Jarell Eddie signs 10-day contract with Suns

As the end of the season approaches, some teams are running low on bodies. The suns are one of these teams and they decided to sign Jarell. Information about his D-league stint and the call-up can be seen in here.

That player has turned out to be Jarell Eddie. Here are some highlights from a recent D-League game where he scored 24 points against the Sioux Falls Skyforce.Eddie has been averaging 14.1 ppg and hitting 41.5% of his three point attempts with the Windy City Bulls this year. Although it's doubtful that level of production will translate to the NBA, Eddie at least gives the Suns another credible three point shooting threat if he's needed on the court. As you can see in the video, he's also not a bad passer, can finish at the rim and fights for rebounds too.

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I hope he can finally land a roster spot. He's good enough to latch on to a team as 12 thru 15 type of player. I thought he did really well for the Wizards last year and thought they made a mistake cutting him in favor of some older guys that can't play anymore (Marcus Thornton, who they ended up trading)

I hope he crushes this opportunity. I really liked him as a player at Tech. Ran into him at the Atlanta mall a couple years ago when he was with the Hawks. He saw my Tech hat, and came over and talked for a bit. Really personable, humble guy.

13 points in 29 minutes in his debut. Not too bad.

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I went to the Hawks-Suns game tonight with my son. Jarell played a ton of minutes for Phoenix...hit a couple of threes early, but misfired the rest of the game. He finished with 7 pts in 18 minutes. It was neat seeing him and Delaney after the game...they sought each other out and had someone take a picture of the two of them. I had my VT hat on and yelled over there hoping they would notice, but no dice.

Suns signed Jarell to a second 10-day contract. The contract will cover all but two games remaining on the schedule. Hopefully he can continue to impress.

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