Fuente explains why he picked Josh Jackson

Distribute the football
Value the football

He checks the box in all three categories.

That is the short paraphrase.

Also Fuente noted that AJ Bush has a skillset. It is up to him to prove to the staff that he can be out there. It isn't the end all be all.

He also noted that this has been progressing for some time. It sounds like Jackson has probably been the guy for awhile. He noted that Jackson had progressively separated himself from the pack. He also talked about the importance of getting reps and building better chemistry.


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Watch out for Lee Van Cleef. I heard he's been looking for revenge on ole Clint Eastwood for years

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oh man, CJF with facial hair. What's next, Buzz with hair?

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Needs to shave the gray chops and beard - as a fellow 76er, I'll say you gotta fight that stuff off early.

Looks like Bud has gotten Fuente to come over to #teamgoatee.

In Fuente I trust!


Wife and I both saw CJF with the gray goatee and immediately thought of Bud Foster first.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

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Year 3 is coming up!

Fuente explains why he picked (up) Josh Jackson

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i just "borrowed" this from a poster who put it up on Andy Bitter's Twitter feed...i'm sure they've seen this already

I didn't think we'd know this early which quarterback was going to outplay Will Grier on September 3rd.

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The Lion King vs. Mountain Jesus

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Pretty sure he didn't make up that nickname lol. I've seen it on a ton of different forums.

Oh. This being my only forum, I guess I'm just easily impressed. Glad I gave you a laugh, though.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I get the Mountain Jesus (their savior), and I have seen the Lion King image with Fuente presenting JJ to the world.... but what is our connection to the Lion King again?


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

JJ's favorite movie.


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

I was thinking AJ Bush from the Athleticism and experience point of view. But i'm trusting Fuente with this decision and I know he wants to win, so if there is any reason that JJ is not good enough to win, he won't hesitate to give Bush a chance. I think JJ will do great and remember go 1-0 every week.

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im honestly surprised no one else has said this yet but I think that josh being named the starter is as big as a nod to the running game as it is to josh. to me that tells me someone in the backfield or a group of backs is getting the job done and we will not have to depend on the QB to run the ball as much this year because I don't see a scenario where we roll out josh Jackson for 10-15 carries a game. if the running game wasn't resembling somewhat of a successful running game without the QB being heavily involved I think that AJ would have got the nod or atleast the battle would have lasted a lot longer.

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May mean that, but Jackson could've also been THAT much better than Bush. Just hard to jump to that conclusion so early in the summer.


My gut tells me that Jalen Holston is going to be incredible. The way I've heard the coaches talk about him (I've gone to talks with Shibest and Fuente in the past couple of months) coupled with the nods that they've given him during the pressers. They keep hinting at something with him but then very cautiously go back to saying we have a lot of good backs and we will use them all.

Seems pausible. RB seems to be the only position where you can plug in someone to play at an elite level right away, and actually depreciate in skill over time as they rack up injuries rather than getting better with experience.

As I word that out, boy is that sad, but it seems to be true.

If you listen to podcasts, Joe Rogan has a fantastic 2-3 hour one with Arian Foster. In the podcast, Arian Foster mentioned he would not want his kids to play football. He beat himself up so badly when he was trying to break through as a starter. He doesn't think the beating on the body is worth it.

My gut tells me this decision tells me this decision is largely about QBs (and the distance between 1& 2), isn't that early considering the opener is against P5 team this year, and tells us little about the RBs.

I swear, I think our critique of Jon's fashion awhile back got around to him. His wardrobe game got a boost since then. He also got engaged and married since then too, so there's that.

still remember that shirt. ugh.


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

Is that a candy bracelet Feunte is wearing?

Turnovers are by far the most indicative stat relative to wins/losses in the NFL and college football. Fuente's #1 principle of valuing the football is critical in W/L. If Josh is the starter, that's why.

I would disagree that there is any stat that is relative with NFL W/L. Evans threw very few picks last year but I doubt he would have many NFL wins as the QB for a team. College systems are so different than pro systems that I don't think it translates well. An offense based on quick passes, screens and running the QB results in far less turnovers than an offense that asks the QB to make 3 reads and throw the ball down field.

Tebow is a great example. He wasn't asked to make a lot of hard choices in college and in 4 years threw 16 INTs total. (to 88 TDs) He was far from an NFL QB though.

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I don't think the poins was that avoiding turnovers in college is predictive of NFL success, but rather that turnovers are one stat that similarly affects W/L in NFL as well as in the college game. Tebow threw 88 TDs to 16 INTs and lost all of what, 6 games while in college?

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No, my point was team W/L... in the NFL and College- over time, the team with the least amount of turnovers wins at an alarmingly high rate- it is THE most relevant stat to team W/L