streaming, or is that not up and running yet?

I've had sling and PS Vue. PS Vue is way better. Highly recommend it.

I second this. I haven't had any other services, so can't comment on those.

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Get an antenna if you live in a major city. I get over 50 channels in Atlanta, at least half are HD. Won't work as well if you're not in a major city.

I also have an AppleTV, but right now, ROKU is the most popular between AppleTv, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast and ROKU.

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What kind of Antenna are you using?


I'm about 12 miles from DC and I am using this antenna indoors and receive around 40 channels. The quality is great on the HD channels and I haven't had any issues with it. When I was looking for antennas, the recommendations were pretty much that the antenna doesn't matter as much as the location you are going to put it in. So no need to spend a lot on an antenna as long as you find a good spot to place it.

I just cut my tv service a few weeks ago and found this site really helpful, Figure out which channels you want to have and it will match you to the best streaming options.

Also, others have mentioned the free trials above and I will say that those are by far the best way to figure out which service is best for you. Just make sure you cancel on time. I tried Sling, PS Vue, Hulu, Youtube and DirectTV Now their free trials. Here are some things I learned through my experience with each (not a comprehensive list but the major pros/cons I noticed for each one):
-Sling TV had the best combination of channels that we needed - sports plus kids. It has the Viacom networks so it has Nick Jr to distract the kids. The one drawback is that you are limited to one stream on the Orange set of channels at a time. So I cannot watch ESPN while the kids watch Nick Jr. in another room. You can get around this by using either the Nick Jr. app or Watch ESPN app so it's a small inconvenience. You can get it through pretty much any internet connected device.
- I liked PS Vue app the most but it's DVR can only save programs for 28 days. It's an unlimited amount of shows though. It's an issue when kids ask for a specific episode of one of their shows and you cannot play it since PS deleted it. Also, doesn't have the Viacom channels - if it did, I would be using their service and just get over the time limit on the DVR. Obviously, it's not available on Xbox One but is on all of the other major devices.
-Hulu TV had the worst app out all of them. There wasn't a standard TV guide and the live tv channels were buried in the menus. My wife and I hated the way the app was set up. Available on most devices already with others coming soon (Roku and Samsung).
-DirecTV Now doesn't have a DVR so I cancelled it immediately. I've heard that they now have a beta DVR out but it's only accessible to certain customers (I think AT&T customers only).
-Youtube TV is only supported on a few devices. No Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One or Roku support so this was a disappointment for me (I've got one TV hooked up to a Fire TV box and another connected to Xbox).

The quality of the streaming has been great for all of the services. I think the largest factor for this is your ISP. I have Fios and I rarely have issues with internet. If your ISP is unreliable or routinely has drops in speed then you are going to be really frustrated with streaming. If you are going to have multiple streams at once, make sure you have enough bandwidth. The standard seems to be 5 mbps per stream unless you are streaming 4K content which needs 25 mbps per stream.

Im personally holding out for the Verizon Streaming service that should be coming out this year...once it comes out I'll debate on keeping Fios or switching.

Care to fill us in on this I didn't know Verizon was doing something like this?

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Still haven't seen an official announcement about it, but their CEO did mention something about their plans. Makes sense, considering that the other two major non-cable TV providers are introducing similar services (Dish with Sling, AT&T/DirecTV with DirecTV Now). A little late to the party, but certainly a way to leverage their large mobile market share by offering bundle discounts if they combine it with the streaming services.

I started the cord cutting with DirectTV Now because my wife and I have ATT and it was free streaming over the network. It was okay, lot of streaming issues at peak times and the guide was pretty crappy.

We switched over to Sling TV and it was pretty great, the new UI they released about a month ago is much better than it was when Sling first came out. I used Sling over FireStick and over Roku 4 and it worked really well. The only exception was during the NBA Finals. They just werent ready for that much was incredibly frustrating because the picture would freeze and then the audio would keep going, then the the picture would jump ahead to catch up with the audio. Incredibly frustrating. The lack of local channels and blackouts for certain sporting events (games on WDCA and abc/cbs were either blacked out or not available in general). That sucked. Soooo we switched again to YouTubeTV, mainly to get local channels.

YouTubeTV has been pretty great so far. Got all the local channels and the unlimited cloud DVR is great. Only two downsides we've seen so far is that there are 1) certain things that are on but that you can only watch on tv, not on mobile (so you have to cast it to a Chromecast in order to watch) and 2) LOT of commercials. Especially on DVRd things. Sling and DirectTVNow had much fewer commercials both during live programming and on DVR.

So for right now, I'd say Sling and YouTubeTV are your best options. YouTubeTV is the clear choice if you need abc/cbs. If you can live without those channels I would give Sling a chance again.

I've been enjoying the quality of YouTube TV, because YouTube knows how to stream high quality video... but I haven't had it for a season yet so we'll see how many games I actually get on ESPN3. I'm ready to kick the Sling subscription back on as needed if I have to.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

I must be a dinosaur. I already pay for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO on Amazon, but have kept Fios for the live sports. I watch everything. Soccer, Europeague basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc, Should I keep FIOS for the football season, and trim back the rest? Strongly considering PS Vue, I just want my live sports. So far, it's cheaper right now to keep cable, and VZ has explained keeping just the internet will skyrocket my price, maybe a way for them to keep monetizing off cord cutting?

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I hear you. The only reason we haven't cut the cord is sports.

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I've been cord free for +4 years. Can honestly say we've never had a moment where we wished we had cable. In fact when we visit friends with cable it feels like we're going back in time. Why the heck are you guys paying $150-350 a month for this crap?

Monthly costs: Internet $40 per month, Netflix $8, occasional Amazon rental $5 for kids (damn paw patrols)...around $50-60 per month.

Fixed Costs: Roku stick $29 and HD antenna $25

We use HD antenna + Roku stick. Found it had the best flexibility. We're Amazon prime customers so get all the prime entertainment, which Apple wouldn't allow at the time. (not sure if they do now) Have a subscription to Netflix and "borrow" password for HBO GO and Watch ESPN.

Note: we're going to purchase the HBO pass and will buy ESPN once they offer. Feel like we need to support the business model we're encouraging by paying for a la carte these services.

They have tons of other channels, including sling TV.

I also use Chromecast for random sporting events I can only watch on the internet.

One callout is the HD antenna which is great for local news and basic cable. I don't watch American Ninja warrior or the voice, but my wife would die without it. The antenna was like $15 bucks and quality is damn good.


H2okie03, I'm about to move to another place and will be cutting the cord. May I inquire where you get internet for $40 a month? thanks!

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It's a shame that to get internet at a reasonable price, you have to live at a property that has access to both cable and fiber. There was one place I lived where we didn't have access to fiber, and the best deal available was $70 for 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up through Comcast, while I knew someone less than a mile away who could pay $50/month for their choice of 50 down and 50 up on Fios or 50 down and 5 up on Comcast. Competition is a hell of a drug.

I could go on about this topic but I'm afraid it would quickly get political...

Yup. I'm close enough to a FiOS area to get the ads, not close enough for the service. It's brutal.


I started Comcast at $39.99 and then bumped over to Verizon $39.99 for 50/50 mbps up and down.

I live in Summit, NJ about 40min outside NYC.


Nice town, Summit.

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Based on the info you provided, you really aren't accurately portraying your costs when you say $50-60 per month. The most obvious point being HBO and ESPN are two of the most expensive content providers so "borrowing" both of them is essentially reducing your costs by a minimum of $24/month (HBO NOW is already available and costs $15/month; the ESPN networks cost over $9/month thru cable providers). Also you stated you use Chromecast to watch random sporting events. Are these events freely streamed by the rights' owners or are these also "borrowed"?

The cost of most content has become fairly clear at this point. There are plenty of areas with limited provider options that lead to content becoming vastly overpriced but those people wouldn't have access to unlimited internet for $40 either.

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I've been considering this for a while now, my only hesitation is for football and basketball season...will I still be able to catch all the games I normally would?

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Yes, you should be able to watch the games. Do a little research first though - which which teams do you want to watch? Look at the link above that ohherro posted, it will help you with figuring out football. The streaming services have the ESPN channels (will also give you access to WatchESPN), Fox Sports and NBC Sports. An HD antenna will get you free access to OTA HD channels so you can get Sunday NFL games on NBC, FOX and CBS that way too. There is also CBS All Access which gives you NFL games and any college football and basketball games that they have.

I just cut back my subscription on Sling from both orange and blue to just blue.... The only reason I had orange was for the ESPN's but I now just use my parents log in info from their Fios account and use watchESPN. If you can get somebodies else's cable log in credentials, it is totally unnecessary to have Sling TV orange.

For some reason, the ESPN's streams kept going in and out between fuzzy and clear.... became extremely frustrating even with 300 mbps speed. The watchESPN app always gives me a clear picture and now I only pay $25/month (vs. $40) for cable.

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I cut Dish Network in May. They asked me why I was cancelling my contract and I lie to y'all not when I say I had to tell them five times because every time I told them I found a cheaper option they would say "I'm sorry you're breaking up." But it was fine whenever I said can you hear me now or I'd like to cancel my contract.

Regardless, we have Playstation Vue. Even with the recent price increase we are still saving $75/month (used that to buy me a sweet lawnmower) and I get ESPN/2/U, FS1/2, NBC Sports, Golf Channel, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, CSN, BTN, etc. I'll add the $10/month sports pack to get redzone too. I love it. The stream is always great. I use a FireTV with a wired connection to help. The DVR is excellent. I compared Sling, Vue, and DirecTV now and Vue seemed to be the best deal and when I first tried sling it was so buggy. Only thing I'm waiting for that *should* be coming after the price increase is more locals in the Roanoke Valley Area.

TLDR: Vue.

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My question to Sling TV users as I have only had sling for 2 months.... what do you do for sports on abc and cbs? do you still get all the games with watchESPN app since its still a espn broadcasts on abc? and what about cbs/sec games/afc games?

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ABC games are available through WatchESPN.

CBS games I was able to get through the CBS Sports App. The games actually on CBS (Both SEC and AFC) didn't require a login, but the games on CBS Sports did require a login.

This of course is all based on last season, so it could be different this season. It wouldn't surprise me if CBS goes the way of Fox and starts requiring a login for everything.

Does Fox require a login for things broadcast over the air? I could have sworn that I just streamed a USA soccer game a few weeks ago without having to login.

I know had to login (using my parents comcast login) either for NFL games or BIG Ten games last year that were OTA broadcasts, but it could have changed since then.

Need to get my antenna up and working so I don't have to worry about OTA games any more.

Since my parents get the DC stations and I get the Richmond stations, I tried to use their cable credentials to get one of the NFL games that was being shown up there but not here.

It didn't work for some reason on their end, but that means that they use the login to determine which game to send you.

I had forgotten that part, but I assume that national broadcasts are still free for anybody in the US.

I cut my cord last year. I just go to the bar. I think it is actually significantly more expensive.

I never thought of it that way. A couple of drinks at the bar plus some food a few times a year is way less than $100 a month for a year, though I suppose that depends on your drinking/spending habits.

To be clear I cut the cord the years ago, just always felt like the bar was expensive as well.

A few years ago I was living in Chicago, and as a Steelers fan I didn't get many games out there. I probably spent over $200 on food and drinks during the season watching games at the bar. The next year I signed up for DirecTV so I could get Sunday Ticket for free for 2 years.

Before you pick a service make sure you have QoS enabled (if available) for your wireless router. A lot of times bad streaming is actually due to buffer bloat.

Y'all can downvote me if you want but im about to speak that dam truth:

You aren't legitimately a cord cutter if you use someone else's Comcast login to stream ESPN. You're just a bum who is taking advantage of a temporary loophole and someone else's subscription payment.

Signed: a bum who is taking advantage of a temporary loophole and someone else's subscription payment.

In all seriousness, I made my own antenna for $5 and only ever watch football on the networks. Stream ESPN with a friend's login for other games or just listen to John and Mike.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

bum here as well! lol

in today's word of charging people out the ass, if you can get a loophole to save you money, I applaud you... and give me your secrets :)

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Can you post a picture of said antenna?

Asking for a friend...

Is it football season yet?

No I can't because I ain't crawling back up into my attic :-P.

Basically this. Except I used some extra 14 gauge copper I had lying around and sandwiched it between some 1/8" lexan from the dumpster at work. I only paid for the transformer/coaxial converter. Also, I didn't put a reflector on the back because I have stations coming from east and west and that would have made it unidirectional.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Semi related. Any chance there's a way a guy (and his wife) can stream games online for free from Uganda.... Asking for a friend

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Check out the CFBstreams and NFLstreams subreddits. Also, learn to use Kodi. While not necessary, it's even better with the Acestream or SopCast addons. Youtube and a bit of Googling should set you up pretty well. I spent 6 years serving overseas and these methods were a lifesaver.

My prediction: In 10 years, folks are going to pine for the days before cord cutting. All cord cutting is doing is providing opportunities for new entrants to ultimately give you less for more.

What you mean to say is that cord cutting is allowing for innovation and competition to enter the Content Provider market. At least for the time being, most of what is available is "less for less", but if you want everything that's available then of course you're paying more overall.

It will be telling what the landscape will look like once things start settling out over the next 5-10 years.

I'm hoping that eventually, they'll break the cable company cabal, and we can order what we want.

Right now I feel like I support a lot of channels so I can get the handful I actually watch, in addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

ISP, cable, what's the dif? Accessing Internet should be free.

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I am so jealous of all you non-Comcast people, that's all I have to say.


Being someone forced to use Time Warner, I am so jealous of all you Comcast people. Just not nearly as much as I am of those who have escaped Big Cable as a whole.

If you're actually paying for it, isn't cord cutting getting to the point where it's actually more expensive than a cable subscription, especially to find a reliable service. I just grab my parents log in for their Dish because they didn't even know you could stream things like that and I hate seeing valuable device logins go to waste, but just moved places and we were having the "cord cutting" discussion. Once you add on all the goodies (HBO, Netflix, Sunday Ticket ect), doesn't it rival if not exceed that of cable bundles where with a little persistence on the phone you can get that stuff at no added cost?

Always choose joy.

To be fair, HBO and Sunday Ticket are both addons to a typical package anyway. If you're talking about people that have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and SlingTV, then I have no idea why they are the way they are. I mean, we have Prime for the numerous benefits it offers, and we share a 4-stream Netflix subscription with the in-laws, but Hulu becomes almost completely redundant.

There's also the argument that you can always sign up for a month at a time, and rotate subscriptions as you need, as long as you don't care about being a month or two behind on some of the new releases.

I get what your saying. I balk at some of higher end streaming packages that some companies offer.

One thing to keep in mind when factoring the costs is what the person already has in addition to the cable/sat subscription. A lot of people cutting the cord already have Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. That was actually the primary driver of me dropping the cable subscription. We spent a lot more time watching Netflix and Prime than cable, but we were paying a hell of a lot more per month for cable. I dropped cable for the base sling (orange) package. It has most of the channels the wife and I frequently watch, but it only costs $20 vs $60+ for cable. There are a few channels I miss like Discovery and Fx. But those alone aren't worth the cost. A lot of the FX shows end up on Netflix or Prime anyways.

Even if someone goes for one of the more expenive streaming packages they may still come out ahead. One of the bigger cost savings can come in the equipment and fees section of the bill. If you have 3+ TVs in the house that can add up pretty quickly with a cable/sat subscription. Even if you have to say buy 3 streaming devices at $100 (you can get them for much cheaper than that though) a pop you already probably coming out ahead after 1-2 years. Many cord cutters likely already own at least a couple streaming devices anyways.

Bumping this because in the last couple of weeks there's been some new markets added to YouTube TV including the Roanoke-Lynchburg market and I wanted to see if anyone was jumping ship. I'm on Vue right now and as much as I love the UI and quality it's more expensive for less locals. I didn't mind the price bump since it was supposed to get me more locals but it's been 5 months and still only WDBJ.

In the Roanoke-Lynchburg Market:

Vue has CBS only.
DirecTV Now has CBS, ABC, and NBC
Hulu Live has CBS and Fox
YouTube TV has NBC, ABC, and Fox

Since YouTube TV typically launches when most of their locals are avaliable in the market, I'm confident they will get CBS soon especially considering they have deals with every other service. If they had HGTV and DIY it'd be perfect, though it's not a huge need for me.

Though it's a difficult decision, I love having the ability to switch like this at will. It's so refreshing.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

nah, as soon as I make the jump, Shentel will throttle the hell out of YouTube or charge me extra to stream or something [DUCKS]

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That's who I've got. The data cap hit me hard this football season but that was because my Xbox downloaded big patches for the X1X stuff.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I have had YouTube tv since the start of the football season. It's amazing because I can record anything I want and I have unlimited space. Downside is the minute I travel out of market the major four won't air live events. Also whenever we played on the shitty ACC Network I couldn't find the game because it was on obscure local channel and blocked on the ESPN app. That being said YouTube tv is still worth it in my mind

Edit especially once they got an app for the Xbox one. The casting from my phone was getting really annoying

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Why are locals so important to you? Can you not get the same channels by just using an antenna? I am guessing it is the convenience of having everything in one place?

I am not really a fan of the strategy of adding locals to the cord cutting packages and driving up the prices. I would rather them keep prices lower without locals. Then again I am using a Fire TV so my local channels are all included into one interface without having to change inputs or anything so it is pretty easy.

I can't pick up any locals due to my location. My house sits at the foot of a small mountain that makes it nearly impossible to pick up a signal. I posted my TV Fool report to r/cordcutters one day and we came to the conclusion that I was SOL for an antenna.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Sincerely the FCC.

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At the FCC, not you...

(I might have to steal this for references to the FCC Chair, I'm that mad at the decision guy.

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Well, there in all likelihood be a "best" streaming option. That option will just will likely soon be tied to your service provider.

Freedom of choice for the consumer will be lost for freedom of choice for the provider. It sucks. But at least you'll get to choose which provider to contract with (depending on providers in your area), that will ultimately take you to the woodshed!

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Man, I keep hearing this "choose your provider" stuff. Where do you guys live that you even have a choice?


Anywhere Verizon Fios or another fiber provider is available which is unfortunately very limited based on land area (mostly concentrated in the Northeast I-95 corridor, DC and southern Cal).

I'm not well versed in the net neutrality issue, but isn't that part of the idea behind the change (in theory)? To encourage infrastructure development and not continue the ma bell model that had us using the same technology and lines for the better part of the 20th century?

In theory government regulation was "preventing investment". I suppose because since companies couldn't hold content providers hostage for huge sums of money, they couldn't then take those huge sums and invest them. Provided, of course, that they would have any reason to actually invest those profits, which seems unlikely, since there really isn't any competition.


It just seems to me that govt regulation was just putting it's finger on the scale for content providers like Netflix.

It just seems to me thst everyone is seeing this in static, narrow terms of today's technology and their Netflix/Hulu cost going up. But I don't see how this won't benefit consumers in the long run in ways we can't even imagine right now.

But what do I know.

The problem is almost every broadband ISP is also some sort of content provider. Eliminating net neutrality lets your ISP tip the scales heavily in their favor. The start up costs for an ISP pretty much rule out new entrants to the market so it not something the free market can sort out. Just a couple of not so far fetched scenarios since this a cord cutting threads.

AT&T could tank Sony Vue, Sling etc streaming services to help push DirectTV now

Comcast could tank Amazon Prime, Netflix for Hulu. They could also tank CBS all access and ABC/Disney future streaming services for some future NBC Universal streaming service.

It gives service providers the ability to control what you see and do on the internet. How on Earth anyone can see this is a positive is beyond me.


In theory, if an ISP crosses some line. It will pay for it by losing business to the competition. Of course, that's not the way the internet access infrastructure works, but why let facts get in the way?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

For real, I have two choices satellite dish or antenna. No cable, no broadband.

yea, that last sentence was sarcastic. Where I live, I have one DSL option and one fiber optics option. Not really a choice.

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Yeah so finally cut the cord got sling and my wallet is absolutely loving it but now I'm waiting for the net neutrality to mess that all up we shall see

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Damn I didn't mean for this to become an extension of the Net Neutrality thread. Sorry folks.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

SlingTV is out as a good streaming option if you are on Comcast. I had been using SlingTV all season but it started to jump and skip constantly about a month ago.

This week when I went to WatchESPN, which was logged into my SlingTV account, it has been changed to be logged into Xfinity. I can't log back into WatchESPN with my SlingTV account anymore.

I watched some bowl games yesterday on WatchESPN (those that are on ABC are free) and it worked fine. But then I switched over to the SlingTV app to watch the ESPN bowls (I pay for ESPN through SlingTV, not Comcast) and it's a total disaster. It skips and jumps so often it is totally unwatchable.

Hmm - I watched the UK/VT game yesterday on ESPN 2 through Sling (via Roku) without issue.

I was running via Amazon Fire TV

I tried Sling when it first came out and it was awful so I haven't gone back. Hulu added WSLS so I gave them a try. I really enjoy it other than 30 fps. Once they get that fixed I think I'll stick with it.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

SlingTV was and has continually been awful. But you could use the credentials to log into WatchESPN.

Now, sadly that option is gone

Hmmm, No issues for me with Sling on Charter. Watched part of the b-ball game and whatever bowl game was on last night, no issues.

ETA. Just signed out and in of watch ESPN with my Sling account. No issues.

@HoaT, are you running through WiFi (I assume you are) or ethernet (hardwire)? I had problems with my Roku trying to use WiFi, but since I hard wired with ethernet (through one of those ethernet over electrical lines gadgets), I generally don't have too many issues (CBS All Access, excluded - but that's only live so I suspect it is my local affiliate's ability to stream well.)

Odd, I'm seeing the opposite problem. I tried to watch the VT-UK squeakyhoops game on the WatchESPN app through Roku this weekend, and it was totally unwatchable. The video kept freezing up while the audio (mostly) kept up. I exited that app and turned it on ESPN2 through the SlingTV app and it worked great.

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I've had Playstation Vue since the beginning of the season and will cancel it once the BCS championship concludes. It's useful, but the interface is still pretty clunky and slow...although that might be because I'm on a PS3 and not a PS4.

Interesting.... We had Vue on the AppleTV and the interface was about as good or better than that of any other streaming service. Could very well be an issue with the PS3

Is it football season yet?

We had it with a FireTV box (not stick) and it was great. I only dropped it due to the price hike + not enough locals + taking channels away.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.