Recommendations for group dining in Blacksburg

Getting married the bye weekend in the middle of October. A bunch of folks will be converging on Blacksburg on Thursday, October 12th, and my dad wants to haul a crowd to dinner.

The group is at a dozen people right now, but might grow. The "personality" of the group is eclectic, from all over the country. I am sure they would appreciate great food but also want a great bar. I am going to arrange a Hooptie shuttle to take folks to and from the dinner.

*My* usual trip to Blacksburg ends up at the Blacksburg taphouse or PKs... so I am looking for advice.

I am considering the Pallisades, they have great food but not so sure about the bar aspect.


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Getting married the bye weekend

You did the best with what you were given and I'm proud of you.

As far as dining, if you want the good stuff then make a reservation at Homeplace or Farmhouse. Cabo is another option but depends on how big your party is.

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Thanks. Didn't the Farmhouse just open back up? Good reviews since?

Guessing the party will be 12-18 good spirited folks.


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I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

622 is good. I also recommend their brunch.

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I second this recommendation. There are several areas in the main dining room or wine bar where you can get a good sized group together with some privacy. If it's a real large group, there is a separate dining room upstairs.

The tap list is solid, good wine selection, and the best dinner meal food in Blacksburg. I recommend the meat loaf.

Palisades has a bar that can support a dozen easily. The group eating location is upstairs. I would think that would work.
Also, the Farmhouse has a nice setup in the caboose for groups, I think it can handle up to 18, and the outdoor bar there is very nice.

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The Homeplace!

I 2nd the Homeplace. 10/10 I would eat there Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday if I could

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The Homeplace is a great place to eat, but this crowd would require alcohol.


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

Thursday's BBQ night too!

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Had my rehearsal dinner at the palisades a few years back. It was great. They gave us the whole upstairs, but of course we were in contact with them well in advance. We had wine and beer, but since it was a rehearsal dinner it didn't get too rowdy. Some folks went downtown afterwards.