2020 QB Tyler Warren commits

Per 24/7. 6'5, 200# already. His other offers were Syracuse & UVA.

Note that he can also punt.


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You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Dual Threat? Declared to us so he didn't have to listen to UVa and UNC anymore?

I already like this guy

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Suck it BooHoos.

Our next elite Long Snapper!


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sure it ain't Tuh-ler Warren?

Go Hokies

Oh boy, a new meme has taken off, hasn't it?

So does it rhyme with 7?

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I should have added more to my post - it seems like there is limited information on Tyler on the recruiting hotbeds, and the kid has a ton of size, and is sure to have a big arm. Does anyone else have insight on other info out there on him? For the 2020 recruiting cycle, this is the first I've seen of his name anywhere...

All I know I got from the newspapers. He's a three sport star and seems to have a ton of upside. We recruited him as a QB but it sounds like he'll be willing to do what's needed. I believe he will be a three year starter at QB this year for his HS. Definitely seems like an under the radar guy.

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