2018 FB Recruit Wishlist

So after all of the recruiting excitement earlier this month I feel like I have been on withdrawal, so I figured I would start a new thread.

I was looking through 247 at our 2018 offers and tried to make a wish list of who my gut tells me we have a somewhat realistic shot at getting, as well as keeping in mind our needs for the next class, which I consider DT, CB, and OL (we have a lot of bodies there, but I think one part of taking the next step as a program is getting better on the O-Line).

So below is my list. Keep in mind, I tried to be realistic, not just putting the best guys we offered at each position, but guys who seem to have some sort of connection to VT or recruits that I have heard some sort of VT related news about. If nothing else, it will be fun to look back at this list a year from now and see who we did and didn't get.

Current Commits:
DeJuan Ellis 3* QB .8797 (move to RB?)
Chamarri Conner 3* S .8834
Bryce Thompson 3* ATH .8578

2018 Recruiting Wish List:
Dakereon Joyner 4* QB .9245
Dillon Spalding 4* WR .9095
James Mitchell 3* WR .8886
Armani Chatman 3* WR .8850
Antwan Reed 4* OT .8909
Aidan Rafferty OT
John Harris 3* OG .8366
Ollie Lane 3* OG .8333
John Morgan 3* WDE .8527
Dante Stills 4* DT .8936
Dax Hollifield 4* ILB .9465
Payton Wilson 4* OLB .9215
Keshon Artis 3* OLB .8873
DJ Crossen 3* CB .8797
Tre Turner 4* ATH .9365

3-4* Running Back
4* Offensive Lineman
3-4* Defensive Tackle
2 3-4* Cornerbacks
3-4* Safety
3-4* Tight End

So in summary:
2 QBs, 3 WRs, 1 RB, 1 TE, 2 ATHs, 5 OL, 2 DT, 1 DE, 3 LBs, 3 CBs, 2 Ss
25 total recruits (of the 18 named, 7 are 4*s, 10 are 3*s, 1 is unranked for an average class rating of .8837 compared to this years rating of .8614)

OK, who did I miss? What positions are to heavy, too light? What are your thoughts? Should I tweet this at recruits? /s

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When is saw the title of this post, I asked myself, "How many comments before we get the "Everyone, Gary Oldman" GIF?" Well....wasnt disappointed.

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Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

I'm a little disappointed by this GIF. I feel like the flaring nostrils were a missed opportunity.

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We are super thin at RB. I think we need to go after a couple in the 2018 cycle. We basically have 4 RB on the roster now. Not nearly enough, especially with McClease and Fox previously being injured, and DJ Reid not seeing any playing time last year. With Shai transferring and Marshawn hanging it up, right now, the only back on the roster that got carries within the last year is Dragon. Maybe we'll see some position switching, but I'd prefer to have more guys with a few years' experience at RB rather than just plugging in "athletes" all over the place.

Anyone and everyone whose positional abbreviation ends in "T" or "G"

When you said FB, my only thought was: Go forward in time 18ish years, and grab any Sam Rogers Progeny. (gratuitous bandname joke: I saw Sam Rogers Progeny open for Queenryche in 1992 at Ichtegem, Belgium".)

Or, you know, just grab Sam Rogers and give him a new drivers license.

Idk why you said 3-4*, I say we get 5* at every position

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Need a stud RB but I am thinking Wheatley will be a beast....hearing some good things.

The way Foo runs RBs in and out, we should really overload at the position. I wouldn't mind 3+ this class.

1qb, 3rb, 3wr, 2te, 4ol, 2de, 3dt, 3lb, 4cb, 2saf

not aiming very high on the OL recruits. Need some studs there. Also need 2 quality DTs at a minimum IMO.

Ellis won't be a RB. If QB doesn't work out he'll end up at WR.

Interestingly LB seems like the position we are best positioned for, which is a position we recruited pretty well this last cycle.

For the O-line I was trying to be realistic. Going back to 2008 we have only signed three 4* OL (Austin Clark-2015, Laurence Gibson-2010, and Vinston Painter-2008. Wyatt Teller was a DE coming out of HS). I figured if we could get Reed and another 4* OL, along with some 3*s that the staff thinks could fit in and develop well that would be a solid step forward from past years.

I agree with LB. This year was great and I have a really good feeling about landing Dax. Payton is more of a stretch in my mind, but pulling in Rivers and Proctor (though he may move to DE), and possibly Dax and Artis in a 2 year stretch would be pretty great.

Yup I completely understand the realism, but we need to aim higher because what we've been doing isn't working. I think part of our issue is the later offers for OL/DT type players. Understand wanting to see them in person, but it's not always going to happen nor is it always needed with the amount of information out there nowadays.

What about Quinn Carroll? Looks like he'll be a high ranking guy, good connection to VT with Colin, "grew up a VT fan."

He's class of 2019, but yes, he would be a good OL recruit for us, hopefully the connection pans out.

He's just a sophomore currently? He's huge. Looks like a potential upper 4* recruit, offers from everyone.

We just offered Jim Pyne's nephew, Kevin (that's actually his name) who is class of 2020 and already listed as 6'7 265.


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Kevin (that's actually his name)

Yeah but how is it pronounced?


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Kevin Pyne plays up here locally, and my son's team played Millis (and lost) in the playoffs this past fall. While he's huge and can run block well simply because of his size (and there's not a great deal of talent in Division 4A up here in MA), the word is that he's slow at pass blocking and fast defensive ends can simply run around him.

Still, you can't teach size and Jim Pyne is one of my favorite Hokies ever. Hopefully, the bloodline will prevail in the long run.

Thanks for the intel. I imagine that being 14/15 and being that big creates some awkward balance and body issues. As he grows into his frame I wonder how he will develop. I think of it like my dog as a puppy that was all legs and ears and was completely clumsy. Once she grew into her body she because an agile speed machine that can cut on a dime.

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

I hope this was an offer made after they saw him and not because he is Hokie related and Mich and UCLA offered.

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Nijman and Teller were both "DE" but really the staff knew they were going to be OL. Nijman barely made it through one practice before getting switched. I'd say they were both 4* OL recruits. No coincidence they're our two best.

Nijman I agree with, but I think Teller spent a little more time at DL and was moved over to OL more out of necessity than as part of a plan.

Rafferty has offers from umd, Pitt, BC, NCSU, SU, UVA and Dartmouth.

6'6" 280 with offers from good OL schools and smart kid schools. He won't be a zero star for long.

Sure enough they finally slapped some stars on him.

Sometimes I like to leave off the /s just to mess with people.

from good OL schools and smart kid schools

....and UVA?

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Ricky Slade - 5 star back from Woodbridge committed to PSU.

Twitter me

Me if we can flip him

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"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
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I really want to see a Rivers and Hollifield tandem at LB.

Need OL, DT, RB, CB

Don't we have visitors this weekend? 247 generally lists these guys but they have not updated anything

Hokies, Local Soccer, AFC Ajax, Ravens

picked one hell of a weekend to visit weather wise

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What do you mean it is always 70 degrees in February in Blacksburg isn't it?

Hey all, just wanted to relay some conversations I had today with James Mitchell's father. I work in the same place as his father, but we are not that close and seldom get to speak with him.

Mitchell is being heavily recruited. He is the no. 12 TE prospect in nation (Rivals), #6 in Virginia, and in the ESPN 300. According to his father, he is up to 220 lbs and 6'4" (running a 4.6 back in the fall).

James has taken Junior Day type visits to a number of places: Tech, ND, UT(enn), loluva, Clemson, Duke. Upcoming visits are to Louisville and Ole Miss.

His father was speaking about their visits and mentioned his son doesn't really know where he will go. Ol' Dad did drop a top three, as of now, with no official visits yet, are: VT, Duke, and Clemson. This is highly subject to change and take with a grain of salt as the official visits and his senior year approach.

He said James was impressed with VT's food and strength training program, while Clemson and UT's facilities were head and shoulders above the rest. Duke is a draw because of its smaller size and scholarship covers the high cost of a degree there. Also of note were comments about the staff who did not impress much: ND and loluva. Both did not seem to make much of a connection with Mitchell or his family.

I had a fear loluva would sway Mitchell in some capacity because of the Thomas Jones connection. Union HS is a consolidation of what was Powell Valley HS and Appalachia HS. PV is where Jones went to school and then went on to loluva. Jones's father also works at the same place as myself and Mitchell's father.

I will try to keep TKP updated on the situation as I can find out more. My feeling is that he will stay with those three as they offer something he wants without being a world away from his family. I think Fuente could make good use of him as a pass catching TE.

Someone that can rebound, like 6'10" or something.

Oh, football... ok. Nevermind.

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