Starting lineup projections - offense

Pure speculation here from limited information that's been disseminated along with gut feelings, recruiting rankings, needs, etc. Looks like the positions up for grabs are as follows:
QB, RB, WR2, Slot Receiver, TE/H-Back/fullback, RG

I'm picking the following:

QB: Hooker. Surprise! We will utilize a ton of short throws. Edge to him being the taller QB, with a bigger arm when we do go deep, and more elusiveness when we need escapability. Jackson would have a tougher time throwing over the middle and Bush has accuracy concerns which doesn't bode well for a short passing game.

RB: McMillian with McClease a close second option. Interchangeable really as McClease fits the mold better for the quick passing game we will utilize.

WR2: Kumah. A natural receiver, a little larger with sure hands, possession type.

SLOT: Pimpleton. Will come around on jet sweeps as well to open the edge. May return punts also as Stroman will start as DB with nagging injuries to Facyson.

TE/HBack/FB: We will go with a 3 WR set most of the year. With 1 RB that leaves either a TE or a FB but not both. Keene 60% Peoples 40%. Keene provides more versatility, and is ready to go right away. In goal line situations Cunningham will replace Pimpleton to give a greater run blocking presence and as a larger red zone target. Look for Petit on sure running downs, hopefully won't tip our hand.

RG: Osterloh. Has been steadily earning time and finally arrived. And will play 85% of the last plays and have a great year!


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Where does C.J. Carroll factor in? I think he gets more time than Pimpleton at the slot, at least to start the season.

I think they will have a deeper rotation for the receivers than last year so he will definitely get on the field. You may be right and he may be the starter and see the bulk of the playing time, but I do like Pimpleton speed and would really like to see him start

CJ Carroll should end up being the starter, as long as he stays healthy, with the edge in experience over Pimpleton. That's not saying Pimpleton won't see the field, but it should be like a 65/35 edge in on-field plays for Carroll. Lastly, does Pimpleton really have much, if any, of a speed edge on Carroll? I thought Carroll was a 4.4 guy, so unless Pimpleton is running at a MV7 level, there's probably a negligible difference in overall speed. Both are quick, shifty runners, so I'd have to say their RAC potentials are pretty equivalent. However, I worry about the injury probability of both those guys, just based on their size and stature. But with the way Fuente likes to "spread the wealth" on offense, it should help keep those guys healthy and ready to go each week.

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Interesting point you make about Hooker's skillset and how it fits with the offensive scheme. But I'm still in the camp that thinks Jackson is going to not only be QB1, but surprise a lot of people with his ability this year.

Jackson's a baller.

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Peoples is going to continue getting carries at RB

i think AJ Bush will win the QB competition

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That would be disappointing I think...especially with jackson having a full extra year in the offense and being much younger.


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You might be joking, but Bush is no slouch. His stats last year were pretty bad, but hes not a bad looking QB if you look at his high school highlights. He was recruited to Nebraska, has size, athletic ability and doesn't throw a bad ball. He is also going up against two freshman, so I would not count him out. I think Jackson is the favorite, but Bush has his chance to make a case.

This comment reminds me of old baseball scouts that say, "he's not hitting in triple A but he will see better pitches in the majors." I don't doubt he has something that CJF likes, but if he couldn't do it at Nebraska, didn't light the world on fire in JC either, let's go back and find some tape against someone he did do something against?!

I have not reviewed any of his previous film, but I think if his bad numbers were due to making bad reads/descisions he may do much better in Fuente's system. If his numbers were bad because his team had inferior talent, he may do better as a Hokie. If it is anything else I don't see it being fixed in 6 months.

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Unlike apparently everyone else here, I won't knock you for that. He was a dark horse since he arrived but right now I almost want to say its a 40-40-20 odd split between Jackson-Bush-Hooker with Hooker only losing the benefit of the doubt for being the least experienced.

Literally the only reason I support this opinion is because AJ is a lefty. Lefty QBs have a soft spot in my heart for some reason

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Does the fact that the left side of line is the experienced side, while the right side is a question mark come into play here? Do you want the new side of your line protecting a lefty's blind side? How much do we think this might play into the eventual selection? I could see that if Bush were head and shoulders above the rest, you go with him. But in a close race, would him being left handed tip the scales in favor of one of the righties?

I don't have a real answer for your question, which is a good one, but I would assume that Ice is probably referring to this:

I've been cutting back on the drinking.

Wouldn't be surprised at all either.

I was one of the people that voted on Bitter's poll last week that Bush would win the starting job. I think Jackson would be the logical choice, but everytime Fuente says he's worried about finding pieces to surround the QB, I think he's making a veiled comment that we will need a mobile QB to handle the load (whether it's receivers not getting separation/making plays, or RBs not taking over) and I think Bush is most suited to take a rushing role similar to Evans' role last year. I hope that's not the case and we find some dependable options at WR and RB (with some OL protecting) and can let Jackson sit back and dissect a defense.

I'll take Jackson , better passer and able to execute the short pass game using the multible sets and quick guys we have to open the downfield shots . VT OL will be improved, very good and will use the pass game to open some gashes in the defense for the run game . Jackson better runner than most think and think he will be like a Randal type or Tahj Boyd type player . Think he will a have better command of the entire offense . Bush may have a roll and a package to come in . Think HH is very good but I shutter to think of a true freshman running the show if he does he must be something . Hard to pick a true frosh to start does not happen often and usually the results are not great . Guess we will find out soon .

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Maybe we implement a 3 QB rotation....

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Josh Jackson challenged Jrod Evans for the starting spot last season and has had a year to learn the offense. Evans went on to have a record season. Jackson definitely is my favorite to win the job.

With that being said, I would be extremely happy if AJ Bush is the starter. The reason for that is because he is definitely the most athletic quarterback of Jackson, Hooker, and himself. Fuente WILL start the best QB, and if Bush is better than Jackson, that means he is better than a guy who challenged one of the better quarterbacks we've ever had to a starting job in his true freshman season.

In regards to Hooker, I think the coaches would love to give him a redshirt if Jackson and Bush form an adequate starter-backup duo. I don't see Hooker being better than Jackson already, so the wild card is definitely Bush.

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either a TE or a FB but not both

Isn't that the whole point of the H-back in Fuente's offense?

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

WR1: Phillips
H-Back: Keene
LT: Nijman
LG: Teller
C: Gallo
RG: Pfaff
RT: T. Smith
TE: Cunningham
WR2: Kumah
RB: McMillian
QB: Jackson

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Agree with you 07 and think Keen is going to be a main cog in the VT O over the next 4 years blocking running and catching and may have sneaky good numbers this year.

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I'm still not convinced Travon will be the starter. He is definitely our most talented running back, but his practice habits apparently leave some to be desired. Poor practice habits didn't stop the coaches from starting Sam Rogers last year, and Wyatt Teller also watched a lot of the Liberty game from the bench.

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Wait, Sam Rogers had poor practice habits?

JF: Yo Sam if you could stop showing up to practice before anyone else and beating everyone in drills that would be great.

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Uhhh, yep, those were the bad habits that I was wondering about.

I think he means Travon's practice habits caused Sam to start over him. I would also think that Travon would have gotten the message that he needs to step up his effort if that really was the case.

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Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion.

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If last year was any indication, I am thinking there will be about 1100 plays called with the breakdown being 600 rushes and 500 passes (plays called, outcomes may differ)

Assuming 600 carries, I think TMac will get between 180 and 200 carries, QBs 80, McClease 100-120, Holston 70, Fox 50, Reid/Peoples combine for 70, Sweeps get 30-40

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I can't imagine Fox getting more carries than Peoples unless injuries happen.

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Agree but JF offense is more of a 2 back 3 back type O if he has the players he is going to rotate but think T mac most likely is big part of rotation . I also think people over look Colt Petit was moved to TE for a reason and he lost 20lbs . You can see if you look where JF has the offense heading with some of the players he has moved and bought in .

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I would have to think Petit remains our short yardage blocking TE. He checks in a slimmed down 265 but that is still some beef at only 6'3". I would not be surprised if he caught a TD or 2 from the goal line though.

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Would love to be able to use McClease in the passing game some this year. How are his hands?

Last I heard they were attached at the wrists.

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If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Any revelations from anyone at the qb press conference today?

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I'm not Joking about AJ Bush...although he didn't contribute much at Nebraska nor IOWA CC, he does have some tools that I like including his running ability and his touch. Now from some of the news from last year, it was stated that Josh Jackson was the best thrower. I think it comes down to this:

If Josh Jackson can make every single throw with solid accuracy, he wins the job. Having said that, I just the NFL preseason last night and even those QBs can't make every throw. Being that he is in the 2nd year, i don't know if he is quite completely ready.

In my opinion from what I saw on AJ Bush' highlight and a few practice highlights, I think he can do a little more.

Off course I would be happy with either guy.

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And a take from McFarling here.

This thought is a pretty hilarious visual:

Put you or me under center for Tech, and the Hokies are going 0-12 regardless of the Justin Fuente-Brad Cornelsen coaching dynamic.

So, a question: If you were under center for Tech this year, would we win a game? Could we run 100% of the time, for example, and beat Delaware?

(I'd probably sprain an ankle just taking a snap from center, but whatever.)

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Jackson has to be the starter. He is the only one in the IG and Snapchat vids with a personal catcher catching the return throw and tossing it to him. All starters have one of those, right? There is no way I can be wrong about this. I've finally cracked the QB starter code!! How could Fuente let something so simple like this slip into the released videos?

And yes, this is all done with the sarcastica font. I'm confident whoever starts will do a great job for us.

I think Jackson starts at QB due to his exposure to the offense.

outside WRs: Phillips, Patterson, and Kumah.
Slot WR: Carroll. Don't sleep on Savoy. I'm really hoping that Clark is big contributor also.

Jackson may end up being the starter, but I'm even more convinced now that we see Bush on the field in some capacity too. You don't just let a guy you describe as potentialy the best athlete on the team ride the pine. Jackson's upside as a passer may win him the job, but I think we're going to need Bush's running ability and speed. JJ isn't exactly immobile, but he's not the same running threat as Bush. You need a credible threat at QB for the zone reads and inverted veer to work effectively.