AP Poll Week 8

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I guess it's that time of the year where quality losses come into play. Only way to explain Notre Dame jumping us when we were both on a Bye.

Good news is we'll move ahead of either them or USC next week as long as we beat UNC.

It's all good. They play USC next week so as long as we do our thing against UNCheat and USC does their job, we'll take that spot.

yeah, USC hasn't been looking so hot.

USC should have lost to Utah.

I'm ok with them being ahead of us. I think USC and Washington shouldn't.

Haha! MI dropped like Danny Coale didn't!!!

On a somewhat related topic. The neck was all over espn this morning.

She did mention us once though. I did not agree with her "Who's In" pick. big suprise! Vilma had dah dah u in. Homer.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Miami jumps three spots after barely beating GT?? Guess it means we should jump into the top ten when we beat them.

If we do end up running the table it will be a pretty high profile rematch between us and Clemson. Possibly two top 5 at the time of it. Again if we run the table.

GT and Miami are the toughest games we have left with a tougher than normal UVA waiting at the end of the season.

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Out of all the games left on our schedule, GT worries me the most. I think we match up well against Miami, and honestly they have been very lucky the past two weeks. I don't think they are as good as their ranking, but the media wants Miami to be bak so badly.

We should take care of business vs UNC and Duke, though Duke may be tricky. At Miami and at GT will define the season for us. If we can run the table, and if Clemson can as well (which may be tricky since they have several tough games ahead of them), the ACCCG should be a play in for a playoff spot.

That catch on 4th and 11 was the luckiest catch I saw all day. Miami easily could, should, would be a 2 loss team.

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Best ranking I think is 10 and worst is 19th.

(The graphic put out by reddit college football is hard to read on my phone)

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Naw one has us at 8 and one has us at 21.

All right. While we're still under a caution, I want you to go back out on that track and hit the pace car.

Hit the pace car?

Hit the pace car!

What for?

Because you've hit every other goddamned thing out there, I want you to be perfect!

Which voters were those?

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Ole Miss reporter has us at 8 (Parrish Alford).

Michigan/Mich State (Pat Caputo) guy has us at 21. Both of these guys have consistently had us too high/too low all season (I think Caputo had us unranked for a couple weeks).

As a Michigander I can speak for us all that Pat Caputo is a bum.

Miami, Georgia Tech, and even LOLUVA could all be dog fights. We always have our hands full with Duke. If we do have easy games it'll be UNC and Pitt but I hope we look past nobody. I just want us to get some depth on the D-line, LB, and CB spots for next season. I think we are def. headed in the right direction for years to come. Never thought we could possibly be better on offense than defense but next year looks like it could be that year and who knows how this year plays out. I love being in the Top-25 on a weekly basis in both polls.


LOLUVA could all be dog fights.

It's amazing how overrated Miami is. I really hope we can take them down to earth, we'd get so many brownie points for that.

Voters must know that Miami is not as good as their ranking, but how can you justify dropping them when they are undefeated with a few solid wins under their belt?

I honestly think that this is just a week year for CFB. Outside of Bama and maybe Clemson, I don't see any great teams. I don't think we are any better than we were last year, but here we sit ranked in the top 20/15 for most of the season with a realistic possibility of finishing ranked in the top 10.

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Yeah I agree with you 100%. It makes me more mad about all the early departures. If we had Ford and Hodges, I feel like we'd have had aired it out more against Clemson and possibly won. From there, the sky is the limit.

Ugh it makes me mad thinking about it as well. All three of them going to the draft rather than staying is turning into one of the biggest "what ifs?" our program has ever had.

If we had Ford

He'd still be hurt.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Penn State seems like the real deal as well

Recruit Prosim

Let's wait til the play a team with a pulse before singing too many praises. Oh wait... they did. They managed to squeak out of Kinnix with a 2 pt W, on a walk off TD.

Agree that they look good, but I'm not ready to say "real deal" in terms of CFP consideration.

They were pretty clearly worthy of the playoff last year and they basically have the same team back. Of all the teams to doubt I really don't see how they are one. You can find a flaw in anybody's resume except Bama at this point.

True. They beat GT by the luckiest of bobbles on what was a text book pass break up. I also think that if that field stays dry GT would have run away with the game.

Let's have a moment of silence for the 10 points wasted on UVA this week.

Boise helped out their SOS this past week, unfortunately.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Must be by reputation only, Boise isn't that good this year.

He means Boise beat The universal pick for G5 people's champion, SDSU, this weekend.

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Ah. Okay. Maybe they are getting better.

So it looks like it's shaping up for Nov. 4th to be the Atlantic (Clem vs. NC State) and Coastal Championships (VT vs. Miami) provided each of the teams win the next few weeks.

Will be interesting to see how Bryant recovers, I think without him NC State might have a slight edge because of D-line play and overall experience. Miami has looked just slitghly above average so far but hope the Hokies can go 1-0 the next two weeks and take down da U so people can stop thinking they are bak. Miami still has to get by a tricky Cuse team , Clemson has to beat GT, and NC State would be in better position if they beat ND (I think they lose).

I agree, I think without Bryant Clemson's offense is in a lot of trouble. He's a good runner and a decent passer. Cooper's numbers against Syracuse looked comparable to Bryant's but that means their second string guy performs healthy the same way Bryant performs injured. Very few teams can lose a starting QB and recover. I think OSU is one of the few that actually did better but I think it's mostly because no one new what to do about Jones (it's clearly not his QB prowess as evidenced by his NFL performance).

Like you, I was not impressed with Miami given what I saw this weekend. I think Rosier takes incredible risks and has bad judgement. I could see a multiple INT performance against VT's defense. GT isn't bad but no-one punishes risk taking QBs the way VT does.

It will be interesting to see how 'cuse performs on the road.

The non power 5 American conference has 1 less ranked team than the SEC.

Where to start... LSU is ranked again despite being slaughtered by Mississippi State and losing to Troy. But sure they deserve to be ranked over that same Mississippi State team whose losses are to Auburn and Georgia. In the USA Today poll Florida is still getting votes. Florida. I can't believe some of these people supposedly watch football.

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