OT: Former UVa Linebacker Arrested for Fraud

A former Virginia football player has been convicted of running a $10 million fraud scheme that victimized more than 50 investors.

A federal jury in Richmond on Thursday convicted 36-year-old Merrill Robertson of Chesterfield on 15 fraud-related counts.


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can't even fraud good.


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Only thing fraudulent here was that he claims to have played football while attending LOLUVA. They don't do that there.

That claim was just the start. Then he just continued that into the world of finance.

Evidence in favor of the slippery slope theory.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

You beat me to it, HOAT.

Sorta impressed that it took them 7 years to catch him. You can burn through a lot of money trying to run restaurants. And that Fro-yo shit is expensive

Prosecutors say Robertson used contacts in the football world to solicit investors over a seven-year period beginning in 2009. Supposedly sophisticated investments were little more than a frozen-yogurt franchise and other restaurant ventures.

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During his testimony, Robertson admitted to lying on loan applications, falsifying documents to secure loans and using clients' money for personal expenses, but denied intentionally defrauding anyone.

The few real investments included some restaurants, all of which had failed by August 2014, authorities said. But they continued soliciting investments and treating the company "like their personal piggybank."

--- Richmond Times Dispatch

So he took people's money, used it for personal expenses, but doesn't feel that he intentionally defrauded them.


That's the result of the quality education he received at LOLUVa:
-Treat everyone like they are inferior, but we're not arrogant.
-Lose every single game for over a decade to our rival, but we're still the better program.
-empirical evidence that Ivy League schools are harder to get into, but we'll still claim otherwise
-Thomas Jefferson was a great champion of equality and we're proud to tout him as our founder, never mind that he even went so far as to have his slaves' children make nails to sell and prop up his various financial missteps.

I could go on and on

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Robinson receives 40 years

Bad Man

Year 3 is coming up!

Sad story, but glad the punishment fits the crime.

An article I read stated that he spent some of the money on a luxury box at the stadium.... that is the most egregious waste of money IMO

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Was it season ticket sales?

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Jesus, man. That's just a shitty human. People putting so much trust into you and to completely ruin them.

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WOW! To get 40 years for FRAUD in this day and age, he must have really pissed off the wrong people. Hardly anybody gets busted for white collar crime anymore.

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The way I read the article, the judge was livid about him laughing at the victims on the recorded calls.

As you say, pissed off the wrong people... The sentencing judge is definitely the wrong person to piss off.